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Outside the unit being a

Outside the unit being a premium lower unit since it faces the future park and being an end unit, only upgrade to that unit was the bathroom vanity sink which would have caused a few hundred dollars + installation charges and the wallpaper in the media nook and walk-in closet which I cannot imagine would have caused too much as well. Also, unless original owner repainted the unit to something very close to original paint, it looks like it was not repainted. Original price for that was probably $265K plus locker and parking. If I remember correctly, I came across a 2008 listing price for end unit for Phase 3 was under $255K + parking (15-20) + locker (under 5K, maybe as low as 2,5K).

i paid more than that for a Phase 3 unit (regular lot - no end)

And not facing the Park. All depends on when unit was 2010 prices were higher than initial price. I also viewed 110 for curiosity sake. It had a fair amount of upgrades. Professional painters...Ultimatte gray Benjamin Moore paint on main. No original paint. Faucets, Shower heads, bathroom cupboard above toilet too, lighting all different except for one dome. Kitchen door handles were cool - maybe builder-negotiated upgrades?? Upstairs windows were trimmed out too. Looks way better. Got some ideas for sure! The important thins is that these places have good potential. We can make them as cool or as bland as we want.

how much did you get your

how much did you get your unit for if you don't mind me asking? I went to the sales office and saw that pre-construction prices are $305,900 for a central park 2+1 up to $365,000 for 3+1 Stanley park.

Phase 3

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to follow up on some comments about the loud furnice noises; I previously commented on how loud it was but I am happy to say that since they came in (back in the summer) and made some adjustment it is now much quieter, especially at night time. I used to hear my neighbors heat turning on all night long (I would keep mine off) and now I don't hear a thing.

It's been almost a year since we moved in and I am very happy with it :)

Same here. No more noisy

Same here. No more noisy HVAC system. To all Phase 4 purchasers, do not be discouraged. The wait may be longer than you want but once you are in and all deficiencies corrected, you will be congratulating yourselves for deciding to buy here. Either long-term or quick flip, can't go wrong on decent property investment.

Thank you...

The reassuring words are definitely appreciated!

That's good news:) i was

That's good news:) i was worried

Any info on the Phase 4 site?

Any info on the Phase 4 site? Anyone talk to the sales office lately?

Phase 4

I checked my contract and the "final date" is October 31st,2012. If it is not ready then I am able to pull out of the contract and get my money back + interest. I doubt it will be delayed past that, the builder will not want to return money to investors.

Your forgetting one thing

Depending on the situation, the builder may be happy if people walked away if there are delays that allow you to walk away...even with interest.

Really depends on the value of the unit at that time. Chances are the value of he unit has increased since you purchased it. If your unit is worth $50,000 more and you decide to walk away due to a delay (that you legally may be able to do), your interest would be much less..... And the builder would be happy to take it back and resell at the higher dollar value.

Hopefully it won't come to this but... if it does ... it becomes a numbers game. Walking away could cost you more.

i hope not. I can't wait for

i hope not. I can't wait for the house i drive by the place everyday. They did alot in the past month. Let's hope:)

depending on when you bought

depending on when you bought in phase 4 the prices have gone up already, i think the builder would be okay with you backing out....

Since you drive by everyday...

Have you noticed any work being done on Bloor and Lansdowne? I was given the impression that they will be revamping that area entirely, introducing more restaurants/pubs, stores and the like, bringing it more to life and such. I haven't been able to visit the area since the summer, I have no idea what the place looks like now.

Bloor & Lansdowne

yes, small scale changes are noticed as old vacant or underused places are taking on a new life with newer amenities, then a couple of years ago the galleries that popped up near intersection shows great signs of interest from those priced out of WQW / Ossington & Little Italy/Portugal,

Bloor / Lansdowne & very close by DuWest (Brockton) will see some dramatic changes in coming years, its very evident

walk the intersection & patronize/talk with those businesses you find interesting

cheers :)


That looks really good, I cant wait till I get mine!

looks great:)

looks great:)

Looking at the listing, it's

Looking at the listing, it's definitely going to be worth the wait. None of those city townhouses that are long and slim.

I went yesterday, but no

I went yesterday, but no news, they are building the underground parking right now and it seems that is what they are focusing on, I was told that if the winter is mild they will be done on time...ha!!! not a chance!

On time by August??? No way!!

On time by August??? No way!!

Hi there, I am a purchaser of

Hi there,

I am a purchaser of phase 4 and I am trying to get in touch with the owner "Tom Falus" anybody know how I can get in touch with him? Any info is appreciated.


This is the number on the BOW

This is the number on the BOW blog for Robert Falus - (416) 483-1066 Ext. 108. Not sure if its the same for Tom.

thank you for the phone

thank you for the phone number.


Phase 3 Sales

Hello! I'm interested in the area. Just wondering if there are any phase 3 owners of a two bedroom + den unit looking to sell? Thnx!

I have a phase 4 -2bdrm/den

I have a phase 4 -2bdrm/den ground floor facing the park for sale. Contact me for more info

I am thinking about Selling.

I am thinking about Selling. Please email me at

Thank you

I'm a bit of an audiophile

Are there any people with a similar interest/addiction to sound that bought into Phase 3? How are the acoustics of your living floor as most of the layouts are very similar to those in Phase 4 (I bought a Central Park lower unit).

How soundproof is our concrete construction really? Has anyone had trouble with noise from neighbours?

I want to be a good neighbour so sound proofing is important to me, has anybody looked into this pre-completion?



Has anyone done any upgrades for soundproofing at all?

My lower unit is closer to

My lower unit is closer to the tracks on the west side. I do not hear the trains when I am downstairs but when I am upstairs inside the bedroom, I can hear a little bit of the cargo trains but not as a noise, just a background sound. I am still using my lightweight temporary window drapes but I think once I replace it with heavier fabric, the sound of the trains passing through should be eliminated or nothing more than like humming sound of electricity. But be warned about the sound of the HVAC when it kicks in. It is LOUD. I will have to bring in a soundproofing authority to give me options to eliminate the sound. I have my TV in the living room so it is super inconvenient as it will drown out the sound of your TV everytime the exchange vent starts blowing out.


Yeah the HVAC unit seemed to be the thing that most people have mentioned to cause a lot of noise on this thread...

I wonder if there is any way to soundproof that closet to keep the sound in more...

Also, what about making sound proofing upgrades to the entire unit, has anyone on here done/considered that? Does anybody know about going about that at all? This would be to keep sound out and in be it the trains outside or your sound system inside.

Personally, I am just waiting

Personally, I am just waiting for our first year performance audit to be completed likely by end of this year at the earliest. Once the developer deals with whatever deficiencies I will be putting on my list regarding inside my unit, I will definitely be looking into addressing the HVAC noise issue with soundproofing solution. Hopefully it will not be too costly.

Thanks let us know. Hopefully

Thanks let us know. Hopefully the costs are low:)

yes, i was thinking the same

yes, i was thinking the same thing. If they could sound proof the home that would be awesome. Let know:)


If I know something that is not already posted here I'll be sure to do it buddy!

I bought a lower end unit of

I bought a lower end unit of Phase 3. Here's my lowdown on sounds I hear. Plumbling sounds - swishing of water going through the pipes. This sound can be heard from the media nook which sounds like coming from the unit behind me and when I am inside the masters bedroom, same sound swishing sound which seems to be coming from the upper unit's kitchen. Also, in the living room area and also from the second floor, I hear the footsteps of the residents of the upper unit when they are going up their stairs from their main entrance. These sounds are not often and not heard on a daily basis. I am feel very fortunate that the 3 units attached to my unit are quiet people. I would strongly suggest that you do as what I did during the construction stage. I went inside my unit to through various stages to see what's behind your walls. I took pictures everytime I came in. Of course, we are not suppose to enter the units but hey, if you can, why not? After all, our money is on the line here.

I would be very happy to share with you my photos if you wish to give me your e-mail address.

That would be great

You can email me @

I happened to stop by

I happened to stop by recently and agreed with what they said at the office that it probably won't be ready until late next year or early the next. Even though this is past the tarion date, what does the builder care, they are selling for more now than they were before. FYI there are a few lockers for sale. I got lucky and stopped by at a time when they had some for sale since they were previously sold out. Private locker for 4500.

How much are the units

How much are the units selling for now? The lower units with 2 bedrooms?

Phase 4

Hi everyone,
It is good to see that something is finally happening with Phase 4. Quick question to Phase 4 buyers. Does anyone know what the last "date" is for delays before we can get out of the agreement? I know that their is a clause that states this, I just can't seem to figure it out. I have an opportunity to take a job oversea's and I am thinking about it, with all the delays my house may not be ready in time to sell and I want to know when I can demand my money back. thanks for any info.


I thought I had read that you

I thought I had read that you could get out after a one-year delay but someone else said it was two years. It has already been delayed 11 months from my the date on my contract.

For the link provided below,

For the link provided below, I thought it would be easier for everybody to read it here as oppose to going to the link. I get lazy myself at times.

The following key dates are provided:

• The First Tentative Closing Date – The anticipated date that the home will be completed and ready to move in as agreed upon by you and your builder. All subsequent critical dates are based on this date. If your home is not completed by this date, your builder is allowed two extensions of 120 days each without paying delayed closing compensation, provided you are given proper written notice.

• The Second Tentative Closing Date – This is the First Tentative Closing Date plus 120 days. Note: This is the maximum extension allowed. Your builder may (by sending a notice to you) set a Second Tentative Closing Date that is sooner, or go straight to a "Firm" Closing Date.

• Firm Closing Date – This is the First Tentative Closing Date plus 240 days. (Note: This reflects the maximum extensions. Your builder may set a Firm Closing Date that is sooner.) If this date is not met, your builder must set a Delayed Closing Date and you are entitled to delayed closing compensation.

• The Outside Closing Date – This date is 365 days after the earlier of the Second Tentative Closing Date and the Firm Closing Date.

The above dates must fall on a business day.

• Notice of a Closing Delay – If a Closing Date is changed, your builder must provide you with proper written notice:

- Notice of a delay beyond the First Tentative Closing Date must be given no later than 90 days before
this date or the First Tentative Closing Date automatically becomes the Firm Closing Date.

- Notice of a second delay in closing must be given no later than 90 days before the Second Tentative
Closing Date, or the Second Tentative Closing Date becomes the Firm Closing Date.

If a notice period begins on a non-business day, notice must then be given on the prior business day to ensure the homeowner receives a full 90 days notice of a delay.

• The Purchaser’s Termination Period – If the home is not complete by the Outside Closing Date, you have a 30-day period in which to terminate the agreement.

The great thing about the

The great thing about the link is it has a calculator so you coulld plug in your applicable dates and you get exactly the key dates you need for your own purchase, occupancies, notices to receive, etc.

To say you have 11 months

To say you have 11 months delay, do you mean that your contract provided an initial occupancy date of November 2010? How can that be when I think the release of Phase 4 was in 2010 only?

Phase 4 was released in

Phase 4 was released in October of 2009, that's when I bought my place and signed the contract, tentative closing date was Oct. 1 2011, two months ago I got a letter from the builders lawyer and have new tentative closing date of August 31st 2012, that is an 11 month delay for me also.

Phase 4 started selling in

Phase 4 started selling in 2009. We bought in October 2009 with initial occupancy of September 2011. Our new 'tentative' date is August 2012.

Your month/year of purchase

Your month/year of purchase and initial occupany is very similar to my Phase 3 timeline. I didn't see any actual structure being built until Spring the following year so hopefully it will be similar timeline for Phase 4.

as far as I know once the

as far as I know once the first ten days have past then you CANNOT get out of the contract without loosing your deposit. But you could always phone your lawyer and have him explain the contract to you.....

The Park

Have they started working on the park that is to be built between phase 3 and 4? Or does anyone know when they will be doing this?

It makes no sense for them to

It makes no sense for them to start the park until phase 4 is done because of the construction. There are huge mountains of dirt and i have seen equipment and trucks over the park area.

I am a Phase 3 resident and I

I am a Phase 3 resident and I do not see any obvious signs of building the park.

Phase 3 - Owner's site


We are extremely excited to launch the official owner's website for Brownstones in Davenport Village (phase 3). I cannot post the address (but you can google: Brownstones village resident site)

We have included many features that we hope you will enjoy:

-Archived Newsletters
-Calendar of Events
-General Contacts
-Much more to come!

This website has been created by the newly elected board members and is provided on behalf of the owner's of the units. Due to the sensitive nature of the content, we have enabled certain security features in order to protect the integrity and security of the community. We unfortunately are not able to accommodate tenants and/or prospective buyer's, but if you have an issue or a concern, please visit our website and leave us an e-mail.

We will also take this opportunity to request owner's/residents to stop using this blog to discuss sensitive security details. This issue is being taken very seriously, we have already begun implementing security features. Our number one priority is community safety.

We look forward to enhance your ownership interests and to ensure the best possible living experience for everyone in the Brownstones in Davenport Village.


Board Members of Brownstones in Davenport Village

For those who bought in phase

For those who bought in phase 4, and dont come to the area too often, they have finally been working! They are starting along the train tracks, looks like the start of the foundation? And FYI the old GE building is almost completely gone.

Phase 4

Just wondering if this means that the tentative move in of August 31 2012 is a no go??? Does everyone really think it will be delayed for move in that long? Has anyone been by the sales office to ask?


Phase 4

Just wondering if this means that the tentative move in of August 31 2012 is a no go??? Does everyone really think it will be delayed for move in that long? Has anyone been by the sales office to ask?


I have been to sales office

I have been to sales office to ask but they chew their words and just say that they dont know anything and that if the tentative move in date will be delayed then we will be notified. Anyway they started digging two weeks ago so count 15 months on top of that and you got a reasonable tentative move in date...I personally think that it will be january of 2013

I own a unit in Phase 3 and I

I own a unit in Phase 3 and I know exactly how all of you feel with the waiting game. We had 3 changes of occupancy dates. I bought late in early September 2009 so I was given an October 2010 initial date but those who bought in 2008 which was the first year released, they were initially given Fall 2009 to occupy. Mine was then moved to December 2010 then final date was mid Jan 2011. Certain units were given a final occupancy date in Dec 2010. My unit was registered late April 2011.

I strongly suggest that you plan your temporary living arrangement to be set for no less than worth of six months delay. Our Phase is significantly smaller so that has to be factored in too. All I can say as words of comfort and encouragement is that it is worth the wait given that we own properties at a very convenient location within the city, the whole concept that we do not have very popular narrow living spaces and your future neighbourhood will only get better through the years given all the developments. Key ---- patience and look at everything as glass half-filled.

I think people get bogged

I think people get bogged down with the date since they signed the offer to purchase and start counting from that date that's why it feel like a very long wait. For me, I started counting from date of occupancy and then immediately tucked in 3 months of delay. So when the occupancy was delayed, it was no sweat for me because I also did a timetable for my rental with the extra 3 months delay. In my mind, anything after the 3 months delay were just months as oppose to feeling the long wait from purchase to occupancy. When I purchased, I completely shut off my urge to start counting down the months since the purchase date. I let it start ticking after I received the first notice of moving the new date to occupy. You got to do what you got to do to keep yourself sane and not feel in a panic everytime you get that new notice of change of date. I didn't visit the site until 1 year after the purchase and then I started going in every other month. I got to see the various stages and managed to go inside some of the units and I took pictures so I know what's behind the walls.

The Sales office will

The Sales office will propably never commit a date on when the units will be ready. Also keep in mind that it will take a few months to get everyone to move in also. The key now is to monitor the construction and the various notice periods the builder must comply with. Failure to comply may result in Delayed Occupancy compensation. Hopefully things go smoothly for this phase from here on!

That is excellent news!

Thanks for the post friend!

Very exciting!

Very exciting!

Finaly!!!! thanks for

Finaly!!!! thanks for posting! lets hope for a tentative move in date of early 2013.......... and that will make it one and a half year or delay...

That will be better than the

That will be better than the two year delay for the Wallace project!

I fully agree that we need to

I fully agree that we need to keep this forum open and updated with our proactive measures to deal with these issues. We are not a unique community where only our cars are being broken into or things are being stolen. All communities experience theft but we will prove our difference by not being victimized. Hopefully with further security measures and the police, new Board and Property Managers reading our forum, can expect a decline in security issues with their help and intervention. This too will have its advantages we are being scrutinized because we may depreciate the value of our community, however, once we have a better handle in these issue (and I'm confident there will be improvement) we can demonstrate to the Residents, theives, Board and Property Managers, that there is an improvement and may bring light to areas where we need to pay closer attention. We have a beautiful but young community and the Residents will begin to familiarize themselves with their neighbours but we can't expect people to speak to each other from the get go. Some people are shy or just choose to keep to themselves so we need a mechanism to keep track of things until we are more comfortable with our neighbours and community.

Let's continue to keep track of these issues because this is a forum for everything Brownstones on the Park. Not just the rose coloured glasses superficial perspective we want to convey. Let's communicate, even anonymously with this forum and let's help build this community properly... TOGETHER!

For those who did not attend

For those who did not attend the turnover meeting, security has been mentioned on the list as top priority for the board to deal with. Condo corporations usually have newsletters as a form of communication. We should be expecting to receive that pretty soon. I know somebody who lived in Phase 2 but recently moved out as their family outgrew their space and she said that once the board and property management put in place better security, then the break-ins stopped. So for us all, it's just a matter of time and cooperation to ensure we get there too.

Stolen Bicycle

My bicycle was stolen from the underground parking garage under phase 3. It was locked with a hardened steel chain, but the thief had enough time to cut through it (and had the courtesy to leave the cut lock on the ground). It wasn't that great of a bike (generic Costco bike), but still frustrating! I've filed a police report and advise property management. Be careful down there if you actually have a nice bike!

Our underground parking is a

Our underground parking is a joke! I do not feel safe going down there at all. Between the cars being broken into and now bikes being stolen....who knows what is next. This HAS to be the first issue that the board and property management handles. There is an obvious issue with our security system (or lack of security system) and this needs to change. These people are getting bolder and probably telling two friends that our development is an easy target.

We need to be careful down there period.

I believe should be careful

I believe should be careful about posting security issues on an open forum as it is essentailly spreading the word as anyone can access the postings. Doesn't DOP have a private forum?

I think displaying that the

I think displaying that the Residents are aware of the issues is actually a GOOD thing! Let the theives be warned that this is NOT going to be an issue that will go lightly. I think in the interim we should exercise neighbourhood watches and contact the police if there are questionable people mulling around in the underground.

I say KEEP THESE UPDATES COMING! We all need to discuss these issues openly so we can all get a better picture of how far and deep this issue is to discuss with the Property Managers, new Board and even the police. Having this traceability will be in our favour so please don't hesitate to keep everyone informed!

I agree displaying for the

I agree displaying for the residents is a good thing..... but this forum goes beyound just residents. Based on the comments included in an earlier post... if people are worried about the thieves telling a couple of their friends.....guess what.... the person who posted it just told anyone who may look at this forum. You could be inviting more problems in the short run...unit things are sorted out.

IMO a private forum is more appropriate but I cannot control what others do.

You should really consider

You should really consider starting or joining a private forum for discussing issues with your units. I can't think of any other condos or townhouse developments that discuss these types of issues on a public forum.

Your Board of Directors should actually be asking the webmaster for this thread to be deleted from the forum.

Airing all these grievances on here allows anyone (including potential buyers in the future) to access a history of issues with these developments. How fast do you think a potential buyer would be turned off to learn about property management issues, frequent crime and unit problems. It's going to hurt your property value if a potential buyer decides to Google "Brownstones on Davenport" and read disgruntled posts. This is your home and your investment, protect it by keeping its issues privately discussed. That means speaking to neighbours face-to-face or in a members only forum.

If you owned a house, would you post your address and every single problem it has with a time stamp on the internet? I doubt it.


Should I not have reported this theft to the police then? All of the Toronto Police statistics are available online, for anyone to see at Potential buyers could look at that, accessing "a history of issues" as you said, and be "turned off" about our properties too... Until a way for me to tell other owners about this issue is available, I'd rather help my neighbours than not say anything at all.

"Until a way for me to tell

"Until a way for me to tell other owners about this issue is available, I'd rather help my neighbours than not say anything at all."

Face to face conversation doesn't work? I'm not suggesting you knock on every door in the development but I'm sure you must see your neighbours around. You also have a board of directors so why not ask them to communicate some of these issues to your neighbours.

At BoW, we started a private Facebook group and at BoB, they started a private Yahoo group. I believe a resident at BoB left a note on people's doors asking them to join the group.

You'd be surprised how much more effective and civil the discussions are when they're not anonymous and public.

Might force a hand...

Might force Brownstones/Taft to do something, if not for this phase, then for future builds.

I honestly don't think

I honestly don't think anonymous posts on an internet message board will do anything other than make your units look undesirable to potential future buyers.

If you want to send a strong message to Taft, have your BOD fire them and find a new property management company... one that will work with you guys to make your development as great as possible.

I don't believe the Board of

I don't believe the Board of Directors is actually established until the turn over meeting. This is why its important to maintain the traceability. Having said that, I don't believe people looking to invest $400k in a new property would be searching for this forum to find these complaints. As a matter of fact, this forum is very difficult to find as I had to forward it to a coworker who also purchased in this community. Since FB is more accessible, you don't think that this information would be easier accessed given the amount of people using that social network like Facebook?

Was there any criteria for this forum regarding what is permitted to discuss or not? I didn't find anything and if you want to mention about depreciating the value of our units or the issues with the builder then perhaps we should never discuss any types of delays, deficiences, issues, concerns or anything of that matter. If we aren't suppose to impact our new homes, then what exactly are we suppose to discuss in this forum?

Good luck with that one!!!

Good luck with that one!!!

I agree. IF they have access

I agree. IF they have access to this forum....they should know that we know what's going on and that we are not backing down.

I did call the police to ask them what they have been doing with all the reports that have been filed with regards to these incidents. They told me that they are investigating all the break-ins reported. I mentioned that we as residents haven't really seen their presence in our neighbourhood and she assured me that they are patrolling the area in unmarked cars.

Let's all keep our eyes and ears open and continue to dialogue with each other via this forum.

This needs to stop.

Have you (BOP - Phase 3) had your turnover meeting yet?

I think I remember reading that your first turnover meeting had to get rescheduled due to low attendance. Has the rescheduled meeting happened yet? Do you have a Board of directors set-up?

Yes, 3 directors. All

Yes, 3 directors. All residents and owners.

Sorry we missed that meeting.

Sorry we missed that meeting. Has there been any type of communication that has gone out to the residents advising who they are and what the processes are?

The board will have a first

The board will have a first meeting after the turnover. For any issues and concerns, make sure the property manager is contacted so that they can discuss with the board. Standard practice is after the first meeting, the board with the property management company will circulate usually a newsletter to address issues since occupancy which the developer is likely ignoring or other stuff such as our security issues.

Missed it!

Just moved in, so must have missed it. How are people getting advised of this normally?

Any movement/ news on the

Any movement/ news on the Phase 4 site?

none what so ever (as far I

none what so ever (as far I know) we are looking at closing 2013....if ever...

none what so ever (as far I

none what so ever (as far I know) we are looking at closing 2013....if ever...


So apparently, this builder does not do ANY amendments other than a capped cost of $400 for the utilities hookup.

Nothing about the $150 we have to pay their lawyer (4.01 (b)) for holding and processing our deposits, nothing about capping the entire clause (4.01 (c)) that includes the utilities hook but just the utilities and not the several other things mentioned or a negotiation about capping the potential school/municipal developments (4.01 (d)) (cost @ $1000-$1500 instead of $2500.

I know I`m being picky over small costs, but these are potential costs nonetheless - all I got from the very ancient sales person was ``I've been in the business for 100 years and this is a very clean agreement, they will not change anything`` whats the point of having an amendment page at all

The sales people indicated

The sales people indicated the same when I purchased. I bought in phase 3 using my own realtor and was able to negotiate a few amendments. I had my lawyer review EVERYTHING (line by line) before signing. I suggest that you do the same.

If you dont mind me asking...

What amendments were you able to negotiate?

I went over everything line by line with my lawyer as you mentioned. The amendments mentioned on my initial post were the only ones my lawyer and I wanted to have put in place as we agreed that otherwise the agreement was rather fair. There was absolutely no give or negotiation what so was very frustrating, even more so due to the stubborn saleswoman.

So far this has not been a pleasant first home purchase...I really hope that in the end everything is delivered as promised with minimal unforseen expenses.

I have closed two properties

I have closed two properties with this builder (previous condo and townhome) and the closings were straight forward and no surprises. Our lawyer also said it was a fair purchase agreement. This might be confirmed from other BOP purchasers. Now I do not know what is in your sales agreement but I had no issues with surprise charges at closing.