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sewer back-up

What happens if your toilet floods? This is a sewer back-up, isn't it?

Is the underground parking

Is the underground parking ready?

No, but they are hoping by

No, but they are hoping by next Monday it will be ready in time for the final block to move in. The people who moved in already have been parking on the street. I had my PDI yesterday, i tried getting a look at my storage unit but we werent allowed down there..

That would be great if indeed

That would be great if indeed the underground parking will be ready by January 18th occupancy. It was tough finding parking during business hours a few weeks ago when I visited the premise.

I have my PDI scheduled for

I have my PDI scheduled for this week and moving in on the 18th. Do we have to contact Toronto Hydro and Enbridge ourselves before the move in date or are the utilities services already set up and we just need to call to transfer the account under our own names?

Hi, I had my PDI yesterday

Hi, I had my PDI yesterday and saw my lawyer right afterwards. I gave a VOID check to them which was for HYDRO (so i don't need to pay a deposit).
For gas, i wasn't told anything so i'm assuming we will get more info when we pick up the keys on the 18th!

My PDI went great other than my carpet wasn't installed yet. But everything else was just comestic and some mirrors were missing.

The builder's customer

The builder's customer service confirmed that we do not need to do anything regarding utilities other than the void cheque for Hydro during occupancy. Builder will transfer accounts to our names during closing.

Any Block A units already

Any Block A units already called in for PDI?


Any updates on parking or the cleanliness of the units upon entering?

With your line of question,

With your line of question, sounds like you have confirmation that some have moved in?

moving in

I went by yesterday saturday, and I did see people moving into a lower unit facing north

That's good sign. I will be

That's good sign. I will be checking it out myself this coming Thursday evening. Hoping to see concrete poured on the laneway in between the 2 blocks. My unit is on Block B, facing north. From what I gather, concrete has to be completed before that row will be given permit to move in on January 18, 2011.

I went by tonight and there

I went by tonight and there are indeed people moved in in Block A, i saw at least 5-6 homes occupied. The laneway between block a and b had cement.

I had a brief chat with a

I had a brief chat with a chap who moved in 2 weeks ago and had me view his upper unit. The main floor actually looks and feels bigger once furnished as oppose to the feel I got by just looking in through the window and the sliding door of my unit. He agreed that he felt the same way the first time he walked into his unit. Other than minor list of deficiencies on his unit, he told me that over all he is quite satisfied with the quality of the workmanship. It's not top-notch but far from getting poor rating. He found the complex to be quiet. No mention of noise from the tracks.


That is great! thanks for posting!!

Does anyone know what is going on with Phase 4?

From what I recall with Phase

From what I recall with Phase 3, I didn't see full blown construction until Spring 2010 with original tentative occupancy date of October 2010. If Phase 4 has late Fall 2011 initial occupancy date, then likely, same timeline will be done as ours.

phase 4

The ground was dug up (for phase 3) in mid January of 2010, and by march they were building like crazy and still most people have a month to two months delay on their closing. Digging up the ground for phase 4 was suppose to happen in mid September but now its end of December and nothing is done yet, assuming that they will start digging mid January that means a 4 month delay for the starting of the project so it will be safe to assume that they will be a minimum of a 4 month delay for the closing as well, if tag 2 extra months to that (to be on the safe side....) then people who bought on phase 4 are looking at a 4 to 6 month delay on the delivery of their homes, from whatever time they were given, and I know the most people have an October 1st/2011 closing, so add to that 4 to 6 months and there you takes us into 2012.

good luck!!!!

I guess it also depends on

I guess it also depends on the number of blocks being built for phase 4. I believe phase 3 was only 2 blocks (please correct me if I'm wrong).... which is why they were able to get them done so quickly. Brownstones on Wallace has 7 blocks, so it took longer to build.... + the delay in actually starting construction.

Hopefully things go as smoothly as phase 3 for you!

phase 4 is two and a half

phase 4 is two and a half times bigger that phase tagging on 6 months of delay on the tentative closing date is conservative and safe and probably minimum!!!

That's super duper !!! Can't

That's super duper !!! Can't wait to see for myself tomorrow. Thank you once again for your response.

Phase 3 / PDI

Hi, for those in Phase 3 (B.O.D) who are supposed to be moving in in December, i would like to know if anyone has had their PDI yet? They were supposed to be scheduled already. I'm in the last block so mine isn't until January.

If you can share any comments or concerns that came up it would be appreciated. I snuck into my unit already and i'm happy with what i have seen so far... although i didn't have a measuring tape to check sq footage and of course water was not hooked up - hope water pressure is good!

I really wish they didn't have to put 2 doors for the laundry room, it would have been nice to have more "wall space" but i guess they need to have full access to the water tank.

I'm a new home buyer, can anyone tell me if i need to pay a deposit for hydro and/or water? I've heard anywhere from $200-$500 from people all over the GTA.

Phase 4

I've purchased a unit for phase 4, does anyone know if they've started digging yet or not?

phase 4

I have bought in phase 4 also. I went to have a look 2 weeks ago and no digging had started yet...they were suppose to start in september but nothing yet...when is your tentative date? mine is october 1/2011, however we might be moving in in spring of 2012.

phase 5

I went to check things out...yes people are moving in phase 3 and nothing is happening yet in phase 4, no digging...nothing!!

For phase 3, my initial

For phase 3, my initial tentative occupancy was for October 2010 then moved to mid-December 2010 and has now been given a yet new date of January 18, 2011. Digging for ours, if I correctly recall, would have been around late Spring 2010.

I also bought Phase 4. I

I also bought Phase 4. I went to the site in November 2009 and they had already dug up the ground. The sales office told us they would be building throughout the winter because they use precast concrete for the foundation. In March 2010 I visited again and took photos. At this point they already had the full frame up for the North block and partial frames for the 2nd block. Not sure about the 3rd block as the fence was blocking it in my photos so I can't tell. That should give us an idea of when we should expect Phase 4 to be ready. I would agree with Spring 2012 being more realistic. Has anyone actually ASKED?

I have not asked, because I

I have not asked, because I am not sure that I believe what they tell me. Anyhow, I am expecting 3 months delay minimum.. and if this coming winter is heavy then maybe eve longer delay. Like you said ...they started digging for phase 3 in November 2009 which is one year ago and they people how bought in phase 3 are having a 2 months delay.....and we are looking at over 3 months delay.

let hope for the best, and I also hope that phase 4 looks different from phase 3, I totally dislike the cheap look of the aluminum siding room on top...

Yes, the best thing to do is

Yes, the best thing to do is to be in the frame of mind that there will be delay of 3 to even 6 months and prepare for that. Easier said than done of course for renters. Luckily, I don't have that issue. I have the luxury of choosing when to physically move in even after a set in stone occupancy date will be given.

Reading up on the Wallace owners who just moved in, I just hope that heat and cold rooms will be not much of an issue for me. I'm just cold all the time regardless so such a situation would be totally difficult for me. But then again, moving in during winter will allow us to address it instead of 3 seasons down the road.

The only thing I can say is that a Davenport Village resident is sad to leave due to a growing family and would have preferred to have stayed on. With that in mind, I look forward to being a very soon resident myself. Great start up home.

Real estate lawyer

Hi there,
I have been shopping around for real estate lawyers, so far it looks as though it will cost around $1200. Are the rest of you getting similar quotes? I'd be happy to hear if anyone has found a lawyer for less.



Went by site today, they planted the trees :) It really makes a difference having trees planted, railings up, sidewalks, etc.

And according to many people they have approved a METRO grocery store at the Dupont/Lansdown northwest corner but of course that will be some time from now, but at least it's in the works.

I was talking to a current

I was talking to a current resident of Davenport Village and I was told that they went in to the sales office enquiring about how long it will take to do the closing for our phase. She was told that the city will not grant closing unless the builder completes the park. If the info passed to me is correct, this is not good. We will be on phantom mortgage for a long time. The current resident waited for 12 months to close theirs.

I am excited to get to the next step of occupancy but not happy if that is what the city will require to close.

Hi, from my understanding the

Hi, from my understanding the builder is not responsible for the park and so it does not affect the closing date of Brownstones on Davenport (phase 3). The city is responsible for the park.
I know that some residents of the first/second phase had to wait up to 6 months for their actual closing due to some city delays. I would be surprise if we (phase 3) have to wait more than 3 months.
If you speak with the people at the WALLACE site (same builder), they had people moved in in September and this January they are expected to close.

Waiting 12 months for closing can happen but moreso in high rise condos where you bought on the second floor and the building has 30 floors....and more things can go wrong or get delayed.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your response.

I came across this document which is a city staff report dated May 2009 located at
and on page 18 it sets out
(30) The owner shall agree to build the park in Phase 3 and as well as the Above Base Park Improvements to the satisfaction of the General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, for which a credit will be given against the Parks and Recreation portion of the owner's Development Charges.

Obviously, the most sensible thing to do is to contact the builder directly to find out a definitive answer to my concern.

Has anyone received a call

Has anyone received a call for their PDI yet?

I'm Block B so I don't expect

I'm Block B so I don't expect mine till January. I'm assuming you are Block A.

Brownstones on Davenport

Received a letter today regarding setting up PDI's for Block A and Block B (Block B being closest to the new park). the letter also provides our mailing addresses.

Brownstones on DAVENPORT

Does anyone know if we (B.O.D) will given an "update website" like Wallace and Bloor locations??
Looks like they have a wordpress website where the builder is updating status on mail delivery, occupancy, etc ( ) I hope we get one too soon so we can stay current with what's going on...

The letter sent out re change

The letter sent out re change of tentative occupancy date to January 18, 2011 provided the wordpress website address. I checked the site back then but it was not available at the time. I will dig up the letter and post the site address.

I purchased an upper unit in

I purchased an upper unit in the Brownstones in Davenport Village phase. My tentative occupancy date is December 15, 2010. Has anyone heard about PDI dates? or whether this date will be moved?

you should still be good with

you should still be good with that tentative date...I am in the row facing the "new park" and my date was changed to January 18th back in September. Have you been by the site lately? I was there 2-3 weeks ago and the first row (facing davenport) looked pretty much done...hardwood in, cabinets, washer/dryer, shrubs in the planters..etc.

top floor phase 3

I went by to look at phase 3, it looks good but it would look better with a different finish of the third floor, both the color and the aluminum siding suck! looks like a huge air conditioning unit sitting on the top of the home...not good!

Railings on front garden patios


I was wondering if anyone knows if the front garden patios are going to have railings put over them - or if they are going to remain open with only the planters in fron of the patio doors.

Checking out comparable

Checking out comparable stacked townhouses price-wise, unfortunately, the aluminum siding is quite the standard use around the city so it boils down to the price range homeowners can afford these days. But of course it would be nice if the developer would reconsider using better materials for phase 4 or any other future phases in the village. More of these aluminum sidings would not be a good thing. Will end up making the village less attractive. Right now the village is charming. Let's hope the developer takes this into account.

I agree with you, I hope he

I agree with you, I hope he reads this blog and reconsiders the use of more aluminum siding for the next phase. I do like the look of phase 1 but much more the look of phase 2, I think the village will end up being nice with a variety of styles so one phase with aluminum siding is more than enough


For future developments,

For future developments, people can only be enticed to buy for as long as products being offered are better than the one before and not the other way around. Going down on quality would make hard sell.

the third floor

i agree, the third floor looks terrible without a shingled roof.....

Finally someone that agrees

Finally someone that agrees with me!!!!, the third floor finished like that doesn't look nice at all, its odd, its ugly..not good, I hope they make changes to the design for phase 4...

update on Brownstones on Davenport

Hi, went by the site today, some of the houses in the North row (facing Davenport) have kitchen cabinets installed, kitchen backsplash up, walls painted, washery/dryer installed and hardwood floors!!! AND they have planted bushes/plants in the planters already! Looks like everyone will have different plants in their planters. So excited to see this!

Thanks for the update. I

Thanks for the update. I intend to take a look myself in a day or two. Yes, I have been inside myself with just the framing about 2 months ago and indeed, the second bedroom is absolutely tiny so creative muscles will really be required to turn it into a nice comfortable living space as a den/guest room.

Inspite of new notice of delay, I am still satisfied so far with the pacing of the construction. I bought in September 2009 and was already in mindset right from day one to expect at the most 18 months prior to moving from date of purchase.

Glad you are reporting that you are pleased with the unit. I bought a lower unit so your info is just what I need. Thanks for mentioning the den/media centre and laundry room. Definitely, good to know.

Checked out inside of a lower

Checked out inside of a lower end unit and very pleased with the space. We all know our townes are small but the size per room are just right even the 2nd bedroom. It will definitely do as a den/guest room.

Absolutely no objection with the upper unit's third floor den choice of material and colour which actually matches the upper unit's 2nd floor windown railings and frames of the windows. Just my opinion and taste is subjective anyways.

Don't like the door for the walk-in closet but that is minor detail, easy to replace but size is good enough. Agree with the laundry/utility room to not have any room for anything else.

Expected foyer and top of the stairs media centre to be super dinky small so the actual space to be actually more space is a plus in my books.

Now it's just a matter of hoping and praying of no more further major delay and that come PDI, to not have long list of deficiencies.

I personally don't know what

I personally don't know what they will do to separate the garden patios on the first floor.

I am glad you think that the siding doesn't look nice, and I do hope what when its done it will look better, but if it doesn't I hope they don't do that for phase 4. Anyhow I guess it is what I get for buying something before its completed, and signing a contract that gives the builder lots of power to change things as he pleases... lets hope for the best...

update on B.O.D

update - they have started putting up the wooden dividers for the garden patios (yeah), I snuck inside one of the bottom units and took a look around....things look great inside so far! Unfortunately the second bedroom is as small as it looks on paper lol...oh well, it will make for a good workout room. The walk-in closet is great, its doors are two "shutter-like" doors. The Den/Media center is a good size and there is a small railing so you don't roll your desk chair down the stairs. I was hoping the laundry room would be big enough to put a shelving unit inside but with the water tank in there it doesn't leave much wall space but you can deifitely put things like vacuum, mop, etc in there.

update on B.O.D

update - they have started putting up the wooden dividers for the garden patios (yeah), I snuck inside one of the bottom units and took a look around....things look great inside so far! Unfortunately the second bedroom is as small as it looks on paper lol...oh well, it will make for a good workout room. The walk-in closet is great, its doors are two "shutter-like" doors. The Den/Media center is a good size and there is a small railing so you don't roll your desk chair down the stairs. I was hoping the laundry room would be big enough to put a shelving unit inside but with the water tank in there it doesn't leave much wall space but you can deifitely put things like vacuum, mop, etc in there.

Aluminum siding on roof top

Hi, I bought in phase 3 as well and i have been stopping by the site every single weekend...i have to say the aluminium siding does not look nice but i'm hoping once it is fully completed it will come together.

I received an email today from Rob Faulus that my occupancy date has been extended until January 18, 2010. I am in the row facing the "new" park.

Does anyone know how they will separate the garden pations on the bottom floor? Are they going to be putting a wooden fence in between the garden patios like at Wallace?

What was your tentative

What was your tentative occupancy date prior to receiving the e-mail?

My unit is on the same building as yours but facing the north row. I wonder if my December 10th date will be moved as well. I will need to contact his office just in case my e-mail is not on their database and that I should have received a notice myself.

Thank you.

don't worry, they will send

don't worry, they will send you letter plus email ...... lol.....

my original tentative date

my original tentative date was December 10th as well. The North row is ahead of the south row so maybe that is why mine has been pushed back by a month. I saw some kitchen counters already in the north row....

I received a letter in snail mail as well yesterday.

I am fortunate that my

I am fortunate that my current living arrangement will have no consequence to any additional delays ... only the positive that from a financial standpoint, each month of delay would translate for more moving expenses funds.

Got mine as well. Let's just

Got mine as well. Let's just hope that this will be the last time to move the occupancy date.

occupancy date

how many times was your occupancy date moved? what was it originally and what is it now? is this builder notorious on delivering late?

one more thing....for those

one more thing....for those of you who don't know already they are hoping to put a 24 hr Metro on the corner of Dupont and Landsdown, as well as an RBC and rumours of other stores like shoppers have not yet been confirmed.

If you go to the Presentation center at Dupont and Lansdown for Roberts condo project you can see a good table model of how the area will be developed over the next few years....the 7 condo buildings, etc.

visited sunday and...

Hi there

I purchased a townhouse in phase 4 but I visit the construction site every so often just to see when they will put a hole in the ground for phase 4, so this past weekend while visiting (there is no activity for phase 4 yet), I saw that they are almost completing phase 3 and the top floor is made of aluminum siding, I thought it was horrible and ugly and very very cheap. It makes the top floor look like a storage unit, they didn't even bother to match it with the color of the bricks, the aluminum is gray and the bricks are reddish beige. Now I am having doubts that I made the right decision buying there, obviously they are trying to cut cost and not caring much about the aesthetic aspect of phase 3. Is phase 4 going to look like that? god I hope not, now I am going to have nightmares till next year. I am just curious to hear how many buyers of phase 3 object to the aluminum siding or am I the only one who finds this really ugly and distasteful



I totally disagree. I went by

I totally disagree. I went by there this afternoon after seeing your post. The siding coordinates well with the Stone below and the trim. I think the Project is coming along really well! I bought in Phase 3.

Hi there Thanks for the

Hi there

Thanks for the reply, I think I will go back and look carefully at the coordination of colors. I guess it took me by surprise because I didn't notice any of the phases before having aluminum siding and since I am not a huge aluminum siding fan my instant reaction was that this was not a good idea.

I wonder how many people like and how many dislike the siding


I have not seen it myself but

I have not seen it myself but have seen it on other townhouses at King West and I actually found the look rather nice. The townes also had similar bricks as ours.

Visted site last Friday and

Visted site last Friday and the south row seems to be at the stage where the north row was about 6 weeks ago. I didn't see any south row with dry walls. At this rate, there is a chance for north row to be ahead of occupancy by a month. Any purchasers with current occupancy date earlier or later than December 10th? Other than that, all seems to be going good. No complains.

Brownstones on Davenport

For those who bought Phase 3 / Brownstones on Davenport / the drywall is done and kitchen tiles are in for some units already (ie. unit 138, 140, etc), the side facing davenport is ahead of the rest of the units. Excellent progress!!

Does anyone know how they are going to separate the garden patios to provide for privacy? i checked out the Wallace units and saw that they put up a wooden wall for the ground units who have garden patios, looks like they provide great privacy from the sides and look nice.

Lots of comments about Brownstones...

Hi everyone,

I hope you don't take offense to this, but we're getting a little overwhelmed with comments about Brownstones on Wallace, Brownstones on Bloor, and to a lesser extent the Brownstones on the Park. The conversations and info sharing are good to have, but it's drowning out the other topics.

But...don't go away yet. :) I don't mind if you keep posting, but I'm just going to filter which comments appear in the "Recent Comments" sidebar on this website. You can still keep up-to-date with the comments on these threads in the following ways:

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If there's ever any major news about any of these developments, I will post it to the main page.

Comments and feedback about this are welcome.


Brownstones on the park

Hi there,
I bought a unit facing the park in phase 4. I was told occupancy would be sept 2011. Has anybody heard anything else? should I be worried? or are these suckers going up pretty quick.

To the purchaser of phase 4

To the purchaser of phase 4 unit, based on the progress of phase 3, I would not be all too worried. It wasn't after I bought a unit in September 2009 that I came across the discussion forum in this site that made me nervous since BOB and BOW had horrifying delay issues. My tentative occupancy date was in October 2010 which was moved to December 2010. I have asked some of the tradespeople working on the site late last month and they see no reason why the townes would not be ready by December.

If my recollection is correct, I didn't see any major work on the site until Spring 2010 and so far so good.

I will post any activities on your phase the next time I visit the site.

update as of August 1

I stopped by B.O.D yesterday and the brickwork is advancing, they are now working on the south row and are almost complete the side facing the "soon to be there" park, meaning there is only one side left to brick up.

That's wonderful progress.

That's wonderful progress. My unit is on the south row but not facing the future park.

Thank you for pointing me to

Thank you for pointing me to the GO line that passes through. I checked the GO schedule and it indicates that the train only runs during the week for the morning commute and the after business hours are all buses. Weekends and holidays also only have bus schedules.

i visit the site twice a week

i visit the site twice a week and have been there when both the train and GO have passed by, yes you can hear it but it's just background noise, if you have the windows closed i don't think you would hear it.

Do you have the specific

Do you have the specific times of the trains? I'm assuming you are referring to the freight trains and the GO trains.

My husband and I did the test of noise level of the humming sound from the generators and when we went back inside our car with all windows closed, the silence was deafening so based on that and your experience, I really think we have nothing to worry about. Of course, increase of more trains passing is always something that could happen through time. But the city will hopefully give reasonable approvals for any future additional train schedules based on the residents' enjoyment of their neighbourhood.

There will be increases in GO

There will be increases in GO traffic on all lines over the next few years. This has been published as GO/Metrolinx's "The Big Move". Increased public transit is a good thing in the long run and the community, indeed the entire west end is pressing for electric trains which are greener, cheaper, and quieter.

The City of Toronto has no jurisdiction over Provincial bodies like GO/Metrolinx or over rail right of ways as governed by Transport Canada. The provincial MP has been absent in looking out for Davenport riding issues relating to rail.

You should read the other areas of this site to get the background on all issues affecting the community.

Thank you for the info. I

Thank you for the info. I will read up to be better informed.

Train Tracks Activity

For those wondering regarding the schedule of train activities passing through, I spoke with a resident of 4 years there and he told me that he only hears 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. trains. I was at the site mid-day yesterday and it looked to me that the gentleman was retired. He told me that he is happy with the area and that inspite of the tracks, he finds the place to be quiet.

The work pace is promising to meet the current occupancy date and when I spoke with one of the trades people, he told me that he sees no reason why a mid-December 2010 move in would not be met.

Train noise

Check the GO Transit schedule for the Barrie line and you should get a decent idea of how often those trains come (weekday mornings inbound and evenings outbound). That location is about half-way between the York U. and Union Stations stops. I would estimate the trains go by at around 7:05, 7:35, 8:10, 8:40, 16:20, 16:50, 17:30, 18:15.

Also...this is just a guess...but I wonder if northbound trains are louder, as they are moving slightly uphill.

The east-west freight trains on the CP line might be alot louder though. Both the engine noise, and the loud "ka-chunk!" as they cross the Davenport Diamond.


Hi Everyone, just a quick update on Brownstones on Davonport as i stopped by today for my color selections:

- the smokestock is gone! i saw it get crumpled to pieces today
- the North Row already has the brick going up! just to the second floor door level. But this row still doesn't have all of the framing up so i'm surprised they have started brickwork already. The color of the bricks are not red, they are more light beige in color.
- the south row still doesn't have the top floor entirely done but they did start putting up the framing.
- they have made more progress with the ramp to the underground parking, the cement is not laid yet but they are on their way!

Thanks for the update. I am

Thanks for the update. I am planning to go there this weekend and will take photos.

I still have not received my letter for colour selection. Wonder if it has to do with being one of the last purchasers.

Light beige in colour instead of red sounds good to me. I saw the red bricks on BOB and quite frankly, I wasn't a fan.

i stopped by again on June 20th to B.O.D

me again, i stopped by the site again on the weekend and it looks like they are using RED bricks starting from the second floor up! so bottom is beige and i guess the rest will be red! this might just be for the north row, they might make the south row (facing the new park) different colors..... i think it looks nice, much better than the other building beside us that don't even have brickwork. They are moving fast on the brick work, i saw a big difference in 4 days

Went there, too, this weekend

Went there, too, this weekend and yes, I agree, I am happy with the exterior look but quite frankly, I reserve my opinion on the red bricks as I l prefer the bottom look at this point. Unfortunately for me who purchased on the south row, with our building behind in the construction phase. I just hope that the December 10th occupancy date will push through. I will figure out how to post photos I took.

Has anybody contacted re mortgage? I picked up the RBC sheet on site. Any comments on that?


Hi, my name is Richard and I am a future neighbour having bought a unit in phase IV and am also a Mortgage Agent for Dominion lending. Typically the bank that has negitioated a deal with the developer is able to hold/cap rates for a term of 3 years. It is a good idea to go and hold a rate with the bank if you can because rates are good right now and it will guarantee you a rate just in case of market fluctuation. However, I can hold rates for 120 days and would be happy to help you secure a better rate closer to closing if you wish. In the meantime I am always available to answer any questions or offer advice if you need it. You can find me by going to my website
I am available 24/7 and work remotely so can meet you anywhere if required.
Best of luck with your unit.

Ron Gallo

I would give Ron Gallo a call (from RBC), he will make time and stop by your workplace even to meet with you. He is frequently visiting the sales site as well.

My unit is at the south row

My unit is at the south row and I have not received my letter for colour selection. For those who received the letters, are you by any chance at the north row units?

Yes, i'm in the south row and

Yes, i'm in the south row and i received my letter.

Mine has not arrived yet.

Mine has not arrived yet. What dates are being given out for colour selection appointments?

color selection Brownstones on Davonport

Letter states that appointments will start June 15th onwards.

How many buildings are part of this project?


I believe I read there are 85 units with this project. Is this correct?

How many buildings (Blocks) is it made up of?