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Just letting folks know the

Just letting folks know the parking space has been rented. Thanks.


I see people are looking to upgrade appliances. Just wondering if there were any issues with upgrading them. For example, getting them in and out because of the narrow stairs and challenging corners; did the company you bought them from deliver and install them despite the amount of stairs and if you had to pay extra; were you able to sell your original appliances fairly easily?

Just looking to do an upgrade myself and wondering if there's anything I should consider as I'm currently appliance shopping now. Thanks!


The only thing I've upgraded to so far is the dishwasher, which had a motor failure only months into using it... but, our Bosch is better in every way, so I can't complain. The company we used was able to deliver and take our old dishwasher without any issues. The Good News is that I installed the Bosch myself and didn't run into any issues other than having to get the appropriate fitting from Rona (i.e. there wasn't anything weird under there).

Has anyone sold their

Has anyone sold their original appliances in order to upgrade them? If so, did you have a hard time selling them at all?

For those upgrading their

For those upgrading their appliances and wanting gas instead of electric stove. Check first. For Phase 3, no gas connection and not allowed for insurance purposes.

Good to know! I wanted to

Good to know! I wanted to upgrade my fridge and washer/dryer primarily but have a gas stove now and wanted to see if it was logistically possible. Clearly it may be but cannot do it for insurance purposes so this stove top will have to do.

Do not buy anything unless

Do not buy anything unless you have entered the unit. Bring measuring tape for your PDI and measure the staircase. There were so many furniture from Phase 3 that could not be brought in to the second level through the stairs. For lower units, you will have sliding doors to get your items inside for the first floor. A lot of queen size box springs were discarded.

Thanks. Just out of

Thanks. Just out of curiosity, are the units identical in shape and size of Phase 4 as compared to the previous phases?

Phase 3 only had 2 layout,

Phase 3 only had 2 layout, for upper and lower units. End units were slightly wider, of course. I did check Phase 4 brochure and for the 2 bedroodrooms with media nook, lower units, very comparable to our Phase. Maybe a few inches more or less in various areas. But bear in mind that the floor plan of the nice brochure is just a guideline so the finished product will not have the exactly the same measurement. If you look at your agreement of purchase and sale, the schedule of the floor plan leaves out all the measurements.

I was very careful about buying anything new before occupancy and I am very happy that I planned it that way. Unlike a good number of residents who had to get rid of some of their stuff, all my pieces fit the place perfectly. Measure, measure, measure, measure. Not only if it will fit the place but will it make its way in through doors, staircases, hallway. Consider the height, width, length of each item. I even went as far as holding off on buying when I saw items that were quite substantial in size, took the measurements home, took measurements of where it was going to go and where it was going to pass through the unit and then cleared with the store's "expert" if the furniture would fit through doors, staircase. If they said yes and I had doubts I made a deal that if the furniture does not fit, they need to reimburse me and not charge me for delivery.

Now THAT'S some sound advice!

Now THAT'S some sound advice! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. This will be vital when getting prepared to move in. We sometimes want to be prepared and get everything ready but in the end have wasted time, money and peace of mind for not being thoroughly prepared. I think I'm going to follow the same process, especially with clearing it with the store "experts". Delivery is one thing that I want to pay for given the amount of stairs but if it doesn't fit, I'm almost certain there would be a "restocking fee" and don't want to have to pay double for something I didn't take the time to measure.

Thanks again! This is EXCELLENT information!!!

We are here to help and want

We are here to help and want to make sure that Phase 4 residents will have helping hand from Phase 3 since we didn't get that from residents of other phases. Building a good community and keeping it safe is extending a helping hand to neighbours and being involved. If nobody cares, our investment we will call our homes will not be protected and properly managed and maintained.

Looking forward to your move.

Thank you so much! A lot of

Thank you so much! A lot of anxieties with new moves, especially to such a large community but hopefully there's a lot more comeraderie like you've demonstrated and will pay it forward to the next phase after us :)

Phase 4 parking

Hi all, I'm another Phase 4 owner who is looking for a second parking spot to rent out as we have 2 vehicles. If anyone has a spot to rent out, please contact me at

Just an FYI for those looking

Just an FYI for those looking to rent spots, we were able to purchase another spot a couple of months ago (originally they had told us only one per unit). There may be extra spots left for purchase.

Does anyone have the

Does anyone have the measurements of the fridge in the kitchen? We are looking to upgrade the fridge and I am not sure what the size is. Anyone from phase 3 have the exact measurements of the fridge and/or the space it is in?


From Phase 3 (at least,

From Phase 3 (at least, ours):

Whirlpool, model: W8RXCGFXS, type: 18ATM

Measurements installed: 68" heigh x 28" wide x 31.5" deep (18 cubic feet)

Doing a search on Google for the model number above brings up Whirlpool's official page with more details. There's a tiny bit more space on the left and right of the fridge, but I would assume you'd want that for airflow...

I went on the whirpool

I went on the whirpool website and I am a bit confused... Is the width of the actual fridge 28" or is the fridge 24" with a 28" space between wall and counter???


The fridge is 28". The

The fridge is 28". The actual space (measuring again) is just shy of 33". (I wouldn't recommend a fridge that wide since you need airflow, which unfortunately means most French-door or side-by-side fridges are out I think...).

Thanks so much :)

Thanks so much :)

Four inches on both sides

Four inches on both sides total (2" on each side), about an inch at the top.

1 year Mortgage Pre-approval Rates

Has anyone done a 1 year pre-approval yet? My broker did one for me with National Home for 3.27% but I'm thinking there must be better rates since the big banks are offering 2.99% for 5 years. If you have a broker that has, can you provide your Broker's contact information please?

1 year Mortgage Pre-approval Rates

I've used John Cocomile for my mortgages twice now, and highly recommend him: or

He's a good dude and keeps in touch throughout the year. And all mortgage brokers are a free service.

Moster mortgage is listing

Moster mortgage is listing 3.09 as its 5 year rate but I don't know if they would hold that rate or for how long. Also I don't know what the conditions are.

1 year Mortgage Pre-Approval Rates


I am a mortgage agent with Invis, Canada's largest mortgage brokerage firm. While 5-yr fixed rates are a thing of the past, there are other fantastic options available in the market. Pls be mindful of the fact that the 2.99% rates were fully closed mortgaes, with low amortization & prepayment priviledges as low as 10% p.a. As a broker, I can arrange your mortgage with any one of the 50 lenders we deal with. Most importantly, you DO NOT pay for my services as my services are FREE OF COST to the client. You get more choices, you'll save time, results are faster and I provide knowledgeable advice.

Pls feel free to call me on 416-891-6799 or write to me on

Incidentally, I am currently arranging mortgage for a client who has bought a property on this very development.

Sami Saad,
416.891.6799 (Cell)


I've been hearing a lot of break ins with respect to thefts but I'm just curious if anyone has had any issues with lockers? I'm unsure how large they are but hopefully large enough to store my bikes. What concerns me is that my bikes are extremely expensive and might draw some attention (provided they fit in the lockers to begin with).

I was wondering if lockers also get broken into and if there was anythign people did to prevent it or secure it better?

For Phase 3, nobody has ever

For Phase 3, nobody has ever reported any bikes being stolen, even the ones on the street level. Underground parking seems to be the only target area even with the earlier Phases. If you ask me, these are petty thieves who are not even looking for anything with true value. Why they even bother doing it? I can't comprehend why they do it at all.

I really believe that Davenport Village is a fairly safe complex, this part of the city. I will gladly meet any of Phase 4 residents to provide the true inside scoop of living here once you move in. Share all the good stuff and impart what we have learned as to what owners and residents should have done right away in order to immediately deter the thieves from even getting started entering your underground parking.

I have no regrets buying a unit here and can't wait for Metro and Shoppers to be completed in the near future.

I recently saw an ad of Fuse Phase 2 release as Phase 1 is 85% sold. Let's all hope that Falus starts construction work on Phase 1 pretty soon.

Not to go against what you're

Not to go against what you're saying, but I did have my (low end) bike stolen from the parking garage, though admittedly the lock was pretty useless. I've had my bike above ground for months with no incidences (with a real U-Lock). Now, with security cameras installed, I'm sure it'll get much nicer down there.

Now, having said that, I wouldn't want to have my bikes down in the regular bike lock area considering the dust and dirt that would accumulate on it... the construction sure leaves a lot of dirt down there. I prefer having my bike rained on *shrug*.

Thanks for updating. Just

Thanks for updating. Just out of curiosity, are you a Board Director? Has any Director commented on this forum? It would be useful to hear what residents are raising to their Property Managers and BoDs.

I love the beauty of this neighbourhood and highly anticipating so many new changes like the Metro and banks apparently. What concerns me is the plague of thefts, large or small in the underground parking lot. I'm unsure why its been identified by all phases, yet no phases have found a solution and we're already into Phase 4 with Theives anticipating occupancies for more opportunities to victimize residents.

I have nice things like my bikes, my vehicle my home, etc. but I don't want to live with the fear that something will be vandalized or stolen. It is a Property Management and Condo Corp issue that needs to be seriously addressed. *SMH* that each passing Phase, experiences the exact same criminal symptoms. HOW???????

Contact the police to get the

Contact the police to get the facts straight from them. From what I have heard and seen as a resident of the latest phase, these incidents only occur initially until the residents/corporation put in place a security system. But then the corporation will not exist until final closing which could take several months. My advice, knock on every door of your phase and get everybody to pitch in to hire a security patrol right away to patrol your underground parking ONLY. If each phase starting from yours will do this, the intruders will get the message loud and clear --- Davenport Village is no longer a good place for them to go to.

I wish the residents of the older phases warned us about their initial theft incidents as well. You know, doing the neighbourly thing as I am doing here to all of you Phase 4 owners.

This is actually one of the

This is actually one of the safest neighborhoods in downtown Toronto -- less physical crime and everything. No place is perfectly safe, though -- there will always be bike thefts and car break-ins no matter where you live... that's the concession for living downtown, I guess.

Although I agree that

Although I agree that generally the community is safe, the cavaet is that the underground parking is littered with break ins and vadalism. Although appreciated to build the confidence that we're moving into a great and safe community, it still raises security concerns that the Board and Property Managers cannot overlook with yet another Phase soon to be released with another barrage of thefts for the new Homeowners.

We need to exercise lessons learned and implement proactive monitoring and solutions that actually work instead of pondering on the past and discussing the what if's.

1011 Lansdowne?

Although I have no proof, I have recently been reading about 1011 Lansdowne and am wondering if living so close to that building is part of the break in problem.
I am a phase 4 resident who was very excited to move in (no PDI in sight mind you) but now am concerned about moving myself and two children into a neighbourhood so close to this infamous building, which I knew nothing about until very recently. Thoughts!?


There's been some comments about that building in the past. I moved in last year knowing about its existence and, so far, it's been fine. I generally just avoid that side of the street when I can (and won't set foot in the Coffee Time... why is it always a Coffee Time near buildings like that?). Considering how many good things are nearby and the development that's ongoing, I'm quite sure the building/corner will see some drastic changes in the next few years. Crime is actually pretty low for our neighborhood (believe it or not, but check out the Toronto Police website) so that building may only be a small part of the break-ins/thefts.

I've walked to that corner dozens of times (usually going West towards the Junction mind-you, since I'm no fan of the Galleria) and haven't seen anything that I haven't seen in other parts of Toronto... to be honest, the Bingo hall and nearby coffee shop on St. Clair are far scarier to me (since I've seen some nasty stuff happen there).

Pre Delivery Inspection

For those who are getting a much earlier occupancy than August 2012, can you confirm if you got a letter from Rob about the PDI?

I got a letter last week saying that they would be calling last week to make the appointments but I still haven't heard anything yet and we're getting very close to July 3rd. I've tried contacting him late last week but haven't rec'd a response. Has anyone else managed to get a PDI appointment?

I'm very annoyed at the level

I'm very annoyed at the level of service and communication from this developer. I understand Rob is a one man show but that doesn't give him any excuses to ignore timelines and legitimate concerns from the people who have placed their life savings and more into one of his homes.

For Phase 3, I believe got a

For Phase 3, I believe got a call from them for PDI just a week beforehand.

Getting headaches from the fan...

Seriously, I'm starting to get headaches from the air conditioner fan... it's just TOO loud (and I have it set for 25-26 degrees). I can't imagine it's a good thing for my and my family's hearing, either. Unfortunately, the builder says it's my responsibility (not under warranty/TARION) but says slowing the fan might cause the system to literally freeze. I'm prepared to take that risk since I can't handle the noise, so I've tried to open it up. Sadly, I can't figure out if I can even slow it down by looking at the online manual (Maxair 50).

Can anyone give me any concrete help on doing this? What kind of builder would install a system that might damage my young child's hearing??

I've had an air conditioner maintenance person come and tell me how "weird" the entire system was, as well as a Lenox salesperson tell me that, due to the size of the space, there aren't many other options (except for many ductless air conditioners).

I'm at my wit's end. Can anyone help?

Are you on an upper or lower

Are you on an upper or lower level unit? I'm imagining the upper units will have them on their rooftop patios and the living spaces is on another floor so hopefully this will dampen the noise level but if living on the lower levels, would sit literally outside your window. Can you please clarify?

We're on the lower level.

We're on the lower level. It's not the A/C outside the window that's the problem (I can hardly hear it), it's the forced air fan that sits literally a foot from my dining room table that's loud. When watching TV, our volume level is about 12-14. When the fan goes on, we need to turn it up to 18-20 (or more if it's a quiet movie). In other words, we have to almost double the volume of everything (including ourselves) just to have a normal life. Imagine how frustrating it is to have guests over? It's absolutely embarassing, really.

Hopefully Phase 4 and beyond won't have this problem, but perhaps near-silent ductless systems might not be such a bad option if you can get them done before moving in... or, as suggested by an engineer, have tankless on-demant water heater so you save space under the stairs so a normal (i.e. good) furnace can be installed... My last one was 98% efficient and heated/cooled 2000 square feet of space in minutes... without absolutely no noise (it was also right beside our TV).

(I love how the Maxair website claims "quiet operation" for their forced air system, too. Ha!).

I can't remember who told me

I can't remember who told me but I think our HVAC system is too big/not the proper system to be used for our townes.

I also have a lower unit.

I also have a lower unit. Last year, I came home to a very silent A/C after the sweep of pre-summer maintenance. I was so thrilled of finally being able to fully enjoy the main level of my home. No more deafening sound of the HVAC and it was also quiet when winter came around. The problem with this though is that it comprises the performance. Our downstairs never got nice and toasty but I preferred layering up over having to go through all over again with the HVAC noise. However, when we had a technician checked our HVAC recently for another issue, he told us that he will adjust the fan speed so that the A/C will nicely cool our place. Having turned on the A/C since last month, the noise is truly driving me crazy as well. I will have to re-adjust the fan speed to slow to regain my sanity.

I'll take longer cooling

I'll take longer cooling times for less noise... any idea how to do it? Did yout system ever freeze last year?

(An our heating fan is set at low apparently, yet worked fine for us all winter)

The technician opened a cover

The technician opened a cover and there was a tiny hole to access the control which you will need a screwdriver to turn. While you are turning it, you will immediately hear the fan speed. Keep on turning until the sound level is as you desire. This section is just behind the slot where you have your filter.

I have not re-adjusted though as the technician said that anything lower than his setting is not good when the heat is turned on. We did not have any issues for the entire past winter but my concern is maybe the effect is shortening the lifespan of the HVAC system.

Somebody posted about installing a relay. We should bring this up to the board so that they could send out notices to canvass who would be interested to get theirs done too so that we could benefit from discount pricing.

I adjusted the only knob I

I adjusted the only knob I can find (taking the bloody thing apart in the process), but it's labeled "Heating Fan Control", which obviously didn't do anything to the cooling fan speed. I can't find anything else I can easily modify, other than some wiring that's part of the control unit... there's probably a way to do something with those, but I can't figure it out.

Oh well, this heat wave is done at least...

Wait, so the furnace units

Wait, so the furnace units are NOT your typical furnaces? I'm already getting an on demand water heater installed but maybe I need to be looking into other options at this point in terms of furnace upgrades? Yikes!!!

Does anyone have the link for the Max Air furnace installed in these units? I would like to view them beforehand.

Airmax Maxair 50

Here's the website for the product. They have PDFs for more details on the system, though this form keeps saying that my post is spam if I put two links in for some reason (do a Google search for airmax maxair 50 manual and it should come up as the first link).

Unfortunately, it keeps saying that this post is triggering the spam filter. But, the website is easily in Google under "airmax maxair 50". Maybe this works:

(wow, any link I put comes back saying this is spam... yowzers).

Relay for Controlling Fan Speed in Cooling Mode

Unfortunately, the furnace fan is designed to operate at high speed only when the AC unit is operating.

The AC technicians and the engineer keep on saying to run the system with the fan setting to "On" instead of "Auto" to improve the air circulation in your unit.... But when the thermostate is in cooling mode, you cannot control the fan speed and it defaults to High speed... which will be loud all of the time.

There is one thing you can consider doing to control the fan speed using the knob on the furnace when in cooling mode. At your own expense, you can have a relay installed that will allow you to control the fan speed when the thermostate is in cooling mode. (This will help with air circulation when the fan setting is "ON" and keep the system noise down when the AC unit is NOT running). If your AC unit is running all of the time, this fix will not help you as the fan speed must be on high when the AC unit is running. But if your unit cycles on and off, when it AC unit is off, you can still have cool air circulating at a much quieter fan speed. We did this and it helped make our unit more comfortable.

Probably because it's

Probably because it's midnight, but just checking, does your unit ever go to airplane-cabin levels with the relay? If not, how much is it and where did you go to get it installed?


When the AC unit turns on it

When the AC unit turns on it is still loud as the fan must be at full speed. But when the AC unit turns off, the fan speed drops to the level you want it to.... but it is still circulating cool air.... so it will take longer for the temperature to increase and delay the starting of the AC unit and full speed fan again. I recently had it installed. I don't think it is making my unit colder, but the AC Unit seems to be running less which makes it quieter more often. Luckily I'm in an upper unit so the noise doesn't impact our everyday living spaces. I am considering changing the sliding doors on the mechanical room to something that will provide more sound protection for when we are upstairs in the loft.
It was done by one of the AC technicians (forgot his name) that was sent to our unit to investigate heating & cooling performance. He recommended it to me last year... I happen to see him this year and said I want it done. It cost $220.00 to have the relay installed. He said if a few people get together to have it done at the same time, the cost will be less as the travel time component could be divided up.

Internet Plan Options

The big ol internet discussion.
I've scoured the past threads here and saw members mentioning that we were limited or locked down to Rogers.
I really hope this isn't the case, as I'd like to move with my current Bell plan.
Tried to see if Bell offers their Fibe connection in the area-will need to get an area code and full address first before they can state whether Fibe internet plans are offered.
Current or recent inhabitants, your Internet plans?

The builder has not allowed

The builder has not allowed Bell to provide services at there previous Brownstones sites. Phase 2 has been up and running for approx 1.5 years and Bell is still not able to provide services to the site. It wouldn't surprise me if the builder has some sort of arrangement with Rogers.

I was afraid of that. Thanks

I was afraid of that. Thanks for the input.
Time to evaluate other internet options/carriers.

Once your phase has been

Once your phase has been registered, I think all of the corporations of the various phases should get together to ensure that we collectively can make such a demand. We cannot be made hostage to the developer's exclusive arrangement with Rogers. If we all work together, we should all be able to get Bell in. It's a matter of determining what it is that Bell will need to do in order to set up their connections. With the pending of other phases to be completed, especially the 2 high rise, I would think Bell would welcome working closely with all of us to ensure that we have the freedom to choose their service.

Out of curiosity, is there a

Out of curiosity, is there a reason to want to have Bell so badly? I've had nothing but bad experiences with them in the past, so I don't care whether they're here or not (I'm not using Rogers either, in case you're wondering). What do they bring to the table that other companies do not?

Bell or Rogers.... Is there really a difference

I agree... IMO Bell is not that much different than Rogers. Over the years I have had horrible experiences with both. The only benefit is that it would offer a choice. We are in Phase 2 and Rogers was the only option for home phone, Internet and Cable. Since it was a new development they had a promotion with the first 3 months being free with a 1-year contract. After the first year up, you can call them and get a bunch of discounts to bring down the price with a one year contract. That has been our experience. I'm not sure if anyone in our phase is using any service other than Rogers for Home phone, home internet and cable... I'll post something in that forum to see... And report back here. I'm curious myself.

I'm using Teksavvy for

I'm using Teksavvy for internet, VoIP (Costco) for home phone, and don't feel like spending money on cable (OTA, Apple, Netflix, provider's streams, and DVDs are more than good enough for me, except for HBO... Why can't I just pay for HBO alone?! Argh.).

I guess Teksavy provides the

I guess Teksavy provides the service thru the Rogers infrastructure. At least there is one option to consider for Internet. How many channels have you been able to get OTA (Over The Air - antenna)?

There's also ACANAC and a few

There's also ACANAC and a few other companies, but I always heard good things about TekSavvy (and so far so good). As for OTA, we're facing North, so we only get HD CTV and Rogers (with old school bunny ears). We have a better outdoor antenna, but haven't used it yet for fear of condo board retribution (even though it's not a "satellite dish").

Looks like its going to be

Looks like its going to be Rogers. Currently in Phase 4 and waiting to see what deals Rogers will throw at us.
Thanks for the responses all.

time is getting closer to the

time is getting closer to the first two rows, how exciting!! I hope all works out well, I have a question, I am wondering if anyone has found a contractor to install the hardwood floors, I am a single (not so handy) woman, I asked for instalation of carpet on the stairs but no other carpet or hardwood, I wonder if anyone has done the same as me and if they got prices..etc, I understand the builder is not installing the subflooring either, and I am wondering if any one got prices...etc,

thanks in advance

I have done some research and

I have done some research and was shocked at some of the prices I was getting and some of the reaction. Please note:

  1. I called a call from contractor recommended from Brampton Hardwood, and when I gave him the scenario with the concrete floor and stairs, he said he would call me back after 3 days for a quote and never called me back and never answered my calls again.
  2. Another contractor from Kijiji said that there are some challenges with concrete but gave me a coupole of options. I was floored at the cost he was charging with either a glue down or floating floor approach with new subfloor

After a few attempts I've decided to install the hardwood myself. I've learned enough from speaking with the contractors and my experience with working hardwood that I can do it myself. Clearly working with concrete and hardwood is challenging and few want to pick it up and those that do, want to charge an arm, a leg and my first born to install it.

What would be ideal is if we can get the name of the Contractor installing the hardwood for the builder and see if we could pay him to do ours too. If anyone knows who is installing the hardwood, can you please let us know?

I will also be going in to do my PDI in the next couple of weeks to measure out the house, door heights and stairs to assess just how challenging a DYI job this truly is and will report back.

thanks for the reply, the

thanks for the reply, the builders supplier for the hardwood and installation is Weston Hardwood and they can be reached at 416-746-0016, I am going this coming saturday to their showroom to speak with someone and look at what is available, I figured if I get someone from weston hardwood then they should give me a good price for the hardwood and installation of it, after all they have done all the phases and they know the work involved, I just dont know what to expect in terms of prices, I have an upper and will be installing hardwood on three floors but not in the stairs I am guessing about 20K because they have to instal the subfloor, and stain the spindles to match the floor and probably the baseboards too. Please post your thoughts after you have done your PDI

Thanks for sharing! Maybe

Thanks for sharing! Maybe you can tell them that you have other people interested and maybe we could get a combined deal as I believe you had mentioned in previous posts. Please let us know what happened from your meeting with them and I will advise once I finish my PDI.

so I went to Weston hardwood

so I went to Weston hardwood today, there is a ton of selection!!! but the guy said he cannot do anything or give a firm estimate till I actually have the place. I am sure we could get better pricing if we all got together but we are closing at different time so thats a problem, my tentative date is still august 31st but seriously I dont see it my place is still in cement stage, nothing has been done except the exterior cement so we are all moving in different times how are we going to get this company to do the instalation? anyway if you could visit them too that would be great

Phase 4 parking

Hi there,
Does anyone in phase 4 have an extra parking spot that they are considering renting out? We are looking to rent an extra space as we have 2 cars and only one spot. If so, Please provide your contact info or contact me at


Phase 4 parking

Hi there,
Does anyone in phase 4 have an extra parking spot that they are considering renting out? We are looking to rent an extra space as we have 2 cars and only one spot. If so, Please provide your contact info or contact me at


I do! Let me know how to get

I do! Let me know how to get in touch with you and we can talk :)

nevermind i see you have an

nevermind i see you have an email address! Should have read note more closely.

The builder's made an error

The builder's made an error for the early occupancy date. It has been corrected from July 2 to July 3 because of the Canada Day holiday.

Break ins

Hi there,

My car got broken into last night in the underground parking. Just FYI for people to keep valuables out of their car and to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity or people hanging around the garage. Maybe we should have a neighbourhood watch and have volunteers patrol the garage and area periodically? Toronto Police Services are just around the corner and might be able to send a community police officer to help us get started.

what the f*@$ thats crap. Im

what the f*@$ thats crap. Im moving in auguat bought a place. The security is that low, this isnt the first that i hear of this. Something needs to be done. The bull.

Isn't there a Condo Board?

Isn't there a Condo Board? I'm part of the new units going in in Phase 4 and we apparently have our own Board with our own parking garage. The Homeowners should come together to find a solution at least for our phase since its quite clear that these break ins are happening more frequently. I would not mind spending a few extra dollars a month to have proper security to avoid being victimized in my own home. This is truly unacceptable and surprised the many months I've been reviewing this forum, no Board or Property Manager has done anything effectively to ensure the safety of the residents or their belongings. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!

Unfortunately we all bought

Unfortunately we all bought into a complex where security cameras are not part of the builder's plan. Something to learn especially if you are a first-time home buyer. Ask the right questions to know exactly what you will be getting. Once the phase has been registered (turned over to the owners) and board has been elected, then we can immediately request that installing security cameras to be high priority. If there is no money for this to form part of the first year budget, then we can all look into pooling additional money to pay for the cost of installing. But before cameras are installed, we must immediately hire security guard to patrol the underground parking as this is the only place that gets targetted based on past incidents with the earlier phases. Contact the police station close by to get this information to confirm. As soon as we move in, we must make sure that we communicate with all the residents to get this already started. Obviously the camera installation will have to wait until we actually own our units so its the hiring of the security guard that we must immediately work on.

Agreed. I have a luxury

Agreed. I have a luxury vehicle that I would worry about getting broken into, vandalized or find it on concrete blocks. I am also planning on buying a motorcycle but not getting alot of confidence that this community is taking the necessary steps to secure our property. Just by mere trending alone, its evident there's an ongoing problem. What troubles me is the lack of practive changes to prevent or address these thefts.

Its unfortunate that we have the potential for a gorgeous new home and community with the prospects that our vehicles and maybe even our home or personal safety will be at risk. I hope the new Board finds a viable solution because I and I'm sure others will not hesitate to push for better security!

One of the reasons we sold

One of the reasons we sold our car, unforunately (working a close bike ride away helped too). For some reason, the cars to our left and right were broken into months ago (ours was left alone, maybe since all we had was an umbrella in the back -- no change, GPS, etc.) We really didn't feel like having to deal with broken windows when the car was a nice-to-have for us.

Having said that, we do have rentals and friends/family that use that space, so I would love it if the board did something... a few more police patrols are obviously not helping.

The theft incidents involve

The theft incidents involve taking small and majority hardly of any value. Rule: do not leave anything inside your cars and do not have any GPS holders. Do not leave your auto garage door control inside the cars. Nothing to steal, they will not break into your car and they will not bother coming back and even if they do try to get in, if residents continue to observe not leaving anything, theives will eventually get the picture --- nothing to steal, no need to break in.

I don't believe this to be

I don't believe this to be true. Other people said in earlier posts that they broke in and stole the change from the cup holders. I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have to assess the value of an item in what I pay condo fees to to ensure the security of my property. If I don't feel an old baseball hat or pennies in my cupholder is a reason for a break in, I wont think twice about it but what you're trying to suggest is don't leave ANYTHING, not a car charger, not an old pair of sunglasses, absolutely nothing, valuable or invaluable to avoid a break in. I don't think this is the answer. I SHOULD be able to leave the sweater I like to drive with if I get too cold or my coffee mug or even my coins in my cup holder if I want to. They're not valuable enough to warrant a break in but then again, anything and everything is! The answer is NOT to live in fear and accommodate the theives but rather, find a solution that works!

I have talked to owners of

I have talked to owners of other phases and what I wrote is based on their years of experience living in this area. What I posted is merely what I was told based on their experience living in the Village which I thought I would share here. We bought into a transitional neighbourhood and with that comes all residents working together to deal with these challenges. I contacted the police and they recommended the same thing as this is a pattern of the intruders. Even the Queen found an intruder in her own bedroom years ago. My point is, we could spend an additional 10K every year on 24-7 security foot patrol stationed at each entry/exit point of our underground garage but these intruders will find a way. It's all up to us to not give them any reason to come back.

I apologize if I came across

I apologize if I came across harsh and thank you for doing the background investigating on historical incidents. I am just someone who does not like to be victimized, especially in my home for theft of things that hold little or no value. I think its imperative that Phase 4 or all the Phases come together to find an individual or combined solution. Living in fear of theft or personal security is something I do not want to accommodate the low lifes that access our community. Whatever, however we need to address this would be best solved with everyone's input and contribution.

Yes. I think it is time that

Yes. I think it is time that the entire Village residents work together. We should ask the board and management of each Corporation to have a get together this summer and be able to talk and work together. Great idea.

email sent to Taft Property Management and Brownstones Service


I'm an owner living at XXX-XX Foundry Ave and found my vehicle broken into at approximately 1300 hours on 04jun2012 in spot #XX. There were two other vehicles also that were broken into (that I know of). The time of the occurrence must have been between 0800-1300 hours as I spoke with one of the residents who stated that he arrived in the parking garage at approximately 0800 hours.

I am concerned for the safety of the residents here as well as my own because this is not the first time this has happened. Because of this, I believed that there would be security on site or security cameras installed by now but upon looking around the garage, I did not see any cameras that might have caught the individuals who may have committed this act or any patrol of any kind.

I do have a Toronto Police file number if required.

This is a matter of safety and security of the families who reside here and this is our home. I know that the residents of Davenport Village would appreciate immediate action to resolve this situation in a reasonable manner.

Thank you for your time,


I spoke with another resident who also had his car broken into and he said that he entered the garage at around 8am this morning (monday, jun 4) and so if you were in the garage between 8am to 1pm and saw anyone suspicious or hanging around the entrance or in the visitors parking in their car please let us know. there isn't much we can do at this point except to keep valuables out of our cars so that they won't have anything to steal. I heard somewhere that people even keep the windows down and open all the compartments so that the would-be thieves will move on.

I was down there sometime

I was down there sometime between 9:10 and 9:30 am but didnt notice anything. Someones got balls to break n enter during the morning.

Phase 4 Address?

Does anyone know the mailing address for the Phase 4 units yet?

Trying to organize furniture orders (some take 1-2 months lead time) and don't know what to provide in terms of delivery address.

Developer will be providing

Developer will be providing that info in due course. For Phase 3, I believe we were given this info shortly before occupancy. Contact customer service or sales office.


Phase 4 - 2 Bedroom + den, parking, locker, park view, ground floor. Looking to sell. Move in date July 1st or, Aug 1st. Please forward e-mail address if you would like to speak.

Can you please provide your

Can you please provide your contact info instead of everyone posting their contact info in the forum for you to contact them please?

Selling 2 bedroom +den ,

Selling 2 bedroom +den , parking, locker, unobstructed park view,move in date Aug 1st. If interested please contact :