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16x20x1 you can buy a cheap


you can buy a cheap one for $10 or a better one for $25-30.

Thank you. I was just at

Thank you. I was just at work when I posted the question as I wanted to head to Canadian Tire during my lunch and thought I'd pick it up while I was there. You saved me a separate trip.

hvac Filters

Just open it up and pull the filter out. The size is on the frame. Eventually you will have to do it. The filters need
to be changed every one to three months and management isn't going to do it, it's not their job :(
Bonne Chance

A/C Units

Anyone else concerned about the way the A/C units have been dropped in and installed on top of two pieces of 2x4 wood as risers off the ground? It doesn't seem like a long-term solution that will survive the outdoor elements, winters, etc.
We'll all be paying to correct this down the road when the wood rots or breaks down. This is an outdoor element so we probably need a residents association or board to address en masse with the builder.

We should get an expert's

We should get an expert's opinion on this one as now that you had pointed it out, it sounds like this should concern us all. We should all ask for expert's opinion/assessment and get organized to have the builder rectify this if indeed it needs to be.

Brownstone on the park phase 4

Just found out that phase 4 is apparently going to be ready in 15months, I would say add 6months to that because they never tell you the truth. So we are now looking at 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The head office number is 416-483-1066 and you can speak with Robert falus the builder.

just like I thought, 15

just like I thought, 15 months will take it to the summer of 2012 which is 10 months delayed from the tentative move in date of Oct 1-2011, it really disturbs me that the builder has not bothered to inform any of the buyers of phase 4. I bought on the very last block (the most southern block) of phase 4, I went to the sales office two weekends ago and noticed that this is the only block of phase 4 that is covered up with a piece of paper taped over it, not sure what it means but I was told that the city is asking for a road to be build as they need a fire route, not sure how that will affect the look and layout of that particular block

Brownstone on the park phase 4

Any news on Phase 4? I am a purchaser and trying to find out why they have not started construction? I have e-mailed several times and left a few messages at the sales office, with no response? I don't even know where to call or, who to speak with. Totally stressed out. Bank won't hold the rate past feb 2012 and at this point I am assuming it wont be ready. I am so concerned that I may consider getting myself fired so I can take them up on their offer (if you lose your job you can get out of the deal). lol.

Any help would be appreciated. P.S. Anybody willing to let me see the finished product (ground floor/2 bdr) so that way I will know if it is worth wait? thanks again.


I've had my capped rate

I've had my capped rate extended a couple of times already, so far always at a lower rate.
I've never had to threaten, I've just asked. The banks want your business so a couple
of months before your rate expires, speak to them about extending another 18 months.
Unfortunately rates may be higher then. Bonne Chance

phase 4

Linda, I bought an upper corner unit on phase 4, I am concerned too but I did find out through the grapevine that the builder has to modify the plan because the city asked him to construct a road instead of just a narrow walkway, that is for fire route, if anything happens like a fire then need to be able to drive the fire trucks in. This affects the end block of units in the most southern part of phase 4. I was told that they that now put the sticks on the ground and they are read to start digging but not the southern units. I am guessing that we wont be able to move in till may or later of 2012, anyway even if you were to move in before feb 2012 you wont be able to have a mortgage till the phase is registered with the city and nobody knows how long that takes, it can take from 3 months to a year, before that we will be on phantom mortgage. The builder has put up his prices by 30K so its worth the wait, but I think you should talk to the bank, I did the same thing, I told my bank that I need to extent the capped rate or I am taking all of my money and investments to another bank and they extended it to december 2013.

What bank is holding your

What bank is holding your rate until December 2013? I work for a bank and can't even get them to hold it that long...

Its BMO, they capped it at

Its BMO, they capped it at 3.5% till december 2013, that is for a three year closed. I guess its pretty good...

I spoke with someone at BMO

I spoke with someone at BMO and he said they don't offer builder mortgages anymore... any contact I can call to book my rate until that date? It would be greatly appreciated!

my branch is at yonge and st.

my branch is at yonge and st. clair, they might have done this for me because I am a long time client but you should try anyway

Who is your mortgage agent?

I'd like to give them a call to try to get the same rate held for me.

yes, give it a try, not sure

yes, give it a try, not sure if they did that for me because they also have my RRSP, Gis and all bank accounts but you have nothing to loose by trying.

Extending your rate to

Extending your rate to December 2013 is the best way to go.

I moved into phase 3 back in January and I am totally happy with the location and the overall unit. I have the bottom 2 bedroom unit and the layout works well for us. We don't know when closing date will be but I expect by June. Will keep the blog updated as to when this happens so Phase 4 people have an idea.

Phase 4 is much bigger than Phase 3 so I think end of 2013 move in date is realistic. Phantom mortgage for 3-6 months should be expected, hopefully it wouldn't take longer that but you just never know.

I saw bull dozer out in Phase 4 last week digging something up but that's about it.

Good news / they have started to tear down the hideous buildings on the east side of the plot of land, one building down and one more to go!

Notice about trains / i can seldom hear the trains, sometimes at 10-11:30 pm at night i can hear the GO train once and the other cargo train as it goes by several times but I wouldn't call the noise "loud". Perhaps in warmer weather when i'm on my patio cooking on the BBQ i'll notice it more:) but it's not disturbing at all.

I also bought a lower 2

I also bought a lower 2 bedroom unit in Phase 3. I agree about the sound of the trains. When you are inside your unit, you cannot hear the trains at all on the main level but you will hear sound but not "noise" on the second floor. My unit is closer to the tracks so I do hear it more but its no different from hearing the usual mechanical/electrical/plumbing sound of your own unit.

What I'd like to ask my neighbour is how is your air exchange? Mine is extremely loud but we are waiting for the unit to be serviced as I was told it can be adjusted to make it a little bit liveable. How have you dealt with this major issue since it is something you deal with every 20 minutes or so for about 5 minutes each time. Are you experiencing the same?

To the Phase 4 purchaser, my advice is patience and more patience. Workmanship is not superior but it is not poor. I am happy with my unit for as long as I do not think about the outstanding work to be done which I listed on my 30-day form.

I bought in phase 3 lower

I bought in phase 3 lower unit also. I could not heard the TV when the heat went on.They serviced the heating system recently and it got quiter. It will get better.
Still have lots on my 30 day form but I am very happy with my unit.
Phase 4 I was in your position last year....give it time.

Hi, i didn't/haven't

Hi, i didn't/haven't mentioned the loud noise from the air exchange :( do you know which company will be adjusting yours?

Contact customer service and

Contact customer service and get them to service yours. I received an e-mail notification from Claudia this past Tuesday that technicians will be entering units to hook up the A/C and at that time, they replaced previously ordered parts for my HVAC system. When I came home yesterday, the sound generated from the air exchange by the stairs has significantly been lessened. Gone are the days of having to raise the TV volume everytime it kicks in. We used to raise our TV volume up to 35. All evening long last night, we watched TV at a volume level of 25.

Loud noise from furnace

Okay, so the last few days I have noticed that I can hear my neighbors furnace whenever it is on (they just moved in). It is a loud annoying hum that I have to turn my TV volume very loud. Last night it actually kept me awake because I can still here it in my bedroom, it was a very loud HUMMING like noise, almost pierce like and I'm not exagerrating. Anyone else hearing their neighbors furnace at Brownstones on DAVENPORT? It's bad enough how loud our own furnaces but i'm used to it now, but this piercing hum from neighbors unit is very annoying.

Our HVAC was just serviced

Our HVAC was just serviced today to hook up the A/C and address the issue of the loud sound coming out of the air exchange and we now have peace and quiet. Assuming that the noise has been eliminated permanently, I strongly suggest that others with the same issue contact customer service and request to be serviced as well.

Our furnace, like all other

Our furnace, like all other units, is loud too. A construction staff came in to assess certain outstanding work and he did mention that the loud sound coming from the air exchange is the source of the noise which he believes can be serviced to be adjusted to lessen the sound. I am yet to hear back from customer service to let me know when a technician will be coming in.

Perhaps ask your neighbour to have somebody look at their HVAC system as well.

Loud Furnace

Hi, I'm a BOW purchaser who experienced the same noise issues. The good news is there is a dial on the furnace (front, right side, probably covered with tape that should be removed) that you can turn to adjust noise levels. the effect is immediate and no need to wait for the pros. Good Luck.

phase 4

Does anyone know what kind of trouble the builder has run into regading phase 4?I heard through the grape vine that the city wont give permit to build unless they build a road through the rows of the townhomes due to fire regulations, so the builder has to come up with a revised plan, not sure how true this is....

Why not check with the city

Why not check with the city to confirm?

I tried looking up

I tried looking up information on city planning, but nothing came up, any idea where to call?

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Visitors Parking Spots

For those who do not venture to read the BOW and BOB, I thought I'd recap here about the concern of cars using the visitors parking spots. Same cars parked everyday at the visitors parking. Either these cars are owned by unit owners' friends who visit every day or are being used by other unti owners because their either did not buy a parking spot or did not buy enough number of spots for all the cars in their household. My visitor over the weekend had to drive all over the place just to look for parking as there was no spot available.

I am not currently a resident

I am not currently a resident but it appears Visitor's parking used by residents is a common issue in condo communities. I was the President of my Board for 4 years and curious why this issue isn't brought up to the existing Condo Board?

Point well taken. Take it to

Point well taken. Take it to the proper channels and hope that there will be action taken.

Regarding visitors parking in

Regarding visitors parking in Phase 3...Friends were visiting - parking 2 nights in visitors parking - and their vehicle and 3 others were vandalized, broken into, windows broken, ransacked, etc. This was Tuesday night last week. I wonder if it's a waste of time to bring up installing a security camera to the builder or property manager? Given the lack of visitor parking for our unit, I would hate for more resident's family and friends have the same thing happen to them.
As another FYI, for city temporary parking permits, the phase 3 unit - 20 Foundry - is not recognized by the city. If you've ever purchased a temp. parking pass, you know you have to provide your address for the pass to be valid. The only way to get a permit for our building is to enter a random address from the streets East of Lansdowne. Not sure if this will change after the building is registered...

I hope you notified the

I hope you notified the property management. If you haven't, I strongly urge you to do so. Let us protect our Village.

This is not good. One of BOW

This is not good. One of BOW or BOB also had cars vandalized recently. Security camera is never a waste of time but a good investment and to create a sense of safety within the complex. The very reason why I think all residents should familiarize themselves with as many co-residents as possible. If we don't know who our neighbours are, it would be difficult to recognize those that seem to merely be loitering and looking for opportuntiies to conduct criminal activities. We should all band together and not keep such things lightly.

Has anybody started checking

Has anybody started checking out companies that soundproof? Work order in bulk will highly translate to good group discount.

Bathtub Finish

Does anyone have any good cleaner recommendations for the Bathtub? I find that the finish is tricky to get clean.


I'm a purchaser of phase 4 and have a relative who lives in Toronto in a stacked townhouse and has a lot of issues with noise. The lady living below complains all the time, even when they are just watching TV. Not sure how many of you have moved in, but for the rows that have moved in what has been the situation with noise? Any complaints?

I live in one of the lower

I live in one of the lower units and so far, we have no noise issue from the above unit nor the unit beside us. Since people are setting up their new space, I have heard occasional sounds of drilling and hammering but I wouldn't consider it noise. Other than that, its been very quiet. Be mindful and considerate of your neighbours and this Village will be a good place to consider a nice and quiet neighbourhood as a whole.

We live in an upper level and

We live in an upper level and have not had any complaints from the unit below. Not that we are loud people but we do occasionally listen to music or watch movies on our surround sound system.

The type of construction will make a difference. I have a relative who lives in a lower level of a "wood" construction stacked townhouse and they hear virtually everything from the unit above & beside them.

I think concrete constrction offers fewer sound issues but will still not be 100% sound proof.

Hopefully, you'll get a response from a lower unit who has someone living above them.

I live in a lower unit. I

I live in a lower unit. I can sometimes hear when my neighbor from above is going up the stairs to their unit, and only once have i heard my neighbors TV when i was in my bedroom. My TV is on every evening so it could be draining out any noise (plus the heat is on which blocks out noise.....) As long as everyone is courteous and keeps the volume down after 10 pm i'll be happy :)

Hi, has anyone had or noticed

Hi, has anyone had or noticed any defects that you will be addressing to Tarion? Besides marks on the walls, poorly installed carpet in one room and one missing floor tile i haven't noticed anything.....i want to make sure i'm not missing anything! heating, water, etc all seem to be working fine.

If you have had any problems that need to be addressed please share so I can check my unit as well.


Tarion will not get involved

Tarion will not get involved unless identified issues are not dealt with by the builder within specified timeframes.

If you are concerned about quality and the workmanship, I would highly recommend you have a "qualified" professional inspect your unit to make sure what was done, was done properly and to code. IMO...... well worth the cost. If you miss something but realize it after the warranty periods, you will likely be on the hook.

Any recommendations of home

Any recommendations of home inspector to use?

Furnace Noise

It's been 2 weeks living in my lower unit and I will have to say that the furnace sound is way too loud that on average, I get about 15 minutes of peace and quiet and then the furnace goes on again for about 5 minutes each time. I need to raise my voice when in conversation or increase the volume of my TV and only to bring down the volume after the furnace quiets down again.

Anybody else finding that this whole cycle of loud sound impedes on their enjoyment of their main floor?

Has anybody looked into how

Has anybody looked into how to resolve this issue or at least minimize the noise? It's all peace and quiet upstairs but I get stressed out thinking about going down to relax --- just not possible with the noise. My concern about train noise was quickly dismissed. Even though in the morning, I do wake up to the sound of the train but it is very muffled so that's not an issue at all.

Me too! It's annoying with

Me too! It's annoying with the TV volume going up and down....

...only for block A. The

...only for block A. The rest should be in a week.

The Darn Towel Racks Indeed

Good point about those darn things. Yes, I do want to take mine out as well. I second the motion about phase 4 buyers should not get stressed about perhaps making a wrong decision in buying at the Village. As mentioned, it's all the little things. It's all about location and the future value of your property that we should all be celebrating here.


I am considering asking the builder not to instal any tiles in my unit. I do not like the backsplash and I am not crazy about the floor or bathroom tiles. Also now that I see that many people are having workmanship problem I am thinking that I might be better off to hire someone and buy my own tiles and have some else install.
I like to ask anyone who has bought in phase 3 or earlier if they think this is good idea or not. Are you happy with the tiling job? Also does anyone know if they install the kitchen first before the tiles or the other way around?


Hello, In regards to paying


In regards to paying someone external to do your work, I asked to have this done in my phase 3 upper unit.
We wanted them to not install the carpet and all the tiles as we have family who could do this for us at a great price. They refused to do any of it. We even told them that we didn't want a price reduction, and they still refused. They said that they had problems with this in phase 1 and 2 and that resulted in "loss of money" on their behalf.

Now we have to rip everything out ourselves, which is a lot more work....

The current condition is not too bad though. Everyone needs to understand that ALL new builds are like this. Well, maybe not multi-million dollar new builds..... but then again we are not in that category!

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for responding! that really sucks as my intention was to ask them to not give me any tiles, yes...same as you I don't care about a price reduction, I just think that ripping everything out after they have been installed is so much more work... when the time comes to pick my finishes I will ask them and lets see if they refuse me also, like they did with you.

I am glad to hear that the condition is not too bad, now I have to keep my fingers crossed that they will start digging up the ground for phase 4 which is already 5 months behind right off the start....


baseboard heaters

Does anyone know if baseboard heaters are being installed in the upper units? If so, was this part of the plan or in response to heating issues or complaints about cold floors?

At the BOW project, the upper

At the BOW project, the upper units only had baseboard heaters at the unit entrance. They are not installed anywhere else

In our kitchen, the tiles

In our kitchen, the tiles were installed before the cabinets.

We are happy with our tiling job and are mostly satisfied with the tiles they used. They are not anything special but for us they work. If there is anything I'm thinking of changing is the en-suite shower tiles. All white and a little boring. If it is something that is really going to bother you might want to talk to the builder and discuss what you want to do.

According to my Real estate agent workmanship issues happen on most projects and it doesn't matter what the price range is or who the builder is. Dealing with the deficiencies seems to the unfortunate part of the process of purchasing new construction. We have had a few issues but they are being dealt with. Major items take priority and the smaller issues will be dealt with... just not the fastest process.

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the reply, your input is appreciated

Furnace Noise

Anybody else having issues with the very loud sound of the furnace? Soundproofing is definitely required to allow enjoyment of the main floor.

furnace noise

is it suppose to be loud? is it a question of soundproofing or maybe the furnace is off a lower quality? could you have asked for additional soundproofing before they started to build? Just wondering if this is because of the quality of the furnace.

Always lived either in a

Always lived either in a house with basement or condo so furnace sound was never an issue for me so this furnace noise factor is all new to me. Had I known, I would have addressed it during the time of purchase. I think purchasers should ask the builder if they could soundproof the space and replacing doors as well to decrease the sound. However, if the builder is not legally required to provide this, I guess I will have to do it myself. is very loud but i is very loud but i don't know what can be done about it..

PDI and Move In

We had our PDI on January 14th so I had very little expectation that anything would be done at all. Occupied yesterday and wish to confirm absolutely nothing was done, not even mirrors in the powder room and washroom. Went through every single inch of the unit and finding several shabby workmanship. These are all cosmetic so it's just a matter of getting the items finished properly. Otherwise, for the price we paid, it's Ok and can't beat the TTC accessibility.

My unit was a complete

My unit was a complete disaster with garbage, carpet bits everywhere, staples, etc it is actually unlivable at this stage! I have no mirrors either.... about 60% of the things mentioned in my PDI were actually done.

When did you do your PDI and

When did you do your PDI and how long ago did you move?

I did my PDI last week but

I did my PDI last week but the carpet wasn't in my keys yesterday and looks like carpet was installed in the dark and it was more messier than before, they didn't even take the cardboard off of the floors. the other units that i could see on ground level all looked like they were cleaned up but mine looks like a pig sty.

What about workmanship? Ours

What about workmanship? Ours have a lot of fillers required between baseboard and floors and joints. So you are on the upper unit then? I am on the lower unit.

By the way, welcome neighbour !!!!

I'm on the lower unit.

I'm on the lower unit. Didn't notice fillers, to be honest i was so upset with the state my unit is in that i only stayed 10 minutes. I will be going back in a couple of days and doing a full walk through......

Make sure you properly

Make sure you properly itemize each of the outstanding and deficient work. I intend to take a digital image and create a book of catalogue to submit to the builder. It's amazing how during our PDI that the builder's rep dismissed certain items we pointed out and he reacted as if we were making a big deal out of nothing. I'd like to see his reaction had his newly house been built with such poor workmanship. I understand the stress and pressure the workers are faced with the demand of getting things done fast but certain items were just so shabby and painful to look at. Unfinished and requiring to touch up is one thing but obvious uneven drywall patching is completely unacceptable. And this is just one thing I am pointing out.

For anybody reading this forum and thinking buying from this buyer .... be prepared ... I am still happy I bought a unit as it's all about affordability relative to location. I just want anybody considering to buy to fully understand what they may be faced with.

strike out ---- meant

strike out ---- meant thinking of buying from this builder ....


I am dissapointed and a bit stressed out about all the negative input from people who are moving into their units in Phase 3. Its too late for me to stay away from this builder ..I have bought in phase 4 and at this point I am already regreating it because construction is already behind by 4 months and all the bad comments are stressing me out but still good to know so I am prepared as to what to expect.
I like to know what else was done in bad workmanship besides the uneven drywall? (this is bad enough!!) any advice you can give to people in phase 4 will be great! documenting digitally is a terrific idea!


Hi, I posted a message

Hi, I posted a message earlier about the huge mess left in my unit after getting my keys just last night. Thankfully they came in today and cleared up about 50% and i hope the remainder will be fixed tomorrow. Do not regret buying, it's a good deal and its going to be a great neighborhood in the not so distant future! As long as you are fully prepared for the delays, i would expect you won't move in until fall/winter 2012 which means you can save up more for the downpayment :) Yes the craftsmanship is not superb but nothing major and shouldn't be surprising considering the price. Whatever doesn't get fixed I can probably do myself....(mostly trimwork around corners and the stairs)

**I did measurements and the only area that was short was my main bedroom which is 2 inches shorter both in width and length. And I'm going to take photos of all of the damages/things that need fixing.

**why didn't someone tell me not to have the towel racks installed!! I'm never going to be able to get those suckers off without ripping half the wall with it :(

That's too funny about the

That's too funny about the towel racks. We had the same ones in our last place. One of the plastic bars broke and there is really no way to fix them without ripping one side off the wall. We had them removed when we painted and replaced with much nicer ones.

During our PDI for our current unit, the towel racks were not installed yet and actually sitting on the floor. The builder rep asked if we wanted them installed and we said "No..... Please don't". That was a good delay!!!


Thanks for the encouragement...yes I dont think I will be moving in till summer of 2012, which is horrible considering the tentative date of oct. 1/2011. I just dont want to have to deal with major workmanship problems. I am a single woman so the price I paid for the townhouse was a lot for me, $310 for the townhouse, plus $5 for the corner lot, plus $20 for the parking plus 3.500 for a locker, totaly price of $338.500.00 for an upper corner unit total square feet 1145. So I am keeping my fingers crossed for good workmanship because I dont have anyone in my life who can help me fix things around the house.

please keep posting your concerns and any tips that might help other people with future situations...good call about the towel racks, I am guessing that they are the ones that are cemented into the wall. I will tell them not to instal...thanks

postal code


Does anyone have our postal code on hand right now?
The one provided in our handbook (M6P3N1) is associated with wallace avenue and I need the correct one ASAP.

Thanks for the help!

if you are in the last block

if you are in the last block (getting keys today!) at 20 Foundry than your postal code is M6H 4L1

and if you are at 25

and if you are at 25 Turntable Crescent (Units 121 – 142 & 221 – 242) is now M6H 4K8.

go to brownstonesdavenportvillagewordpress website

Looking to Buy or Sell your home?

I am a Sales Representative and have purchased a unit for myself within the Brownstones Developments. I have already moved into my unit and am currently residing within the community. I am very familiar with the area and surrounding neighborhoods. If anyone is interested in purchasing or selling a unit, I would be pleased to help.

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to assist you in answering them. I can be reached at 647-208-9428 or you can e-mail me at

N. Sharma
Sutton Platinum Realty Inc. Brokerage

Tenant insurance

For those with occupany of January 18th, make sure you have insurance in place. During occupancy i was told we only need Tenant Insurance (which covers content and liability). Once registration is done than you can switch to Owner insurance. I needed to provide proof of this to my lawyer yesterday.


How much liability coverage did you get?

I got tenant insurance during

I got tenant insurance during occupancy for $45 K but you can go less, maybe 30 K. Some insurers require a minimum amount. Once we are registered I will have $90 K.


That's for the contents. I'm talking about if someone has an accident
on your property, they can sue you even if you rent. At present I have
$1000,000 liability coverage for my apt. but I'm wandering if I should
increase it to $2000,000 for the condo. Anyone have any thoughts?

oh for that i got 1million as

oh for that i got 1million as well, my broker thought it was enough...

Thank you. I wish I read

Thank you. I wish I read your posting first. I wasted one hour of my lunch break trying to set up for ownership insurance even though I kept on referring to a policy required during occupancy and not closing.

I used an insurance broker

I used an insurance broker and they could only find one company to insure me because I have never had insurance before and they said that our area is at high risk for sewage back - up......hmmm...

Interesting... I just called

Interesting... I just called TD Auto and Home and 5 minutes after I got off the phone, the certificate of insurance was e-mailed to me which in turn I e-mailed to my lawyer. My first time obtaining insurance for myself as well. No issues.

that's great, i finally got

that's great, i finally got mine for $43 per month including tax for $45 K.

sewer back-up

Did you get sewer back-up? Is it necessary if we aren't registered yet?

I've been waiting for

I've been waiting for customer service to advise if there is a sump pump or shut off valve for emergencies but they didn't know....hoping to get an answer soon.

sump pump

Heard anything on the sump pump issue? I also need to know.

I just got off the phone with

I just got off the phone with customer service and NO there is no sump pump or back-up shut off valve. But because we have underground parking below our units than any back up would be down there and not in our units so according to Brownstones this is good enough. I have passed on this info to my insurance company and am waiting for them to confirm this.