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Nothing has changed. Bell

Nothing has changed. Bell still cannot service us. I got a flyer from Rogers when I moved into Phase 3 with special offer. It was from a specific rep and you cannot do it directly through Rogers by calling their main number.

I called directly... Got the three month deal

I remember their being a specific contact at Rogers but I couldn't locate the info. I just called Rogers customer service and they honoured the three months free. That seemed to be the only deal... That was available at our site.

Does this mean we cannot

Does this mean we cannot negotiate our plans? Do they offer anything good?

I didn't sign up because the

I didn't sign up because the fabulous offer only applied for full bundle. I initially only used Rogers for basic cable and internet. But who knows, maybe by the time you move, Bell will be available. One thing to note is that satellite dishes are not allowed as per condo rules and I'm all for that. Imagine if we all had dishes installed? How horrid.

Has anyone been contacted yet

Has anyone been contacted yet to pick there samples? Or does anyone know if the samples are ready / when they will be ready? I'm quite anxious to look at them since I want to start getting decorating ideas together.

I purchased a unit in Phase

I purchased a unit in Phase 3. What I did was that I went to the sales office when I found out that they already have the selections even though I have not yet received my notice to come in for selections. That gave me a head start in planning since I was ditching all my old furniture and starting from scratch. I ddin't go ahead to buy any furniture though as I wanted to move in first so that I get the proportions of everything just perfect for each space/room. But since I was able to define the look of the place then it was a breeze thereafter.

Good luck and have fun.

When I checked in for

When I checked in for selection, I didn't talk to anybody since notice was not sent out. It's just getting an idea of what to expect. The builder will likely not vary too much from the existing selection. That's what happened to me in Phase 3. By the time I received my notice and went in to do my selection, there was only 1 item that was no longer part of the set of selections.

That's encouraging! Maybe a

That's encouraging! Maybe a trip back to the Sales office isn't so bad after all! Is the flooring laminate or hardwood? How are you finding the flooring the builder installed? Any issues?

Phase 4 should also be

Phase 4 should also be getting hardwood on main floor, stairs and all other upper floors with carpet. Somebody posted here that the builder agreed to a request not to install the carpet and even got credit for it.

For my Phase 3 unit, I will be removing all carpet to replace with wood flooring. I also chose dark for main floor and very happy with it.

You should contact the

You should contact the builder to not install the carpet so you, A) get a credit for it since you're planning on removing it, and B) don't have the painstaking job of pulling up the carpet, its staples and then disposing of it. I'm going to install my own hardwood so I can put a subfloor (builders usually build right on top of OSB which is chipboard and over time tend to get loose and lift up.) Also, if I have the builder install the hardwood, I'd be hard pressed to find an idential match which would make it look weird. When I did this at my current home, I found I actually saved myself money despite installing a plywood subfloor and high end hardwood. The end result is a beautiful floor, consistent throughout the house that lasts forever with no issues of lifting or loose boards but its not for everyone as the work is quite difficult and time consuming. I just doing like the carpet, especially in high traffic areas like the stairs.

* don't like the carpet

* don't like the carpet

My regret is that I now have

My regret is that I now have to inconvenience myself to remove the carpet upstairs. Should have done it before occupancy. Oh, well ... a weekend inconvenience won't be so bad really.

Phase 2 - Hardwood - No Laminate

In phase 2 (Brownstones on Wallace), the flooring was hardwood in certain rooms and carpet in the rest. No laminate. We have the dark color and it looks great. We are happy with it. I haven't heard many complaints. I know one person had their hardwood replaced but that was due to water damage, not the quality of the flooring. We were told monitoring the humidity is important as it impacts the flooring. The railings for the stairs are also stained to match the hardwood flooring.

I've been in the Sales Office

I've been in the Sales Office and apparently what someone posted about having the design choices for Phase 4 are actually not "official". I was hoping to be preemptive and choose my colour/design scheme but after being told I would have to wait for the "official" letter advising me when they are ready, I was left with no choice but to wait. They were very adamant and quite annoyed that people were coming in to see Phase 4 samples that were referenced in this forum.

Unless someone else has heard otherwise in the last month?

Internet connections

For owners of previous phases, I'm someone who enjoys their bandwidth for Internet and have LAN drops in all the rooms of my existing home. I'm just curious if Rogers connects the modem in one centralized room or one of the bedrooms and if anyone knows if we can get LAN drops either from the builder or Rogers installed (with having them hidden behind the walls instead of running across baseboards). If not I suppose the only solution is a wireless router? Not always the best option when downloading, streaming or gaming :(

Previous phase owner


I live in a previous phase and have Rogers Internet and there are no LAN Drops in each of the rooms. (BTW - Im assuming you mean a wired ethernet connection to various rooms) Rogers connected their equipment to a room of our choice (with a cable outlet). Wired Internet access is available in that room only, but we use wireless for the rest of the unit.

If things have changed I have no idea.

That is very helpful. Thank

That is very helpful. Thank you :) I guess its deciding which room has the best possible signal for all the floors. Where do you have yours (top, middle or main floor?) Do you find any signal strength issues if its on either the top or main floors?

3 Floor Unit

We have a 3 floor unit. I put the router on the middle floor and signal strength is fine throughout the unit. No connectivity problems with my hardware. I heard some people had wireless signal strength issues with the Rogers equipment... but I do not know if this was a common issue or if it was specific to those individual set-ups.

Out of curiosity, at least

Out of curiosity, at least for phase 3 (and possible for 4?)... there's an extra cable sticking out of the wall... is that for an alarm system? Also, there's an extra (covered) electric part above the living room... is that for an extra light? And are any lights fitted for fans?


Extra cable would likely be

Extra cable would likely be for alarm system if your unit does not have it installed yet. and also yes, to the covered round piece on your ceiling on the main floor. There should be 2 in total on the main floor. My unit has one in the living area and another in the kitchen area. The issue will these covered electrical connections in my unit is that they were randomly located in the most awkward spots on the ceiling so we will require an electrican to run the wiring to the centre of each area of the ceiling.

I hope my response is hopeful.

Thanks! Do you know if these

Thanks! Do you know if these are set up for ceiling fans? (The one in my living room is well placed, I think). If this summer is going to be a scorcher, a ceiling fan might be nice...

Ceiling fans can increase the

Ceiling fans can increase the efficiency of your furnace for heat or cold up to 60%! I"ve installed them in all the rooms of my existing home and has really helped with the circulation. Plus, if you get a nice one (check out the DYI stores that always have them on sale) you can really update the decor of your home!

Did you install one on the

Did you install one on the media nook? Unless you have upper unit, then I guess you will not have a media nook?

Out media nook doesn't have

Out media nook doesn't have enough space for the blades, unfortunately (unless we let it hang down really low, which would look silly). Would have been a great spot for it though.

Out = Our

Out = Our

has anyone been called to

has anyone been called to select finishes yet? I was told by my friend who lives in the area that the first two rows are done and now they are building the next two rows. I am just curious to know when the owners of the first two rows are called to make their selection.

I've contacted the Builder to

I've contacted the Builder to make some changes to my house: NO installation of soap dish, towel rack and toilet roll holder and also NO flooring in any of the rooms or stairs as I'm going to install my own so it looks consistent throughout the house (getting a credit on the flooring). What I was told is the final work is going to be done in June and apparently they're on track to deliver for August. So it means we're going to be getting our calls for design choices very soon. The first row of houses didn't take long at all to go up which means there is still room for the next rows of houses before June if they're planning to do them all at once but cannot confirm if this would be the case. Just know that June is the month for final design work and August if the closing. If anyone knows otherwise, please share :)

awesome news that the builder

awesome news that the builder is more accommodating now than in the past!!!

That's good news that the

That's good news that the builder is now accomodating special requests from purchasers unlike in the past.

Nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am an

Nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am an owner of the first building and have not received a call yet. According to the sales office the builder was hoping to be done by June and considering they are built now I thought that may be possible however, if they dont call soon I dont see that happening. Maybe they are trying to get ALL of them built first and then will start the insides? How many rows are there? 5?

Question to all previous

Question to all previous phase owners. Have there been issues with the flat top roofs/rooftop terraces in terms of leaking from rain or snow accumulation? Does snow even accumulate or are the floors heated? and are there proper drainage's installed on the roof?

Phase 2 roof top


I heard that some units in Phase 2 had some leaks due to the flashing used but all were repaired. We did not have that issue. I heard things were redesigned for future phases to improve things. Snow can accumulate but it has not been an issue the last 2 winters, especially this year. The floors are not heated in phase 2 and this is probably the same for the other phases. There is drainage installed under the rooftop patio tiles. Not certain about the other areas but I have not seen any pooling water ... But there are various water overflow spouts for drainage. Hope this answers your questions

I agree. As far as I've been

I agree. As far as I've been told, the Homeowners are given 6 months advance notice to start picking their design specs. If August is the target then we should've already received our letters by now. Even the office is skeptical that the August occupancy is still on track and given their experience with three previous phases, I'm banking on a small extension to get the first units ready for occupancy. I'm okay with an extension because that means less time in limbo as the remaining units get completed.

Good luck to you all Phase 4

Good luck to you all Phase 4 owners. Just hang in there. Tuck in as much as 6 months past the current occupancy date provided by the developer.

You mean a year and half if

You mean a year and half if you consider the original tentative closing date....


In other really happy news the brick seems to be up on the majority of the "first block" of units. I'm stoked! Still not a lot done for the southern most units.

I'm very happy to be moving to this neighbourhood. To add a personal touch I'm going to be in unit 158 with my boyfriend. He is a carpenter and I work with a non-profit. We both are lovers of bbq's. beers, and baking so if you like any of those then come by and make friends :)

To the person wanting to put in a bathroom, good luck in your reno, choosing tiles suck! If you run into problems just know that you have friendly neighbours in 158 with a lot of tools and a lot of experience :) AND. If you ever needed the professional opinion of an outsider than I'm sure my boyfriend would be happy to talk to you over a beer!

I am a unit owner of Phase 3.

I am a unit owner of Phase 3. Looking forward to neighbours who have services we could retain. Keep us posted with your contact info once you move in. Perhaps distribution of flyers or if you want to fully publicize your boyfriend's business contact info right here. Looking forward to it.

This is an excellent

This is an excellent demonstration of comeraderie and neighbourly kindness!!! I hope its infectous :) :) :) Btw, did you happen to see the colour of the brick? Wasn't too fond of the red brick of the previous phase (no offence) and was told the builder didn't like them either and wasn't going to use the same colour. Aggie said they were going to use something more neutral. Also, do you konw if they did both the top and bottom units? Last weekend the top units didn't have windows yet.

I will also be moving in with

I will also be moving in with my boyfriend and we will definitely hang out for a beer!
I drove by on Sunday and the bricks were on both the bottom and top. It is a different colour, it was a light beige. Definitely better than the red. It is much more neutral. It looked like they were on about the second floor of framing for the next south unit. I'm sure they will continue to work quickly as the temperature stays above 0.

That's great news! Brick is

That's great news! Brick is excellent and will stand the test of time and the neutral colour will make it more appealing. I'm glad they've made some needed improvements on Phase 4. I wonder if they'll be on time to close in August 2012 for some of the units. This warm winter has definitely expedited the project where the delays with the emergency roads put it on the back burner.

I must say, I love the attitude of some of these Homeowners. Helpful and informative but most importantly, neighbourly. Really looking forward to starting fresh in a stunning new community :)

Owner 158 from above here!

Owner 158 from above here! Unfortunately he doesn't have his own company (yet) but I'm sure if anyone ever needed a hand he'd help out.

Just a thought, not sure if it is shared or not, but once an owners site is created, perhaps there is an opportunity to create an "owners association". I think having a free and voluntary association can definitely add value to our community. Perhaps this is somewhere where a list of members and their services can be administered, or regular social activities. This idea can be carried as far as necesary, but I just wanted to share what I was thinking.

Brick is great! I think August MIGHT still be pushing it for early occupancy. When I was there last only about third of the front facade was bricked (facing the park). Its not much more than a hunch though.

selling and registraition?

Hi there,

I am a phase 4 owner. I was wondering if anyone knows if we have to wait for the entire project to be done prior to registration? or, is each "row/complex" ok? I believe there are 5-6 rows in total? I need to sell ASAP because I am leaving the country in April 2013. The project was delayed too long and now my plans have changed! I am concerned because the first "row" (me) is to be done by August but, what about the rest? Would sell now if I can find buyer. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Phase 4 owner, I am

Dear Phase 4 owner,
I am looking to buy a unit in Phase 4. You can contact me on my e-mail immediately.

Experience from Past Projects

Based on the previous phases. (1, 2 & 3)..... each phase was registered at one time. Blocks in those phases that were finsihed first, were allowed to occupy sooner..... only after the entire site meets the safety requirements. Those who occupied first will pay the occupany fee longer (Maintenance, Estimated Property Tax & Interest on the outstanding owing on the property). Once everyone moves in and the site passes all city requirements, the complex can be registered. This can be quick (like Phase 3) or it can take longer (like Phase 1 & 2). I would estimate 2 - 8 months.... after the entire site is occupied. Being that phase 4 is bigger than phase 3, I would assume it wouldn't be as quick.
In phase 2 it was possile to sell your unit on assignment..... I personally know many people that bought on assignment in Phase 2......but you MUST go through the builder.... and I believe there will be a fee attached to that. I don't know how much.
If I were you, I would call the builder directly, explain your situtaion and see if there is any way to do an Assignment sale.
Hope this works out for you!

thanks for the info.

thanks for the info.

You cant sell now, there is a

You cant sell now, there is a clause in our contract that my lawyer has pointed out to me that says you cannot sell paper work you have to wait till its done and registered, I am pretty sure registration is done for the whole project, but the best thing to do is to ask the builder or the sales stuff about it. But I am pretty sure its the whole phase that registers at the same time. Also ask your lawyer to review your contract with you and see if there is anything that sells you cannot sell the paper work or what it will cost you to do that

If you gain the builders

If you gain the builders permission first you can. There is a $6000 "fee" associated with assignments. This clause is meant as a deterant but the key is to speak with the builder and see what he says. It has been granted in the past.

Planning to Purchase in Phase 4

I am planning to purchase a unit in phase 4 if some one is willing to sell for some reason. Please you can contact on my e-mail at
I can talk to the builder and pay assignment clause fee and transfer the paper work.

kindly respond,

I am sure the owner will give

I am sure the owner will give the assignment clause once all the units of the phase are sold and you have a ready buyer. you cannot advertise in MLS are in any other form still final registration is done.. Owner will charge for assignment clause.

They have started with brick

They have started with brick on the North West corner of the first row (facing the park). The second row looks like it is ready for walls. Towards the south of the development does not have it's main level concrete walls formed.

It's now clear to see just how large the "park" off the west facing units will be. At it's narrowest looks like 60-70 ft from end of patio to beginning of fence for the railway. Very decent privacy. Those with upper units will have amazing sunsets :)

Property Manager / Condo Board

Has anyone dealt with the Property Manager or Condo Board yet? Just want to know if we have a very proactive PM and supportive/knowledgeable Board. I've been on the Board for my community for 5 years and have really worked at getting a good Corporation together but see others with so many pit falls. The PM/Board could mean the difference in how things get done at a community for fingers crossed that we've got a good thing going.

On Demand Water Heater

Has anyone upgraded their water tank to on demand? Its definitely a space and money saver and these units don't have a lot of storage in the units themselves so would love to make some if possible while saving money at the same time.

Renovated bathroom on top Floor

Hi, I heard people have spoken to the builder about getting a bathroom installed on the top floor (with the roof top terrace). If not from the builder, has anyone tried to make one themselves? I know its a small room but I'd like to have the top floor as my room while renting out the other rooms and don't need a lot of space.

that would be simply great to

that would be simply great to have a bathroom on the top floor, I would pay for the upgrade but I was told that his builder will do absolutely no upgrades and that I shouldnt bother asking but when we go for the selection of the finishes we can put the question forth but as far as I know he doesnt do upgrades

I'm hoping they do SOME

I'm hoping they do SOME requests. At my current house I asked them to give me a credit for the flooring so I can install my own. I'm so very glad I did! I installed my own discounted high end hardwood but also installed a proper subfloor instead of building right on top of the OSB (which the builder does). The difference was a significantly noticeable floor where mine was solid and sound proof. My neighbours who got the hardwood floor installed from the buider had problems a few months later with the boards coming up, almost like an accordian and could be heard between floors. Furthermore, the upgrade from the builder was $15+/sqft but with my added subfloor and paid someone to install high end imported Teak floor, only cost me a mere $11/sqft and was 1000x better than what the builder installed. I'm hoping to do the same here AND also ask for the builder NOT to install any of the bathroom towel racks and soap dish which I keep reading people had wished they didn't have installed. To the builder, these are less things to do in the house so more often than not will fulfill the requests.

As for my bathroom request, I heard someone shelled out $6000 to have one installed but I spoke to a contractor and got a quote for $2500 not including the materials. With the materials and more custom control, it will cost about $4000 all in. Either way, I am DEFINITELY installing one, with or without the builder. A top floor bathroom just makes sense. It will have to have a small footprint but now that I have time, am starting to to plan it out and keeping an eye for the things that go on sale. All I'll have to do when I get my house is to pay someone to install the piping and patch up the wall again.

If the builder doesn't do the

If the builder doesn't do the bathroom for you, I'm guessing you'll need to get permission from the condo board. Just something you might want to look into.

You are right about needing

You are right about needing approval from the Board. Remember, we are not free agents as owners. We all need to comply with the Corporation's rules and by-laws. Read your disclosure statement carefully to fully understand your limitations.

If your unit is anything like the Phase 3 third level, the only washroom space you will be able to create is a size of a phone booth and will likely end up with a walk-in closet size bedroom out of the den.

Breaking concrete floors and walls to bring up the plumbing is a major renovation and I cannot imagine that any board would approve such a thing. You are literally going to be opening up a wall shared with your neighbour behind you.

Restrictions as condo owners are quite tight that even window treatments, being white only, is also spelled out. No satelite dish installed either.

if you manage to have a

if you manage to have a bathroom installed on the top floor keep us posted as I will want to do the same, but I though that they will house the electrical/heating equipment on the top floor. I have asked the builder for a few things, first not to instal the back splash, or tiles as I am not crazy with what was available for phase 3 but they said NO, they have to install everything and I can rip them out after and install what I want, I even told them I don't want credit, just don't instal but the still said no, which doesn't make any sense to me.


The reason the builder doesn't allow upgrades is a) protect their bottom line and b) timeline.

Arguably there are 200 units in this development, give or take. If each person was allowed to change the floors, add a bathroom etc, the project would be slowed a great deal. By not allowing any changes they are able to complete the project much faster than other developers and protect their bottom line. Each change (even just leaving out carpet etc) probably costs them about $500 - $1000 in admin time, on the job site time, set backs due to lack of momentum on the projects, trades time etc. Even leaving items uninstalled causes extra time and this developer has to whip through phase four and get started on Fuse condos.

Understandably people want their units customized, but isn't that the fun of home ownership?

Any special requests is too

Any special requests is too inconvenient for the builder. Assembly line is the name of the game here. Unfortunately, that is how it works and that is part of the package we bought - no upgrades/customizations.

I agree

I agree with you. This builder is not interested in upgrades. Which is odd because other builders I'm aware of offer upgrades.... which can be very profitable for them. I guess this builder has their reasons.

I heard the same thing but

I heard the same thing but then again, I heard some people didn't get some of their floors installed so I guess its a guessing game until they actually let us sit with the design folks. I've already been planning out my bathroom on the top floor and will install one with the smallest but most functional footprint possible since the top floor isn't that large to begin with. Thankfully all the piping is directly underneath the proposed bathroom location which means its knocking down a wall, extending the pipework, patch up the wall, paint and decorate... Bob's your uncle! That means only two bedrooms have to share one bathroom and I can put a privacy door to the roof top patio and keeping the top floor and roof top terrace for myself, leaving the master with its balcony and the main floor with its balcony even as modest sized as they are.

I'm just waiting for the letter from the office so we can finally choose our designs. Then the next level haggling will begin...

The appeal of the in unit

The appeal of the in unit storage will probably do more for your property value in the long run than the addition of a bathroom on the third level.
Also, good luck renting the top floor of a unit that has a sink for a shower.

ALSO. You may want to look in the THOUSANDS of pages of code regarding seperate units, fire barriers between units and emergency exits. I would be surprised if the interior of the units will be built to rental code for the city of Toronto (that is with the idea that two seperate rental units will exist in one condo unit). Personal use and rental code are different. Look into it before you go spending $10,000 plus for the modifications, increases to your home insurance, and tiny bathroom.

Renting out a room wouldn't

Renting out a room wouldn't require any additional privacy doors, etc. It would depend on the type of rental this person requires or anticipates. I've seen many houses that rent out a whole floor as in this proposed project, as small as it may seem or perhaps he's planning to live there as the Landlord in which case, would it really matter? I think making a recommendation to review the code would be wise to check them yourself before telling someone there's thousands of code pertaining to a project that you are not privy to. I'm a contractor and although there are a lot of buidling, electrical, HVAC and plumbing bylaws, there is still plenty that homeowners can do while staying within these codes.

Instead of discouraging or cautioning these people, why don't you encourage them or point them in the right direction? There's far too many jerks on this forum already. Don't need them turning into neighbours.

don't be ridiculous

I hope the other owners are as happy as I am to know you plan to run a group home out of your small condo. Have fun building a privacy door and bathroom on the top floor and keeping the patio all to yourself. Maybe you can tent off the outdoor space and rent it out to another family.
Seriously though, these units are not designed to be used as both a live in and rental situation. You can rent but it's a bit crazy or perhaps cheap to think about what you're planning.
These place already come with two bathrooms - a third is not really necessary under normal circumstances and I hope any board approval would be denied for such a modification.

Hey, why don't you stop being

Hey, why don't you stop being a whistle blower and mind your own business! If its not impacting your home then butt out of people's personal affairs. I think the concensas is in. Behaviour like this will NOT be tolerated on a forum or when we all move into our community so smarten up if you don't already want to make many enemies.

As for the Renovator, there's a lot of information here so just make sure you do your due diligence and perform a comprehensive project plan so jerks like these don't give you a hard time. I saw a very lovely lady in a newer post that has volunteered her husband's expertise (I hope she's told him lol) and these are the people that are going to make your project work and the community better. Gravitate towards these people and ignore jerks like the ones above...

Can we please stop this

Can we please stop this nonsense and concentrate on building a happier community? I think this forum was better when we exchanged information and updates about Phase 4. Kindly leave the criticisms and negative opinions out of it and allow people to ask whatever they want without fearing unnecessary scrutiny.

I don't think you should be

I don't think you should be speaking on behalf of everyone... I certainly don't agree with your comments or your opinions...



WOW, you sound like a

WOW, you sound like a complete d--k! Which unit is yours? I want to make sure our paths never cross. I've lived beside neighbours like you before and hated it which is why I moved. Feel sorry for your neighbours!

I don't believe the Board nor

I don't believe the Board nor the Property Management have any jurisdiction on any renovations done in our homes. Usually, condo corporations are either Freehold which is up to the property line (which means I can put a walkway on my lawn without any additional approvals) or Condo corp which is up to the exterior wall (which means when my roof has to be replaced, the Corporation will replace them.) As far as I know, this is the latter. I think you're mistaken that a Homeowner would need an approval to make any modifications to the inside of their homes. If so, this would be the very first I've ever heard of this, perhaps because its written in the Declaration? Do you know or are you just making an random assumption? The City of Toronto bylaw division would really be that jurisdiction, not the Board nor the Property Manager but more importantly why all the hostility? If someone wants to paint the inside of their houses pink or renovate their kitchen, put a window in a wall, why are so many of you so upset? I'm planning to make a few changes to the inside of my home too but clearly wont share any of them with the likes of the people on this forum. Hopefully you people are much nicer to live beside because from where I sit, you all sound like a bunch of bullies. Stop being so disrespectful! These are going to be your neighbors, either short or long term. Are you really prepared to start arguing with people before you've even met them, over what? What they do in the privacy of their own homes? Maybe we all should just mind our business and let people ask what they want and keep these shallow opinions to yourselves. Geez!

I've been on the Board of

I've been on the Board of Directors of my Coroporation for 6 years now and have never had to approve any home renovations of POTL's. The only incidents that have been an issue are when people tamper with common elements. The Corporation is what people pay condo fees for which are considered common elements. The inside of people's houses is NOT common elements, therefore don't need Board approval. Clearly the person above is knowledgeable about how Corporations work. Some of you might want to investigate and take note before providing inaccurate information. The only caveat is if its outlined in the Declaration but I'm unsure if I would live in a place that a BofD or Property Manager tells me what colour to paint the inside of my house. I agree, add arguments on common elements but leave people's private units to themselves to do what they like. I'm expecting the same respects when I move into my unit and have seen the nightmares of people trying to tell people to run their homes. It gets very nasty making for a very uncomfortable and even untolerable living arrangements. There are laws and rights and these people need to be very careful about infringing on those rights becauseof legal ramifications--be forewarned. Let people do whatever they feel they need to do to get by or to enjoy the luxury of their homes. Where it infringes on Common Elements, you have every right to comment since you've paid into the Corporation and I and I'm sure others will support you but I assure all of you naysayers that I will not tolerate unnecessary witch hunts. I think bringing my experience to this Board would be an asset as it appears there are going to be very many issues with wrong information and disputes about what people can and can't say about common elements. I'm just surprised its started so early before we've even stepped foot on our units. Such a shame.

The third floor is small. The

The third floor is small. The bathroom would need to be extremely tiny. It is ridiculous to add a third bathroom to a two bedroom town house. That top floor isn't considered a bedroom. I don't think that will be approved.

It doesn't make sense that

It doesn't make sense that the board will tell you how to renovate the inside of your home. I can see the board having a saying in what goes on outside the home or keeping a uniform look to the townhouse but not inside. Its sad that people have to rent rooms out and live with the headache of having roommates but that is the reality of our times. Real estate is expensive especially for a single person so renting out rooms will make owning a home easier. Obviously this person is a man because the top floor doesn't have a closet and we all know how many clothes and shoes women small bathroom no closet, only a man can live there...more power to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol you're absolutely

lol you're absolutely correct! I rent out a room in my current home because things just keep getting tighter with our economy but to have my neighbour tell me I can't do that is BS!!! Renting out rooms in our houses is becoming more common place but to scrutinize private renovations or renting of rooms in other peoeple's houses is disgusting. It reminds me of the grumpy old man on the corner that has nothing better to do than bitch and complain. I guess this community will be divided between people who want to enjoy the privacy of their homes and those who feel they need to poke their noses in it. I'm hoping the division will show the majority of people the ones that being left to themselves. It makes for a happier community. Then the grumpy old men or women can steep on their balconies and bitch, complain, gossip, curse for things they have no right or control of but will prove otherwise harmless. Renovate on my brother and do the needful, even if it means renting out a room!!!!

I totally agree with you, it

I totally agree with you, it would be nice to have a two piece bathroom on the third floor but not because it would make it easy to rent rooms out, nice comment about the group home though...LOL

your supporting this fool who

your supporting this fool who made a comment about the Board's approval? he doesn't even know what hes talking about. read the comment about the Board/PM and the kinds of condo corps there are. these types of people turn on you quickly so careful what kind of alliances you think your making. a nosey and misinformed neighbour with anger issues can never be trusted. i wouldnt advocate this kind of behavior cuz their bound to turn on you probably for even watering your plants too long. just let people do what they want and quit encouraging this idiot and don't start infringing on people's rights too. As for the renovation person, it does seem small when looking on the floorplan but i'm a beer drinker and if my bathroom was a few steps away than a whole floor away, it would be a convenience I would all too appreciate. do what you like and dont listen to these idiots. you paid a lot of money for your home they didn't so do with it what you like. dont let anyone try to boss you around with your own home. makes me sick. good luck on your renovation and enjoy your new home like i will and pay these fools no mind.

Thanks for your kind words.

Thanks for your kind words. The best neighbours are the ones that truly mind their own business. We're already a very congested community. I don't want to have to deal with people poking their noses in my personal affairs and start telling me what to do with my own home. You're right, I paid a lot of money for my house and no one else had any investment in my home so they should really mind their own business. Hopefully I get an understanding and pleasant neighbour like you =) I'd rather be sharing a beer than miserable glances and choice words from my neighbours.

Regardless of your

Regardless of your recommendations, I've looked up the city bylaws and everything's kosher. Guess you should prepare yourselves with having a boarding style neighbour! What people do in their homes really is their business and provided the city doesn't have any issues with it, who gives a f-- what nosy neighbours think! lol I really hope those who feel the need to add input on what people do in their own homes stays on this forum because being an SOB can easily go both ways. Don't want to start any unnecessary fueds so early in the game do you? If you don't agree, then turn a blind eye but just so some of you should know, I already know of two units that somehow got a bathroom on the top floor built from the builder. Hence the inquiry. So if you don't like it, then no worries, you don't have to live in it so it would probably be best to try to manage your own home than the homes of other Homeowners...

Can't wait to be your neighbour :)

The design folks you'll meet

The design folks you'll meet only look at the interior design features (Colours, Materials, etc.) not layout. They will give you a form that has all of the options. You'll see samples and you will select the ones you want (Mostly Package based).

You can ask.... but I highly doubt you'll be able to get the builder to add a bathroom. I know a couple of people who were successful in having the builder not install carpet (no credit was provided). Best of luck but I wouldn't get your hopes up on the bathroom.

Does anyone know who to talk

Does anyone know who to talk to about not getting the carpet put in?

When you go to select your

When you go to select your colours you can request it not be installed. You will not get a credit. In regards to other upgrades, I was told that even if they approved upgrades the cost wouldn't be worth it. You would be paying a great deal to have minimal upgrades.

Contact the builder's office

Contact the builder's office or maybe going straight to the trades people working on it. Don't know if that will work. From what I know, the carpets will still likely be installed and you will have to take them out.

Note to all, no upgrades will be entertained by the builder but trying doesn't hurt. Who knows ... your power of persuasion might just work.

Gas Line

In my current house I got Enbridge to run new lines to my gas dryer and gas stove. Has anyone tried to do this with these houses or know if this can be done as an upgrade from the builder?


Just wondering if anyone has received confirmation of when selection will take place? Also, does anyone know if the packages have changed?

I was told before Christmas

I was told before Christmas that they had hired a designer to start on the packages but have not heard about when the selections will start. When we bought in 2009, we were told the packages would likely change because what was shown in the sales office may not be available by the time these houses were ready to be finished.

stopped by the sales office.

stopped by the sales office. The packages are laid out in the old show suite for the Foundry Lofts. They are different than before and looks like there are more options.

Does this mean we can see

Does this mean we can see what all the options will be?

I would go in even before

I would go in even before receiving notice. Just a good way to start narrowning down your choices and perhaps if buying new items for your new home prior to moving, then you have a pretty good idea of the direction of interior design you will take.

I went into the office today

I went into the office today and was informed that the "show room" for the finishings is about 90% done. The office admin employee seemed to think that the notification letters to come in and make out picks had been mailed out. I told her we hadn't received anything yet and she said we should be and if we don't in the next two weeks to give them a call.

Also the first two levels of row 1 (facing the tbc park) already have windows and doors in. Office Admin employee says she heard that the first two rows are on track for August move in and then the others will follow.