Brownstones on the Park (Lansdowne/Davenport)

Although slightly outside of the neighbourhood normally covered on this website, you can use this forum for discussing the Brownstones on the Park townhouse development in the Lansdowne and Davenport area.



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just two blocks (or rows)

just two blocks (or rows)

Phase III in Davenport

Phase III in Davenport Village will have a total of 84 townes with 2 buildings.

Brownstones on Davonport

Yeah we got our letters today for color selections :)


We got ours too!
Gosh, this is exciting! :D
I can't wait to go and take a look at everything again.
Looks like we may be in by December!

Brownstones on Davonport

stopped by the site yesterday, the north row has most of the front doors and windows installed already. The south row is far behind, they are still not finished with the walls on the top floor. They have also started working on the ramp for the underground parking (digging it out).

FYI - the old smoke stack is still there....

I'd say, our phase is going

I'd say, our phase is going fast enough for me compared to BOB and BOW so for that, I will not complain. My unit is part of the south row. Good of you for the update. I intend to check out the site this weekend and will provide my update as well.


Any updates?

Smokestack going away?

Looks like this development might be losing the awesome chimney:

That would be very unfortunate. Such a beautiful structure.

Brownstones on Davonport

I was at the site yesterday and it is really coming along, the North Row already has some frames going up and the garden patio/planter boxes have the cement laid out already (in the north row only facing the park). I will wait another 2 weeks and take some more pics.

That's amazing progress. I

That's amazing progress. I was there last Friday and there's that much more added work? Looks like my anticipated delays won't be that too far off from the tentative occupancy for December 2010.

Looking forward to your postings of photos. Thank you future neighbour-to-be !!!

Boo's was packed on Tuesday

Boo's was packed on Tuesday night.

Boo's for lunch!

Off topic for a second. We at Boo's want to let everyone in the "Triangle" know that Boo's will again be open for lunch 7 days a week starting Monday April 12 with brunch items on Sat. & Sun. afternoons! Come and enjoy our always fresh food items now from noon daily. The new look patio will be open as soon as the weather permits. Looking forward to seeing you all this spring summer!!

Where exactly is Boo's

Where exactly is Boo's located?

Boo's Local

Boo's is right on Dupont just east of Symington almost directly at the top of Campbell.

Great Place

I love Boo's - great neighbourhood local. Took my parents when they were in town. Thanks for being there!

Re: Power Station Near New Condo's


I am thinking about buying a unit at the Davenport/Lansdowne(phase IV) location but I have some concerns about the power station that is located beside the train tracks. Is this something I should be concerned about? I know if you walk near the first row of house you can hear them humming but the units I will be at should be on the other side of the park and I am not sure if it will not be noticeable on that side. Does anyone know if the Qualify of the units is good?


Chad, I visited the site over


I visited the site over the weekend since I purchased a unit already. Yes, I hear the humming sound but when my husband and I were insider our car with all the windows close, it was nice and quiet. I had lived in a complex in Mississauga many years ago beside a GO station which was about a 2 minute run (I was always running to catch the GO) and the distance of our unit was comparable to the unit we purchased and it was not an issue for me. It is good that you are taking all these things into consideration before buying. Good luck.

Chad, As a purchaser of


As a purchaser of Brownstones on Davenport, Phase 3, I have been going over BOW and BOB for info on quality and service and everything else regarding the builder. Each of the two projects have their own discussion forum here.

It's good to know that they are now onto Phase IV ... well ... and hopefully with their fast-paced selling so will their progress of building as well, which unfortunately they have a really bad reputation for being best at delivering a series of delays .... for myself, any delays will not cause me any much of a set back but for others, not so lucky ....

I have some pics of the B.O.D

I have some pics of the B.O.D construction site that I want to post, does anyone know how/if i can post them to this blog?


Are the photos showing good

Are the photos showing good enough progress? Thanks in advance for the photos. For folks like me who has temporarily moved out of TO, such updates of progress would spare me going out of my way to drive to the site.

Hi, i sent an email to have 2

Hi, i sent an email to have 2 pics posted in the gallery, you can't see too much because of they have a wall up but you can see third level going up in the North row.

I think the progress in Phase III (Brownstones on Davonport) is going really well :) , I'll follow up in 4-6 weeks with some more photos.

BotP Photos posted

I added these photos to the gallery. Click here.

Posting photos

Sure. If you have y our photos posted somewhere on the 'net (e.g. you can link to them from here, or embed them within your posts (not too many at once, please).

Also, feel free to email them to and they can get posted into a gallery on this site.


Wow. So many posts from people who have recently moved to, or have purchased in our "Triangle" here.
Welcome to ALL of you! Ten years ago this area was largely forgotten. We have in the last little while become a very desirable, central, well serviced community that is growing quickly.
It will be up to all of us that our needs and concerns are heard at all levels. This forum has been a godsend for info and happenings in the yet to be named ward. Thanks for the upkeep.
Michael & Shelley
Boo Radley's

I have a friend who takes the

I have a friend who takes the GO from Richmond Hill and her train passes our site everyday. She told me she will keep me posted whatever progress or non of, view from the train. When I purchased in summer 2009, we were given a tentative occupancy date of October 2010 and then received the new date of December 2010. As for closing date, I guess we should be referring to the BOB and BOW forum how it will go for them. I believe they are scheduled to occupy August 2010.

B.O.D happy owner

Thanks for putting this page up! I found this website before purchasing at B.O.D last spring so i was fully prepared for the expected delays. I will also note that the sales guys warned me as well and were completely upfront about delays. I just hope that when we do move in, whether it is December 2010 or later...., that only a short period of time goes by before closing, hopefully not more than 2 months. I can't wait to move in and to see how this neighborhood grows and improves.

New BOTP Resident

Thanks Vic for setting this up!

I'm potentially a new resident at Brownstones on the Park and have gone through the nightmare forum of Brownstones on Bloor. Just wondering if anyone's got any feedback about their experiences at BOTP so far as I have exactly one week Friday to decide if this truly will be a good investment. Apparently the builder's learned through some trial and error about what does and doesn't work and will be making the improvements on this phase. Any feedback would be appreciated =)

Good luck to all the other residents! I hope you get your houses soon!!!

My advice - stay far far away

My advice - stay far far away from these builders - my first homebuying experience has been a nightmare!!! i wouldn't wish this experience on anyone!

Did you end up buying BrownstonesOTPark?

So just read your comment; I am considering buying an unit at Brownstones on the Park. I was wondering if you have went for it; also do you have an idea how much the properties taxes may end up been, and an estimate of maintance fees monthly?? I so much appreciate any info you may have; thank you in advance!!!!

Very glad for this forum

Very glad for this forum indeed !!! I bought from Phase 3 of the Brownstones at Lansdowne and Davenport last year and only came across the BOB and BOW forum here shortly after the purchase. I had a bit of a panic and sometimes intensely that I might have made the wrong decision but with the price being just right, I am prepared for the possibility of delays ... hopefully not as long as with BOB and BOW though. I look forward to reading up more from the owners of these townes once they move in to find out about the quality of work.

When is your forecasted

When is your forecasted closing? I see they've done quite a bit but cannot gauge how much time is left to deliver your unit. We haven't even broken ground but apparently will be in September 2010. However, something tells me it'll be pushed back a little bit.

How much did you pay for your unit?