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there is one other person

there is one other person here whose tentative date has been moved to sept 18, what block is your townhouse in? there is one block that has not even been bricked yet, is that where your place is located? I am in the smallest block the one with the 8 units they have just finished bricking it up but my tentative date remains august 31st have not received anything yet....

I have not received anything

I have not received anything either. I am in the southwest block (closest to the train tracks).

I'm unit 158, the block that

I'm unit 158, the block that still remains to be bricked. I have NOT received ANY form of communication from the builder regarding a tentative occupancy date. I'm wondering when you received your letter regarding August 31st? Even though I know that date will not stick... I mean they haven't bricked yet... makes me nervous that I might be missing these letters some how....

when is your tentative

when is your tentative closing date?

Can't remember what my unit

Can't remember what my unit number is but I think I might be right next to you. I have not received anything either.

Oh hey neighbour! So if the

Oh hey neighbour!
So if the "norm" according to Tarion is 90 days.... that takes us to mid November even if we received notification today.... ??
I just hope to be in before December....

yeah - from my understanding,

yeah - from my understanding, I thought they were supposed to give us 90 days notice before our contract date if there was a change - so we should have been notified two months ago. I thought if there was no notification, the contract date stands but who knows! But I agree, before December would be nice.

The new home warranty says

The new home warranty says that the builder should give 35 days notice if he is delaying by 2 weeks and 60 days if he is delaying longer than 2 weeks, if your tentative closing is august 31st its too late for notice weather its 2 weeks or longer....they just finished bricking mi
ne and my closing is august 31st, if they have not bricked up yours yet, then maybe they will delay to the end of september I think everyone will move in to their units by oct. 1st...Good luck to all of us....

When I purchased I was told

When I purchased I was told October. I haven't had any confirmation of a specific date since about feb. this year. What is the number for the office? I don't mind waiting longer (nov/dec) but what I do worry about is that I have some how missed a letter.

I dont think you missed a

I dont think you missed a letter, when I bought I was told oct 1 2011, then I got a letter (but I don't remember when) that said august 31st 2012 and have not heard since then (besides picking the finishes...)

Based on past experience with

Based on past experience with this builder and the current status of construction (still doing brickwork) I highly doubt everyone will be in by October 1st. I mean.... I hope I'm wrong for your sake. Perhaps the builder finally got their act together????.... Yeah right! seems like they did seems like they did observe the 35 days rule for a 2 weeks delay to sept 18, will they give us a delay on the last minute? isnt that against the rules? this builder scares me..

Dealing with this builder is

Dealing with this builder is hands down one of the top winners of BAD customer service. Having gone through what I did with my unit on Phase 3, I will never want to buy from this builder EVER again. But what goes to my mind is this - I love his wide townhouses, including the ones for the next Phase on Dupont so I will buy these townhouses again as a resale so that I could spare myself to go through all over again all the heartaches this builder puts through his buyers. But resale translates to paying higher than pre-construction. In the end, we all need to weigh what tops our "wants" in home buying. Buy from Falus - be prepared ....

New Townhomes in Davenport Village

Hi Brownstones on the Park and Davenport Village Residents,
There are some new townhomes in Junction Triangle/Davenport Village by Minto! They are called Caledonia Towns on the Park.

I can help you buy a unit if you are interested. Please see my website page for these for more information:

For Brownstones at the Park, as you probably know already, everything is sold out-but a new phase will be launched in 1 to 3 months, and you can also buy those through me. The page is

Give me a call or email me for questions! I work closely with both these builders and should be able to get some discounts/incentives as well.

Rose Meechan
M Sc. Telecommunications Engineering
Real Estate Agent/Sales Representative
Phone: (416) 333 2767

I got a letter which states

I got a letter which states the occupancy date is postponed for September 18... because of shortage material.. Has any one has the same issue

I read somewhere lower in

I read somewhere lower in this column about delaying the tentative date for three weeks due to lack of materials, my tentative date still remains august 31st, I have not heard from the builder regarding a delay, has anyone here received a notice of delay in the past week?


I was just asking the same

I was just asking the same question - we have not given any notice for our current place. We have not heard anything from the builder but would have hoped for something from them informing us of an actual move-in date.

If you are able to, I would

If you are able to, I would recommend you give a 1-month cushion for giving notice. May save you from having to scramble like some previous phase occupants.
We did that... the builder was two weeks late... from the already delay occupancy. Yes, it did cost us an extra month of rent but it gave us piece of mind and a stress free two weeks to actually move into our unit.

I am planning on doing that,

I am planning on doing that, my tentative closing is august 31st and have heard NOTHING from the builder so I am planning on moving in by oct 1st, one way or another I have work to do in the unit once I get it, I didnt take the carpet and hardwood so I need to hire someone to finish the floors and paint, so I am planning on Oct 1st but it would be to have had some kind of communication with this builder...

Yeah you are right but I

Yeah you are right but I hopefully won't have to spend two months extra rent :(
Would rather put it on the mortgage.

Just as an FYI, when you move

Just as an FYI, when you move into the townhouse you will still be paying rent to the builder. You won't be paying into your mortgage until the development is registered and we actually take ownership of the property.

That is correct.... unless

That is correct.... unless they were using the logic that if they were in sooner, the complex would be registered sooner so the occupancy period would be shorter. Maybe they were thinking this?????

The other part to all of this is the term "Rent to the Builder". The occupancy fee is made up of three components: Maintenance Fee, Estimated Property Tax and Interest on the outstanding portion of the money you owe on your unit.

The Interest portion could be considered "Rent to the builder". People would be paying for the other two components anyway if there was not occupancy period.

I know this sucks but that is the way this works for condominiums. The best thing to hope for is a speedy registration process so that you can start building equity asap.

Yes, that is so true. Best

Yes, that is so true. Best of luck to all Phase 4 owners. Phase 3 got registered in less than 4 months since occupancy.

Ones that moved in July were

Ones that moved in July were only told a week before and even when the day came, were delayed for another week, going day to day to hear whether or not we would get our keys.

Be prepared for delays and/or incomplete work. You will not be told until the Builder can tell you, even if it means days before and there may even be last minute changes.

Your Neighbourhood Mortgage Man. :)

Hello. I am so excited to be moving into Phase 4. I got a quick question. Has anybody asked not to install the kitchen back splash and if so, did the builder actually not install it? I requested for them not to install it about 6 months ago, but they said that they cannot guarantee it will not be installed. What is that all about? So weird. lol.

Also, my Occupancy is set for Sept 3rd which lands on the long weekend Monday. Has anyone had any luck requesting an earlier occupancy only because their will be no lawyers working on the weekend Monday?

Now to mortgage business news. :)

Just for people from the Brownstone on the park complexes, Very special low 5 year mortgage rates.

5 year fixed rate at 2.95% with ING held for 120 days or for people who still have to pay for occupancy, I have a
5 year fixed rate at 3.45% with National Bank that can be held for 6 months.

These great rates provided by Richard "The Mortgage Man" Burgos

I was in a unit today where

I was in a unit today where they had not installed the backsplash so I think you are in luck!

Awesome.. Thanks. That was

Awesome.. Thanks. That was probably my place with no backsplash. :)

No offense but who are you

No offense but who are you and what are you doing in other people's homes? Are you with the builder? Just a little concerned because that may have been my home you entered, I have already done my PID and I don't like the idea that anyone can walk in and potentially damage the carpets with dirty shoes ect......just saying.

Spelling mistake correction

Man, I hate it when I do spelling mistakes. I used the wrong "There" :(
If you catch the mistake, sorry. lol

They probably made a mistake

They probably made a mistake with the dates as the July occupants were told they were getting occupancy on Canada Day holiday but was corrected last minute. You may want to contact the office to confirm but expect delays. Apparently early September occupancies have been pushed out...


That kinda sucks. Thanks so much for the reply.

phase 3

My name is Alexandro, I live in phase 3. I am a Sales Representative with Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage
If you are looking to sell or buy a home please feel free to contact me at 647-274-8565 or email me at and I would be glad to assist you.

Alexandro Sclavi
Real Estate Representative
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage
55 St Clair Ave West, Toronto, ON M4V 2Y7
Mobile: 647-274-8565

Thank you

Has everyone already heard

Has everyone already heard about their occupancy date? Our contract stated end of August but we have not heard anything so no clue if things are on time or late. Also if its late, how late? A comment below indicates three weeks but is that for everyone?

Rent to Builder Tax Deductable?

Just wondering if the "rent" to the builder is tax deductable since it doesn't go towards our mortgages? Thanks!

Length of Early Occupancy

Hi All,

I realize there may be different lengths of time for "renting" from the builder but just curious how long the previous phases went from early occupancy to official turnover? Phase 4 seems to be a much larger endeavour and although many of us are moving in in August, it seems ominious to see a final registration by the year's end. Any ideas how long we should expect this process be delayed for? I've already heard that September 1st occupants have been already delayed 3 weeks for "lack of materials" but this only compounds with final registration dates and just want to know how long to expect to "rent" from the builder. Thanks!

In phase 2 people started

In phase 2 people started moving in in September 2010 and finished moving in around Jan 2011ish. The complex registered in June 2011. For phase 2 it took approx 6 months AFTER complex was deemed fully occupied.

I remember Phase 3 being much quicker after being fully occupied. As you mentioned it was a much smaller project and I have to assume all the approvals went smoothly.

Once the site is occupied it really depends on how well the various final inspections go with the city. If there are no issues, things should go relatively quickly. If there are, it may take more time as re-inspections will be required and the city seems to have limited resources..... with a ton of construction going on.

The builder really does not want to delay this process as they do not get paid until the site is registered and people can get their deeds / mortgages / etc. to their properties. The longer it takes the more it costs the builder also.

I hope things go smoothly but I would estimate about 3-6 months after all the units are essentially deemed occupied.

Good Luck!

That was incredibly helpful,

That was incredibly helpful, THANK YOU!

That raises other concerns though as residents moved in at the start of July but are already seeing some delays because of "lack of materials" which from Builder jargon, could really mean anything from legitmately, lack of materials or off their project plan. Either way, this must mean that no matter how much they are planning for a quick turn around for final registration from the city, an undertaking of this size by comparasins of previous phases has me to believe the January/February final registration is simply unrealistic. Such a shame as our "rent" is SOOOOOO expensive with it going no where that would benefit the Homeowners.

Is there anything that might delay or improve the final registration that anyone knows of that the city may deem a correction and reinspection or is it strictly between the Builder and the City of Toronto?

what is the occupancy rate for the lower units? anyone know

thanks in advance for your reply.

Sorry, I meant to imply if

Sorry, I meant to imply if there was anything the HOMEOWNERS could do to improve or delay the process or if its just under the city's discretion based on the quality of the Builder's work?

I believe the sheer size of

I believe the sheer size of phase 4 is the a phase 3 owner we didn't realize how many blocks were actually going up...that in itself is the reason for the delays...we took possession in january and by april we were no longer paying the phantom mortgage...but again, there were only 2 blocks to complete but as was stated in a previous comment, the builder won't get paid until all things are registered and with other projects waiting or on the go, i'm certain he wants to get paid for this one and keep going...hopefully for your sakes that is...

lower patio - water hoses????

I was walking through Phase 3 and it looked like there was no outdoor faucets in the lower patios but I noticed that some units have outdoor hoses. Are you connecting the hose to the washing machine faucet or did you pay to get an outdoor faucet?

Patios are exclusively used

Patios are exclusively used common elements so unit owners cannot make amendments/additions to this area to begin with so we cannot install faucets outdoor. But certainly would make our lives easier cleaning this area, that's for sure.

There are no outdoor faucets

There are no outdoor faucets in our units...many people have connected them either to their washing machine or taps(with an adapter) because the patios are impossible to keep clean...


Am I losing my mind, I can't recall seeing a dishwasher during my PDI...please don't tell me I bought a place without one?

The other phases all had one,

The other phases all had one, though mine died after 4 months... (not sure what Phase 4 owners are getting, but I bought a Bosch that's quieter, faster and better, so I'm not complaining).

Thank you.

Thank you.

Just ask for it...when I did

Just ask for it...when I did my PDI, my washer and dryer had yet to be installed and were in the middle of my dining comes with your suite, someone probably forgot to install it...



City Bylaw

There are many of us suffering from unwanted noise from loud neighbours, new construction, contractors, etc. Please note an excerpt from the City of Toronto Bylaw webpage:

Note: Noise is defined as being unwanted sound which is likely to disturb a resident of the City and is prohibited at all times. However, as a tenant, you are protected under the Tenant Protection Act for reasonable quiet enjoyment of your unit at all times.blockquote>

If you feel your peace and quiet is infringed, it would be best to begin the barrage of complaints that will keep our community quiet for all to enjoy. 7am drilling, early weekend construction, late night partygoers can answer to the City of Toronto. Bylaw Officers by protocol must investigate all complaints and if there are enough of them, fines can ensue.

Know your rights and exercise them instead of complaining on Facebook and forums that go absolutely no where ;)

Unfortunately links may or

Unfortunately links may or may not be flagged as spam so just try to Google "City of Toronto", "Bylaw", "noise" and you should find the proper webpage.

Please note, I did call to verify and apparently the builder is allowed to make noise from 7AM - 7PM except on Sundays and on stat holidays so for some of the construction noise, we will have to live with. However, the noisey neighbours be forwarned. Parties can be disbanded by the police and recurring noise complaints come with hefty Bylaw fines.

Here's to a quiet neighbourhood! *Ching *Ching!

Noise during construction etc.

A lot of the issues raised here about noise expectations, dirt, dust etc. during construction, re-entry etc. are discussed in our contracts. Dig it up and check it out. Unfortunately, we agreed to things in the abstract which in reality are a pain in the you know what.

This is excellent info. I

This is excellent info. I will bring it to our board. Do you have the link where you got it from? We should spread this to all residents.

Just spoke with the

Just spoke with the Supervisor who is the head of the by law officers in the West end. As for the complaints about the noise of the HVAC system, he said it really has little to do with the city if the noise is not coming from the units outside. He suggested contacting our local MPP who would then deal with the Ministry of the Environment if we feel the noise level is too loud inside our units. He also suggested if many of the residents have that same complaint to form a petition to present to the MPP and perhaps Tarion. The only other step he mentioned was hiring an acoustic engineer to take the decibel reading and then produce a report that would be presented to the builder. That of course would take money and litigation. So what do people feel about all it something worth pursuing...

The city person also

The city person also recommended that I speak with the TSSA ( to see what they can do, though I'm not sure if that's appropriate (I'll try calling today just to make sure).

Unless we all sell our houses during colder months (so buyers aren't aware), it would be great to have the noise issue fixed... would the board pay for such a cost?

this is enough declaration to buyers...

this is enough declaration to buyers...

I'm not sure if your inquiry

I'm not sure if your inquiry for the board to pay for such a cost is directed to the earlier phases or phase 4, but if it's directed to phase 4, it should be noted that phase 4 does not have a board yet and will not have a board until the development is registered. I'm also hoping that most people are not looking for the board to start spending money right from the get go before proving that they can be fiscally responsible. Keep in mind the spending habits of the board affects all our maintenance fees. I've had the pleasure of having a very responsible condo board at my current property, but have also heard of very irresponsible condo boards. If a board is unable to keep their finances in order, it impacts those who may choose to sell their property down the road.

I agree entirely with this.

I agree entirely with this. I don't think you want the board involved in accounting for those types of costs. The Phase 3 board operated on a surplus after the first year and going into year 2, there was no increase in maintenance fees. Realistically, there shouldn't be too much of an increase as there are no shared facilities, so you don't want to levy a cost that operates outside of their budget. I would not favor that.

And our surplus also paid for

And our surplus also paid for the security cameras. Quite a bit of a coin to pay without condo fees increased. For Phase 4 owners, remember that the condo fees you will be paying will include incidental expenses such as our phase 3. Before the cameras were installed, we had 7 days a week night security patrol and also our new parking enforcement system for the visitors parking. All these cost money but I think because our board is careful to spend, there is no impact on us for our 2nd year fees. Remember, when you see your monthly condo fees taken out of your bank account, it's not just going to all the monthly upkeep of the property, some funds will be set aside for reserve fund and for these type of incidental expenses.

What are the maintenance fees

What are the maintenance fees in Phase 3 like? I can't understand how my maintenance fees are over $400?!?!?!

The funds for upkeep are

The funds for upkeep are probably smaller in comparison to building a sound reserve fund...i recall a friend telling me how his fees were low in a high rise condo with all of these amenities until the day they were slapped with an assessment and in fact were featured in the Star because someone was taking that money and they had none in the reserve to fund for fixing the pool again, not the best thing to demand money out of the board or for that matter cry foul for the end, you will pay somehow!

What kind visitor parking

What kind visitor parking system is in place at Phase 3 & Phase 4?

Phase 3 is calling in by

Phase 3 is calling in by phone or e-mail to the parking enforcement company hired by the corporation the car info of car being parked by your guest. No parking charge to your guest. There would be monthly fees paid to this company but the board did not announce that it will impact our monthly condo fees right now. So again as posted earlier, not necessarily a good thing when you pay low monthly condo fees because you might be in for a major assessment down the road. Phase 4 cannot have anything in place yet as not yet registered and registration won't happen maybe till next year.



color of the siding...

Hi Everyone, I just want to know if anyone agrees with me or am I the only one who thinks that the color of the aluminium siding on the very top floor is ugly, I went by today to have a look at the progress and I must say I think the color of the siding is horrible, whch is too bad because I love the color of the brick, but why cant they coordinated it and pick a color that matches with the brick either the lighter or the darker brick it doesnt matter, this is really looking like an eyesore....I dont think we are allowed to paint it or change it....bummer!!!!

I completely agree, that

I completely agree, that alluminum cheapens the entire exterior of the building

The price of not asking the

The price of not asking the right questions. Lesson 101 for first time hombuyers. We all need to live and learn for the next buy. I've talked to other individuals who have gone through a series of homebuying through the years and yes, I was one of those first timers who did not ask the right questions. But in the end, we all need to look at the bright side of things, whatever that may be to you personally.

Nothing can be done to common

Nothing can be done to common elements unless 66.6% of the Corporation vote to make any ammendments. Remember, changing anything means we all need to pay for it and sometimes its better just to ignore the hideousness of colour and style choices from the builder.

Friend looking to rent out a unit

A friend of mine is interested in renting out a unit for October/November 2012, preferably top floor.
If anyone is planning on renting out here is his contact info:

Name: Graham Watson

locker storage size

Hi there can anyone tell me. What are the sizes of the lockers/storage space.(dimensions)

Early Occupancy Woes

For those accepting early occupancy, be prepared for disruptions and entry without permission. A handful of us have moved in but contractors are coming in unannounced and wtihout permission to install things and take measurements. From previous houses, I was under the impression that they need to give you 24 hours notice for entry, not just enter as they please.

Also, the contractors had turned off the main water valve so no one was without water for 1 hour without notice. One neighbour was even in the middle of a shower and half shaven when the water went out. After residents contacted the builder, he told us we were suppose to be given notification, which we weren't notified, but then a Contractor came around and apologized and said it was an emergency. Rob Falus never once mentioned that it was an emergency and have seen the basement where there are dedicated water valves for each unit.

For the new occupants, please note: it looks like a construction zone and believe me, our home feels like its in the middle of construction, being half done and prematurely occupied and the 7am drilling on the weekends with unannounced entries and water shut off is becoming too much to handle. For your sakes and ours, if something happens, PLEASE COMPLAIN! For those thinking that you'll let things pass means there's a false representation that everything is ok. It is not and the next few months are going to be one incident after the next, NOT typical of a new construction occupancy. There must be Tarion rules for this behaviour and I am currently looking into the contraventions of the Tarion/builder/tenant laws.

There's a city by-law about

There's a city by-law about construction noise on weekends. 7 a.m. is in violation. Contact the city and complain.

Somehow I suspected this

Somehow I suspected this would happen.
We checked out our unit, scheduled for a August 1st move in.
Simple, a construction zone. Originally we were told an August 31st move in. Which was fine with us. Now it looks like they got ahead of themselves saying we can move in earlier.
Its about a week and a bit to go and I doubt they will get things ready. Hopefully Im wrong.

you aren't wrong, it's August

you aren't wrong, it's August 1st and our ensuite bathroom doesn't even have a vanity and the shower is not finished. They should've just gone with Sept 1st, we shouldn't be paying for this!

FYI - I don't think the

FYI - I don't think the builder cannot force you to move in earlier. I'm certain you must agree to an earlier date if it is offered

This is new construction and it looks like there is a ton of construction still going on. Which is typically a worse experience for those who move into an earlier stage of condo/townhome projects. You get in earlier... but you deal with more of the construction related issues.

The comments I'm seeing are no different than previous phases. For the most part we were given notice about entry to our unit but there were a few occasions where things slipped through the cracks. This is especially a pain if you have an alarm system and you are not home.

For the most part, expect things will likely be a bit bumpy at the beginning but eventually things will get better.

Good Luck

Oddly enough, we didn't pick

Oddly enough, we didn't pick an early move in date.
Our contract states that we have an August 31st move in.
Then all of a sudden a letter from the developer telling us that occupancy will be earlier than stated, August 1st. No option was given to avoid this.
They only mentioned choosing to move in July, but that was it.

Things will not get better I

Things will not get better I am so sorry to say. Once you guys are in, Mr. Falus will sit on everything unless your life and safety or a nice threat to make him legally responsible should something happen for not fixing/completing outstanding items. Not that I am sorry living at Davenport Village. I am just feeling very sorry for myself that Mr. Falus is the developer of this Village.

Maybe the next phase with the highrise will be a different case in terms of speed of completing and occupancy because there's Shoppers and Metro he needs to deliver completed units based on terms of their partnership agreements. But again, once owners of these highrise are in, Mr. Falus will do the same as he did to the other phases.

Your entitled to your opinion

Your entitled to your opinion but for us, things have gotten much better from when we first moved in and we are very happy with our unit and our community.

That being said it wasn't an easy process. All of our issues have been sort out.... but will probably have a couple of items for our two year form.

The key is understanding your rights (not saying you don't) and requesting a conciliation inspection for items the builder does not complete on time... or does not agree to do........ but you feel are under warranty. The Tarion conciliation inspection requires a fee, which scares a lot of people off.......but you are reimbursed if any item on the conciliation list is covered under warranty.

Also.....Customer service is definietly not a strength with this builder.... and I highly doubt this will change for this or other projects.

I am in the 3rd block of

I am in the 3rd block of townhouses. I originally had a Sep 3rd move in date, today i got a letter saying they've pushed it back due to lack of supplies. My new date is September 18th. I know some people in block 1 have moved in, anyone in block 2 moved in yet? I've been reading that people haven't gotten their PDI's until quite late. Anyone in block 3 get their PDI yet? I'm excited to move in but i agree the communication from this builder needs to be worked on.

Any advice on specific things

Any advice on specific things to look for when we go for the PDI???

Check all your finishing

Check all your finishing touches like the caulking, grout in ALL tile worked areas (sloppy and incomplete), how the windows were installed (found they didn't clean up the plastic and mudding found everywhere), verify your electrical work, turn on and off your appliances, veryify if the sound is too loud while you have Mark on site with you, verify that all your hardwood (note and loose, scratched or improperly installed boards as well as transitions from hardwood to tile and carpet) and carpet are installed (MAKE SURE YOU NOTE ALL THE AREAS MISSING UNDER PADDING! We found pockets or holes where the carpet had no underpadding. Very UNprofessional!), verify your appliances, purchase an outlet checker that verifies if outlets are working, including GFI's, check for any stair creaks as they're wood and not made of concrete as previously advised, check to see if your vanity sink plugs up. This has been a noticeable issue since it doesn't appear they do and the builder never knew until the first few PDI's.

My suggestion is that you use up your WHOLE hour checking every last detail. Don't get caught up making small talk with Mark or do any measurements as I think the small talk is used to distract you. He even encourages you to measure which is suspicious. You will notice one hour goes FAST so make good use of it! If you have a partner with you, maybe they can do measurements and verify other deficiencies. GOOD LUCK!!!


I just had my pdi today and I don't think mark was trying to distract me at all. It should not take an entire hour to note deficiencies in the unit. If anything I was happy to have the extra time to take measurements. It was a pleasure dealing with mark.

Really? Try getting those

Really? Try getting those deficiencies addressed because little has been done about major deficiencies and noticed others were missed had I not concentrated on small talk let alone the many small ones but you can ask others who have already had their PDI's done and moved in whether or not they've been addressed. Some are even missing major things like whole vanities, sinks, shower doors, mirrors, carpet, etc. Its great to rush everyone into their units to make them "liveable" but to have to bide your time while they concentrate on getting other people in so they can "rent" off them is frustrating. There was no reason for an early occupancy if they can't be properly functional.

Let's see if you are whistling the same tune come September and state whether or not those deficiencies have been remedied and how "nice" Mark is when you ask when they'll be done ;) For everyone else, you should ask these types of questions, like when do they expect to get these addressed, during your PDI's because they're hard to get answers after the fact, even after a month.

Btw, I should also mention, I

Btw, I should also mention, I too shared the same sentiment about Mark and how I felt he could do no wrong but things change once you get occupancy. The builder/Homeowner dynamic changes quite significantly.

I'll be VERY glad once we get finally registered...

Late Occupancy

Hi everyone. does anyone have any clue on when late occupancy is anticipated to happen?

No clue unfortunately. The

No clue unfortunately. The contract says end of August but we have not received anything regarding dates and the fence is still up so I can't even see what the progress is.

Was your date always the end

Was your date always the end of August? We received a date of occupancy of August 1 and still haven't heard anything about a PDI or moving in.

That's TEN days from now?!?? I think it's a bit ridiculous that we haven't heard anything... Won't some people actually be homeless as of August 1 if they were renting? This Buikder has the worst communication ever!!!

He will offer hoteling for

He will offer hoteling for late occupancies. I would strongly suggest you take him on this offer because the first batch of units were late one week. Some scrambling to find somewhere to stay because of postponing from Aug 3 to Aug 10. It might not be a big deal for the builder but it definitely is for those who have no place to live come the new month.

Occupancy not confirmed

Hey - we have unit in 2nd block and were given August 1st occupancy date. No words from the builder and even our lawyer hasn't received anything. We were managed to get PDI date - so will post my feedback after.
The only person that is sort of helpful is Jenna (the one that assisted you with color selection)... Robert- is the worst customer service person. His assistance is only "what do you want"? like honestly.....??????
You are right - it is ridiculous.. our first condo builder notified us about everything 2 months in advance and PDI was scheduled at least 1.5 month before moving in... Brownstones is nice neighborhood, but management and builder lack communication skills. Is there any rule about time frame of PDI scheduling before occupancy date?? Do they expect us to move couple days after occupancy??

Crazy !!!

So true about Mr. Falus. But

So true about Mr. Falus. But once the hurdle of getting all deficiencies done, I know I will not regret buying in this Village. I bought here because I used to come here all the time to visit my friend but now she sold her unit to accomodate their new baby.

We originally had a September

We originally had a September 2011 date which was changed to end of August 2012. I don't see how they are going to finish in time and haven't heard anything so we have not given any notice at our current place.