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Your lawyer will probably

Your lawyer will probably want to meet with you prior to the 15th but she/he will require information from Brownstone's lawyer before anything can be done. I would make sure your lawyer knows you are due to get keys on the 15th.

Once you and your lawyer have signed off on everything (you give your lawyer the post dated cheques for the "rent" and your proof of insurance) she/he will have it sent over to Brownstone's lawyer for them to approve. You'll be notified by Brownstone's office that you can get your keys post approval.

Your "rent" starts on October 15th (assuming your date holds) regardless of when you decide to move in.

We were only notified of our PDI one week prior to our move in date. I believe we did our PDI on a Thursday and got the keys on the following Tuesday. BUT I had emailed Rob Falus a couple of weeks prior to our move in date to confirm that the date hadn't changed. He replied within 24hours assuring me that I would be contacted for the PDI and that our date remained the same. That gave me peace of mind.

Good luck!

Thank you!! I got in touch

Thank you!! I got in touch with Rob, he confirmed the date so....I am on a roll!! very excited and looking forward to joining the "hood"...

With the park now open and

With the park now open and seeing more and more Phase 4 residents moving in, as a Phase 3 resident, I am excited to see all these. Welcome !

I am a Realtor serving Davenport Village

I live in phase 3 and I am a Sales Representative with Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

GIVE ME A CALL OR EMAIL ME FOR QUESTIONS - I would be glad to assist you.

Cel: 647-274-8565

Alexandro Sclavi

Real Estate Representative

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

55 St Clair Ave West
Toronto, ON
M4V 2Y7

Mobile: 647-274-8565
Tel: 416-921-1112

postal code for insurance

Sorry to post another post regarding postal code, but I contacted my insurance company this evening and in order to obtain insurance, the full address (including a valid postal code) had to be provided. On our occupancy letter, the postal code that was provided was M6H 0A6, and this postal code is not registered on Canada Post’s website. The Homeowner Handbook that we received today at our PDI indicates that our postal code is M6P 3N1, and this postal code only has 351 Wallace Gardens as the address registered to this postal code (I figure that the handbooks for the Wallace townhomes are being reused).
What postal code did other residence use to obtain their insurance, or how did you obtain insurance without a registered postal code?

We had the same trouble. We

We had the same trouble. We went with TD insurance and they just overrode the postal code and put in the existing one for 20 foundry (I think). They issued the policy and said we should change the code once it was registered (which they keep telling us it is although it very clearly is not). Hope this helps. We didn't find the staff from the developer to be at all helpful in this regard, nor did they seem interested in helping figure it out. Good Luck


Anyone hear anything about when the lockers would be available for us? Parking seems to be already available but not lockers. Also, is our "rent" being adjusted since we are not using our lockers yet? Thanks!

Internet Service

Does anyone know which internet provider companies we can use aside from the big three? Does anyone use Distributel?

So Far None

So far these 3 companies monopolized the the industry, so you have no choice but to choose one of them.


Anybody using Teksavvy? If so, how does it compare?

Teksavvy is purchasing

Teksavvy is purchasing wholesale from Rogers so we haven't had any far!

Whirlpool Dryers YWD7500VW

Attention all purchasers and renters in Phase 4!
If you have a Whirlpool dryer, model YWD7500VW, it may have a small defect. On the Timed Dry cycle, there is no heat. I have personally tested 10 different units and every single one has this issue. Appliance Canada and the builder have been informing people that there is no problem with their dryers or that this is "normal operation"; this is not true. I have been in touch with the office of the President of Operations for Whirlpool North America and they are aware of the issue and they are working on replacing the timer units to correct this problem. If you have any questions or concerns about your dryer and this issue, please feel free to let me know and I can pass your dryer´s serial number on to Whirlpool North America. I am in unit 208 at 16 Foundry Ave or

"You never go wrong doing the right thing"

Whirlpool Canada has finally

Whirlpool Canada has finally fixed our dryers! Thanks to those who worked to get it done! We know it wasn´t the builder...

Whirlpool Washer WFC7500VW

Last week I wanted to do the laundry & I was just suprised that my washer machine doesn't work (is dead)
I pressed the pre-wash bottom & the bottom went inside the washer.
Also I didin't have any documents on the washer. Only I took the # from the washer but the Whirlpool's lady told me that a # WFC7500VW is not a serial #. I supposed to have some documents on the closing days (a lady from Whirlpool told me) but I don't have any documents regarding any appliances that they installed in my unit.
Could somebody help me with the solving this problem?

The WFC7500VW is the model

The WFC7500VW is the model number...the serial number is on a little tag taped on the machine; open the door and you should see a few stickers on the door "frame". Call Whirlpool and give them the serial number of the unit and your address. They may ask for the name of the developer; try Lorbeth Developments...that's on the account for Whirlpool for some of our appliances...

Contact the developer.

Contact the developer.


My unit was has since been repaired by Whirlpool Canada. I was informed by the builder to contact Whirlpool directly and at no time was I told that the unit was working properly. I agree and as per your message, the best resolution to this problem is to contact Whirlpool directly to deal with it since they are obviously aware of the problem.

Your dryer cannot have been

Your dryer cannot have been repaired yet as the part needed to correct the problem does not exist yet...

Then we must not have had the

Then we must not have had the same problem.

BBQ Propane Hook up

I heard contractors are charging outrages $$$ to get the propane hook up for the patio.
If we can do a group rate; maybe we can get a discount.

Just want to gauge interest if any.
OR if anybody found a cheap contractor..please do share! THANKS!

Natural Gas BBQ

What rates were you quoted? And for what?
In Phase 2 - Upper Units had a licensed gas fitter COMPLETE the installation for our BBQ's. In our case and other upper units, the builder installed the Gas line to the patio. Gas lines were not installed for lower units (I do not know why). There was an exposed and capped gas pipe on our roof-top patios. We didn't expect there to be one so that was a great surprise during our PDI. The gas fitter had to install a shut-off valve to the exterior gas pipe (for code) and then attach and test the flexible gas line to the BBQ.
Cost was $125.00 last year. $25.00 of that that amount was a transportation charge.

I like to know if any of the

I like to know if any of the readers here were suppose to move take possession on August 31st and what has that date postponed to? also how much notice did you have? A second question: has anyone here hired a home inspector to help them do their PDI? I am thinking of hiring some one from holmes on homes considering how many issues I am reading about here, I am a single woman with noone to help me if i run into trouble or if I need help to fix things in the townhouse so should I hire a home isnpector?....thank you in advance..

Home inspectors are great for

Home inspectors are great for resales. You are protected under Tarion. Why Waste your money?

I wouldnt consider a home

I wouldnt consider a home inspector for new construction is not a waste of money.... Especially a new construction homeowner is not aware of construction processes / codes and they have concerns about the quality of construction of their new home. Based on some of the posts on this forum, some people do. In these cases the few hundred dollar investment would be well worth it.

Yes, we have Tarion as a warranty, but they will only investigate identified warranty issues that are reported. If a deficiency is missed by a new home owner and never reported on the warranty forms within the various timeframes, it will become the responsibility of the homeowner to fix.

In our case, our home inspector was able to identify various air leaks behind the walls (via infra-red scan) which the builder had to resolve under warranty. It would have cost us a few thousand dollars to complete the repairs had this not be identified. There were other items too. Our few hundred dollar investment paid off big time.

Absolutely agree. A home

Absolutely agree. A home inspector would be an exceptional investment, particularly with this builder. The most common excuse from this builder is "there's nothing we can do about that". Having a home inspector investigate the issues and show you, the owner, where the real deficiencies and problems are can save you (and the condo board) thousands in the long run as well as allowing you to get those items covered under the Tarion warranty. If you don't put those items on your deficiency list and force the builder to fix them, nothing will ever be done about them. You cannot rely on the Tarion warranty to cover you for anything unless you know what is incorrect and a home inspector can definitely help with that. For my part, I will be having a home inspector spend a few hours in my new unit before the year end form is due. Should have done it for the 30 day as well but hindsight is 20/20... Maybe we can get a group rate from a good inspector?

I'm for that. Can someone

I'm for that. Can someone recommend a good/thorough home inspector? Having a common building inspector will also help with commonly seen problems from this particular Developer and will make his job easier, which hopefully equates to a better group rate.

We used John from "AA Elite

We used John from "AA Elite Home Inspection". He was awesome and I would recommend their services. Just google the company name for contact info.

I checked out the website for

I checked out the website for HOLMES ON HOMES, they have their rates posted, I was thinking these are the people I will go with...any opinions?

when did you use the

when did you use the inspector at PDI, 30 days or one year? when do you think is the best time to use an inspector? if I miss something at PDI and use an inspector at 30 days and he finds additional problems can I still request that they are fixed?

We used a home inspector for

We used a home inspector for the 30 day warranty form. The PDI does not provide enough time to do a thurough inspection of your unit.
If you use an inspector for the 30 day form and they find additional deficiencies, those deficiencies should be fixed within Tarion dictated timeframes (i.e. 4 months) as long as you put them on the warranty form.
If any items on your PDI are not resolved during the first 30 days of occupancy, add them to the 30 days warranty form.

thank you ...great advice!!

thank you ...great advice!!

Because they are specialist

Because they are specialist in this area.

Put it this way, as an untrained person, who doesn't know what is and what isn't covered by Tarion, would miss so much and look at the wrong things; however, the few hundred dollars you spend on an inspector, might save you thousands if you were able to point them out to the builder and leverage the Tarion warranty that the builder would need to repair the listed deficiencies instead of shelling out the thousands of dollars out of pocket for something one would miss because they were not knowledgeable only to be told after the fact by someone who was in the know.

Makes ya feel a lot more comfortable knowing the things that can only be addressed at the PDI time are in fact addressed, noted and sent to Tarion, ESPECIALLY in a build with a history so many deficiencies. A building inspector that costs a few hundred dollars would give you the insurance and peace of mind that your HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND dollar investment is deficiency free and the onus would be on the builder not YOU to fix.

Just my two cents. I wished I had followed through on the Inspector. I said no after mulling over it but hindsight is indeed 20/20 because now I can't fix some things because it was missed on the PDI and missed things on my 30 day and now have to wait until my 1 year OR shell out hundreds of dollars to fix all of the deficiencies myself :(

Our original date was Sept

Our original date was Sept 3rd but we were notified in July that it was changing to Sept 18th. That date has held. We have a PDI scheduled for this week.

are you in the smallest

are you in the smallest block? the one with the 8 units? we..sixteen if you count upper and lower

No, our unit is not in the

No, our unit is not in the smallest block, it's in the middle.

ok thanks, I guess he has

ok thanks, I guess he has your block taking possesion on the 18, the smallest block on oct. 15 and the last block the most western block close to the track on oct. 30, so it seems, I am just trying to figure out weather there will be another delay or not....Please if you dont mind, post here how your PDI went and any advice you have for those of us who are still waiting...


I happened to drive near the

I happened to drive near the site the other day and noticed that what looks like the most southern block is still not even bricked yet. For them to get the exterior and interior done by October 30th seems like a long shot ... IMO... based on past performance by this builder.
Hopefully other residents who have already moved in can shed some light to how "quickly" the construction of the unfinshed blocks seems to be going.
It took about 4 months to get everyone moved into our phase (Brownstones on Wallace).. But all the exterior work was done on all the 7 blocks before people started to take occupancy. They were just working on the interiors. At your site, people are taking occupancy while blocks are still being built. I hope I'm wrong but I suspect it will take longer for your site to occupy.

I was there yesterday and all

I was there yesterday and all blocks are now bricked.

I am in one of the units

I am in one of the units slated to occupy on October 30th. I actually walked through my unit on Monday (I know, I know... I'm not supposed to but seriously it's just so easy to walk in there around 6PM). My unit has roughed in plumbing and HVAC and electrical are underway as well. Once the this is done, drywalling a single unit for a team of a few shouldn't take longer than two days (it seems crazy, but it's not). Kitchens can be installed in a day (so long as no major f*ck ups happen). Interiors are the quickest part of a build, and anyone with minor construction experience knows this.
The glarring issue I see is the concrete form work that needs to happen on the lower units patios and upper unit's entrance way. For 16 units this can take up some time. Additionally there will be inspections slated inbetween all this.

We should know in a matter of days if the occupancy will be pushed back for this block near the tracks. I say it's 50/50 at this point. Depends on how the weather holds up and how motivated these trades people are (in my unit there was incorrect math done on a piece of dry wall figuring out what the lease payments would be for a 2012 Mazda... this was pretty hilarious to me).

How did you get past

How did you get past security? I can't get into my unit. I tried to get in but the site supervisor stopped me. He was pretty tough, he told me I wasn't allowed to be there yet since it's still under construction and he said he'd have security call the cops if I was caught trespassing again.

We're in the last block too

We're in the last block too so that's good news. We drove by on Sunday and things look good (although we didn't go in). We will probably check in again before the end of the month (before we give notice on our apartment).

I just hope they don't rush

I just hope they don't rush things just to complete them as they have with the earlier units. I'm hoping Rob has realized the err of his ways and is doing another once over before handing over the keys because I bet he's wasting critical man hours doing patch up work that the original contractors were suppose to do.

The PDI inspection went well.

The PDI inspection went well. The unit looked great and we were very pleased. Everything was in place right down to the bathroom mirrors. The only thing missing was the screens for the windows. We had about 30 items on the list, nothing major and the majority of them were cosmetic, hopefully nothing a 2nd coat of paint won’t fix (not that I expect that to happen before our move in date).

Mark was friendly and helpful; I didn't feel like he was trying to dupe us. At the end of the inspection we compared lists and he even listed a couple of things I had missed. Now I realize it's only a 1h inspection and things are sure to come up once we move in but that's be expected with such a small window to look at the unit.

Like other people here have posted all I can say is go prepared. Be ready to inspect. We had a checklist of items to look out for, we brought a flashlight, something to plug into all the outlets, a level, tested all the water, flushed toilers etc. etc. We weren't focused on taking measurements or planning out our decor for the space.

Best of luck!

I'm from a previous phase and

I'm from a previous phase and our experience was exactly as you described. We were not pressued during our PDI and Mark started identifying issues before we arrived. The PDI items that were not completed before we moved in or within our first 30 days were added to the 30 Day form.

From there due to Tarion guidlines, the builder has 4 months to deal with the warranted issues on the 30 day form. The more inconvenient items got dealt with first in some cases with a little persistance from us. We were on good terms with the builders trades and they often went out of their way to help us out on some items. Towards the end of the 4 months the builder had small crews deployed to units with a list of outstanding 30 day warranty items that have not been resolved.

Items on our 1 year forms were dealt with within the Tarion guidelines. Our two year form is due in a few months and we have noticed anything we need to put on it yet.... Fingers crossed!

We have gone through the same things you are starting to go through. It wasnt the simplist process and chances are there will be bumps along the way... but eventually you will get through it and hopefully to your satisfaction.... At least to code. We are very satisfied with our unit and happy we purchased.

Our community is great, we have met some fantastic new friends and we have no plans on moving elsewhere in the near future. The other bonus........ the value of our upper unit has increased substantially from the orginal purchase price.

My advice... Know your rights, be patient..... BUT persistent and try to be on good terms with the trades that you will need to deal with.

Good Luck!

Best to get a home inspector

Best to get a home inspector for the first year Tarion warranty submission. Not only will you have all the time in the world to inspect and go over every inch of the unit with a home inspector but also, having lived in the unit, you would have better observation of various things you would not be able to capture during PDI. You could then also bring this up with the home inspector and they could look into these concerns more closely. For PDI, do on your own.

thank you, I like that idea,

thank you, I like that idea, I just thought that the inital (PDI) Inspection was the most important, but I like the sound of your advice, so I will follow your advice, thanks

The PDI is important but it

The PDI is important but it is not enough time to do a thurough inspection. The key is to catch whatever you can so that it cannot be argued that something was damaged by you while or after you moved in.

Our date was August 31st and

Our date was August 31st and last month we were given notice that the new date is Oct 30 so more than 2 months notice. However considering the state of the last block, I'm not sure if it will be ready by the end of October.

my date has been changed from

my date has been changed from August 31st to Oct 15, I got two weeks notice for the change, I had to phone the office and ask to confirm my move in date only then I was told of the delay. That is just inconsiderate...I am really not sure that they will be finished by Oct. 15, I see other people here have their closing on Oct. 30, besides the people that moved in end of july or august 1st, has anyone else moved in since then?

Home Inspector

I do not think a home inspector would have enough time to do a thurough inspection during to aloted PDI timeframe... But if you use them after the PDI that should be fine. Will the builder allow one during the PDI?

Best thing to do to is contact some and get their feedback on when it would be best for them to inspect your unit. If you are concerned, which it sounds like you are.... I would highly recommend you get a home inspection completed. IMO... Money well spent

For people who don't know

For people who don't know what areas to check or what may even be cause for concern, I'd say getting a building inspector would do a great deal of service. One hour may not be a long time but if you don't know what to look for then you've already wasted 60 minutes checking to see if the walls are even--much bigger issues to be wary of. Do some research either way and get in the know before you start performing your own PDI as the PDI guy will not advise you even if/when he sees something and based on past posts, may even hide them.

That wasn't my experience at

That wasn't my experience at all at the PDI inspection.
The guy doing my inspection was Mark and he acknowledged where I found deficiencies and even pointed a few out himself.

My advice is have everything written down - even if you're not sure it's a warranty item. Have it written down now and you can have Tarion decide whether or not the builder needs to fix it. There should be no reason they refuse to write items down on your PDI form, and if they do refuse, you always have the right not to sign it.

Phase 3

My name is Alexandro. I live in phase 3 and I am a Sales Representative with Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage
If you are looking to sell or buy please feel free to contact me at 647-274-8565 or email me at

I would be glad to assist you.

Alexandro Sclavi

Real Estate Representative

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

55 St Clair Ave West
Toronto, ON
M4V 2Y7

Mobile: 647-274-8565
Tel: 416-921-1112

Random Question

Does anybody know how we are supposed to hook up our BBQs? I've been told that the builder will not install the connection from the natural gas line to the BBQ on the rooftop patio. I've called around to HVAC contractors who will not come out to deal with something so small. I just want to grill!!! Did anybody else out there feel my pain and figure out a solution?

Phase 1 & 2 - builder installed BBQ Gas lines

Just an FYI - phase 1 and 2 had BBQ gas lines installed by the builder for the upper level units only. I beleive this applied to Phase 3. Is this not the case for phase 4 Upper units?

Connecting your BBQ is your

Connecting your BBQ is your responsibility, not the developer's. For insurance purposes, use a qualified technician to do so. If anything happens due to incorrect hook up, you will be personally responsible for any damages.

I can't remember, is there

I can't remember, is there already a shut off valve? If so, I don't think you'll need a gas fitter to make the connection. I connected mine at home myself; however, if there isn't a shut off valve then you may want to contact Enbridge for a gas hookup as you'll need a licensed Gas Fitter.

Shutoff valve should be

Shutoff valve should be installed inside (inside mechanical room) unit has one but that doesn't mean others will have it...

The gas fitter that installed

The gas fitter that installed our gas line for our BBQ said code requires "at a minimum" that the shut-off valve be installed outside.... not just inside the unit.

This makes me nervous...

I'm shopping in the area for townhouses and condos - how are people finding maintenance? The fees are quite high at the Brownstones, and I'm hesitant to purchase

I just remarked to other

I just remarked to other residents how I find this forum so negative. Yes, there are issues. But that comes with most new developments. Having said that, the area is definitely on the rise, our neighbors are awesome and I don't think you get a better lay out of a town home in the city. Every place goes through it's own growing pains. Rome wasn't built in a day, but we've never regretted buying here and certainly the future looks bright. Get in now while you can. Once the future development happens, you'll be hard pressed to get in. And maintenance is very very reasonable. I don't think the fees exceed $320 and that's for an upper unit at almost 1100 sq feet.

I have a friend who bought a

I have a friend who bought a unit from Phase 2 but sold last year because of her growing family. She recently sold her house in the burbs and for now, she wants to just rent and her first pick is going back to live at Davenport Village. I think that says volumes. The stories posted here may be scary but once deficiencies for first owners of the units have been corrected, either by developer or by themselves down the road, I think in the end buying here would be a smart move. The area will only get better.

I agree, i have been in

I agree, i have been in davenport village since phase one and love it. As well I recommended to other friends to purchase here which they both have in phase 4.

As well I have another friend that sold their phase 1 unit about 2 years ago to buy a house in the burbs as well. Guess what, they just sold there house too and moved back to Davenport Village.

New construction can be a pain, but that's every new construction. No one should expect a perfect house on day one, there will always be something that needs to be fixed. I'm sure you would have the same frustration if you bought a resale home and decided to renovate the house. It's not easy living through a renovation either. I've been through that as well.

This area is great.

I agree but this developer

I agree but this developer needs a push and a shove to get things done. Phase 3 and 4 residents seem like they're enduring and have endured about enough growing pains. We have to remember, people are expected to actually live in their units while accommodating whatever deficiencies are left in their units. I've lived in new developments many times before but these complaints are definitely unique and unnecessary for people to endure. I believe the one Poster hit it on the nose in that the negativity will be easily corrected once the developer starts taking ownership of these issues and addresses them accordingly. Only then will we see a turn to the positive so allow the mood of this blog to speak as it may. Although you are correct, great potential here but does everyone have to live in purgatory until that time? I don't think people should have moved in if they're in the state that they was mentioned and then demanded to pay rent to the builder with a long time to registration. That amongst some of the other surprising things I've read are quite shady but glad its been exposed.

Even with the issues we have

Even with the issues we have in our phase 3 unit (HVAC being loud, improper building of the outside stairs/water proofing, etc.) I still love the area and wouldn't move if I didn't have to for work. I've had no "major" issues other than perhaps the HVAC issue, so don't regret buying here. I've never had a problem with Falus directly, though getting hold of the contractors can be a pain the a#$.

Comparatively cheap

The cost is about $0.24 per square foot.
In other condo situations, it's usually closer to 40 or 50 cents.

I think it's good value for what you get (ie. I don't have to worry about major repairs to the outside of my unit, your home insurance is lower, and the lawn is groomed!).

Hire a home inspector

I highly recommend that people hire a reputable home inspector to assist with all of this (mostly for 30 day Form). This would apply to both new and resale properties. A few hundred dollar investment can go a long way in saving you thousands and headaches. In our case we got a report from the inspector, sent it to the builder and all the items were repaired. Many deficiencies.... without their expert knowledge... Would have been missed by us

The builder will not go out their way to find deficiencies. You need to find them and report them.

Good Luck

Builder and Tarion do not

Builder and Tarion do not care about home inspectors. They do not accept any document other than their own approved form for the warranty claim. Having said this a presence of the home inspector for PDI and 1 year warranty is extremely important for homeowner's personal education.

The documentation we provided

The documentation we provided to the builder from our home inspector was reviewed by the builder and it was used to resolve deficiencies. But it doesn't replace the Tarion warranty forms... If you get a home inspector, anything they find you will still need to put it on the warranty forms.

Deferred Mail

WHAT A PAIN IN THE ARSE!!! So we get notices from the builder that our mail is deferred to another location at 66 Ray St. but surprise surprise, WRONG INFORMATION YET AGAIN! On our forms they put that the hours of operation are 8am - 5:45pm. Seriously? They're sending this information to everyone but the postal station is actually closed at 4pm? This builder needs to give the CORRECT information to sustain some credibility. So the only way to pick up our mail now is to take a day off for those 9-5ers? Man, install and register the mailboxes already or defer them where we can pick it up before or after work!!!

General information


There seems to much misinformation on this site regarding your units from, caulking of windows, to air filters etc.

I would like to make it clear caulking of interior windows and sliding doors is not required. The windows and doors are caulked on the exterior. What is not visible on the inside of your unit is the vapor barrier that is caulked to the studs an around the windows behind the drywall, hence there is no caulking required between finished drywall and window frame on the interior. Should you require further information you can contact me and I will be happy to explain in further detail.

With respect to shoddy workmanship please understand that it takes many trades to complete the work in your unit. Sometimes there are deficiencies or workmanship issues and that is why there is a PDI, 30 Day Form and Year End form. So that we may address these issues. Most of the items are purely cosmetic and have no adverse affect on the unit. We ask that you exercise patience as we work to complete these items. Legitimate items will be dealt with.

As for air filters, these are not poor quality. These are the filters designed for the high velocity systems. Installing a HEPA filter or other finer filter will result in less air flow traveling through the system and could cause damage and ice build up etc. This would not be covered under your warranty. These systems require large volumes of air to function properly. We recommend changing your filter every 3 months.

Mail delivery. Mailboxes were delivered to us on Tuesday. They will be installed as soon as possible after the mail delivery location has been finished. The information regarding interim mail pickup was provided by senior personnel at Canada Post. I apologize if this information is incorrect and will look into it tomorrow and try to get further information as to correct pick up times and location.

Last but not least I strongly suggest you vet your postings as you are only affecting your own property values. You are clearly posting information that is not correct. Should you wish to get the facts I am available at 416-483-1066 ext.108 or via email at

I just read Rob Falus' note

I just read Rob Falus' note again and it says that the mailboxes got delivered on September 3rd. How long does it take to prepare the mail delivery location? I need my mail and the Postal Workers at the Post Office are working our Phase 4 mail delivery out of a plastic box. It always seems to be a lose/lose situation. Thank goodness the park was finally opened. I guess there has been some improvements but daily mail delivery should be considered a high priority, especially if the boxes have been on site already for a month!

Thanks Rob but that doesn't

Thanks Rob but that doesn't speak to why no one's bathrooms (sinks, bathtubs, showers) are not caulked. Black mold is a health hazard and with no caulking, you are only preparing a breeding ground for it. By the time you're gone, it will be festering and we will have to wonder why we and our children and pets have respiratory problems. I also spoke to Canada Post this afternoon quite coincidentally from two different locations, escalated calls and no one could understand where the hours, nor the postal codes were provided. Perhaps you could provide the name of the Sr. Supervisor you spoke with so we can come to know what our exact postal codes are because no one could find it in their databases and I've been provided THREE from your office now for my own unit. Perhaps you can expedite the installation of our mailboxes.

As I understand our property values are at stake here but vocalizing the poor quality of work in this Brownstones populated audience doesn't devalue our properties as much as the poor work and craftsmanship itself, lack of addressing issues/deficiencies, attempting to hide, cover up and dismiss our concerns and deficiencies and leaving outstanding issues IS in fact the reason why our property values will depreciate in value, not pointing it out to those with an invested interest. Its not being publicized in newspapers and magazines so I think we're still in a good position to improve our property values.

You provide your name and contact number and now evident that you have been viewing our posts; HOWEVER when we attempt to contact you directly or your office, you provide the utmost worst customer service, using patronizing and demeaning conversation, actually yelling at us?? which results in little resolution or absolute refusal to address some or all of our issues. I'm glad you review our posts because I think everyone should also enlighten the readers about what its like to get things done and the time in gets things completed if any. I've heard horror stories from early units that have only finally gotten completed items in their units this past September--two full months with major things missing from their incomplete homes, but still face many of their deficiencies unaddressed. Not insignificant like broken trim but broken or missing appliances, incomplete bathrooms, substandard/cheap substitutes on top of the significant delays associated with addressing these items.

If you truly want to be a proactive Developer, then provide us with decent work, proper customer service, ample notice of delays or when your contractors are coming on site to repair items, a clean construction site suitable for habitation for adult, children and pets, secure our underground/vehicles by locking the doors and giving your contractors keys, provide us with dates and if you extend passed them, then let us know with new dates, don't rush units if they're not complete and then force people to move in so you can charge us rent, and if you are asking for people to approach you with their issues, then provide us with a plan, date and solution. You've read these posts. There's a lot of substantial complaints here that has been brought to your attention and it has gone no where but is fully warrantable by Tarion. Like the hot water tank issue that Tony, Site Supervisor vehemently argued was installed properly but after the Service Technician for the tanks reviewed them in detail, advised you they were installed incorrectly and was left to correct, each and every unit's hot water tank despite his arguments. This is a testament to how things get resolved--until you are told you need to address a situation by someone other than the Homeowner, you will actually do it in a timely fashion. For the things you are able to, despite it being a health or safety issue, you will take your time no matter how large or small or how it adversely affects the Homeowners. So people are left to pay to have their laundry done offsite, pay for monthly storage when storage was already purchased here in an underground where we are already given access to parking, inconvenienced by 7am knocks every one of our doors to find out who parked in the wrong spot, your PDI Contractor hiding broken tiles and cracked granite with his boots and paperwork and refusing to put things on people's PDI's and the list goes on and on and on...

If you wonder why everyone's so frustrated, THAT is why. You attempt to come across so understanding and forthcoming but when it is brought to your attention, we don't have them addressed. So at the end of the day, how exactly do you expect anyone to be happy with their rushed/incomplete/deficiency ridden units? If they're not ready, then don't have people move in period its as simple as that. Some people may dismiss their deficiencies but that's partially because they either correct it themselves knowing that you wont do it or in a timely fashion or will have someone do it for free like a friend or relative or pay someone to do it for them--we shouldn't have to pick up YOUR slack and it shouldn't have to come out of our pockets. If you truly want this to work, then please, PLEASE, work with the units to get these things addressed and quit giving everyone a hard time when we contact your office to discuss them.

I assure you, the mood and tone of this blog would surely take a significant turn if you truly did your part. Complaints would diminish and you would get accredited with accolades and support. As you can clearly see, we haven't gotten there yet so fulfill your obligation and make this the community that everyone bought into and give us what we've paid for. Hopefully people will begin to contact you more often with their issues now that you've given them your coordinates. We're going to meet you half way and contact you. Let's work together to make things happen by meeting us halfway and getting things done and done properly. We're ready to put our best foot forward. Hopefully your post with a proactive approach is your best foot forward.

Property values are intrinsic

Property values are intrinsic to the location and the condition and "appeal" of the home. The negativity expressed in this forum speaks far more to the reputation of the builder than the property values of our homes in this great location.

Yes, The deficiencies will

Yes, The deficiencies will have to be fixed by the developer under Tarion warranty. Once this issue has been dealt with, all of our properties' value will hold as expected. There are a number of young professionals who choose to live in the Village because the vibe is very appealing. Young, cool and quiet and for those hoping to start a family, the space allows for it. Cross Davenport and you have the 1.3 or so acre parkland. Kids playing soccer, parents taking their toddlers to the playground, young adults playing basketball and runners, cyclist ... Our spot is quite wonderful and will only get better.


WOW, was looking at investing in a townhome or so, and after reading these posts, where it seems like MANY things are left undone, it sounds like it would be way better to invest elsewhere. Thanks for the heads up.

True, you will find other

True, you will find other properties but the investment return here is excellent. Get your hands on RE listing and you will see the appreciation in value in a very short period of time. Also, Davenport Village is the next Liberty Village and the rate of positive changes of its surroundings are quickly coming along. The townes have very good layout and non of those skinny townes, unless that is your preferred layout. RE is all about projection down the road. Once all the deficiencies have been fixed, you will soon realize that it's so worth buying here.

Davenport Village has very

Davenport Village has very little in the way of similarities with Liberty Village other than two heritage buildings that anchor an incoherently designed master planned development. Liberty Village, for all its faults, at least has built a mix of residential, retail and commercial from the outset and also functions as more than a bedroom community. And while a Shoppers and Metro that may or may not ever materialize, positioned below an uninspiring tower may have your eyes seeing dollar signs, it is clear to long time residents of the neighbourhood that that troubled corner requires much more than big box retail and the condo class to begin an earnest process of revitalization.

Currently, the unfortunate parallel between Liberty Village and Davenport Village is that they are both isolated from the communities around them. It's unfortunate that so many of you seem more concerned with ROI than with building a broader community. Sad to say, but the design of this development never seemed to be conducive to much more than that from the outset. Much like Liberty Village, the Brownstones on the Park are really just equity-building holding pens for suburbanites in training. Unlike Liberty Village, Davenport Village offers that on a much smaller scale without any of the surrounding amenities that produce even the faintest whiff of vibrancy.

Y'all are just transients looking to make a buck.

Why do people have to hate on

Why do people have to hate on things so much? First off, the development is a welcome addition. And to suggest that the Metro and Shoppers will never materialize is short changing the situation. Major companies like them survey the area. If they didn't believe the neighborhood would warrant them investing their money, why would they? Sadly the troubled corner(ie the two towers on the corner) you reference is sad because no one has done anything about the people who reside in there and the slum landlord who owns and maintains it. Passing by in the morning on my way to work you do see families coming out of that building. That's what they can afford. There are also people with obvious mental illness that aren't being looked after. So it bothers me when people keep referencing "that corner". I don't want to generalize but perhaps you have lived in the area and are part of the problem of people who never raised their voice about that part of the hood. I don't favor gentrification because of some of the bad elements of it(ridding the neighborhood of life long residents) but certainly the presence of a Metro and Shoppers will deter some of the seedier sides of that corner. And for the record, none of us who live in the Village would want it to be like Liberty. This development is in the middle of pre-existing neighborhoods with parks and established shops. Liberty was a development in the truest sense of the word...that became over developed and a concrete paradise. Not to mention that say what they will about the builder here, the lay outs of the town homes are much better than the endless stairs you'd find in Liberty. Stop the hating and embrace the fact that pockets like this and Liberty needed that change. If you don't like it perhaps you should move to the suburbs because non of us are in training. We're urban folk who want to remain in the city but not pay upwards of 600k for a semi detached home that we can't afford. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I'm sure some people will use the units are equity building pens as you call them, but at the end of the day, I don't want those people living near me anyways.

you sound really bitter, you

you sound really bitter, you either resent the developement in this area or you were unble (for whatever reason) to purchase a home here, in this awesome location.

I am glad we are not like the Liberty village, after all it is overcrowded with highrises and horribly over priced, let alone not as accessible as the brownstones location. Our location can be reached in so many different ways!!

also is there suppose to be something wrong with wanting to make a buck? isnt that what the real estate is about all over Toronto? or maybe you know of an area where those that move in dont really want to make a buck? Ofcourse we all want to make a buck by the time we move out, for now we will live, care, love and look after our homes till they dont serve our purposes any more.

if this is how you feel about the brownstones developement, why are you monitoring our postings? by the way...we are all transients baby, the time when people bought one house, married one person, worked in one job for all their lives is long gone...

You are entitled to your own

You are entitled to your own opinion about the residents. However, opinion expressed does not make facts. Your opinion is absolutely just that. This is an open forum so we are to expect open-minded and others that are not to post here.

Don't worry Davenport

Don't worry Davenport residents. Remember the naysayers about the Parkdale developments as things started moving more Westerly? The same opinons were shared or an area that people thought would never reach the potential it is today. However, even now its boomed, was called, "the next hottest area" and those who listened to bufoons like this poster didn't buy properties or started businesses in this upcoming neighbourhood but those who did are reaping in their investments.

Toronto is an extremely fast growing city and his opinions are short sighted and lack vision. We are actually in a PERFECT position at the moment, buying up the properties while their modestly priced and watching everything grow and expand like crazy around us. In a few years, we'll look bag and think nothing of it because we've made so much money. So don't let the opinions of one person discourage or enrage you. Be happy to know that our community, like Liberty Village and Parkdale at one time, is up and coming and we too will be reaping the joys of having bought early... timing is EVERYTHING!

Wow...Your generalizing an

Wow...Your generalizing an entire neighbourhood based on a few posts.

Your quite the piece of work.

And it is soooooooooo super

And it is soooooooooo super sadder to read that you pass on judgment to residents of Davenport Village as "just transients" when you do not know each and every one of us.

WOW, how did I miss this

WOW, how did I miss this post!!! this was a better accompanied with my morning coffee than the morning newspaper! lol well articulated, well formulated, WELL DONE!!! i agree, you are condo board material!!! Im sure you dont want to divulge yourself at the first meeting if the builder might be there but at least submit your resume for the position. phase 4 residents will need more ppl with cahoonas your size to get things done. hopefully your message is heard loud and clear. i do have to say i absolutely love living here but you pretty much summed up my first year of living here so boy oh boy do i know your pains but thank you for being a voice to many phase 4 ppl who otherwise wouldnt have the balls to say this! i heard that Rob was able to read these posts but never believed it. i think we got the confirmation now..........

When we do our turnover

When we do our turnover meeting that will also be the time to elect our directors, the developer will not be there as it is strictly for owners and existing property management and legal counsel. Also, there's no need to hide from the developer. It is our right to let the developer know of any deficiencies within our units and common elements.

I experienced Rob Falus'

I experienced Rob Falus' temper and that was strictly trying to address my own issues and after speaking to my neighbors know I'm not alone. He's got a good way to make himself unapproachable so I can understand how people might want to avoid him even if it means at a cost of not having issues addressed. Then again this could be just another strategy to avoid doing them in the first place but I agree, use your Tarion warranties, don't accept any refusal from the PDI guy or the builder to post stuff on your warranty lists and if that happens, speak to Tarion and deal only with Tarion to help facilitate the warranty processes. Residents have rights but don't exercise them or just don't know they have them. Its appearing bully tactics have been used so people might not exercise them and that is not good. Not good at all.

This builder is absolutely

This builder is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!! What a piece of ethics, no morality, no people skills whatsoever! This guy is completely over his head and does not appear to have any clue as to what he's doing!!! Maybe he should try getting his project organized before he gets himself into real trouble....

Too late. Unfinished units

Too late. Unfinished units with laundry lists of deficiencies = early occupancy and rent in his pocket. Need I say more? I guess we continue to bend over and take it and keep taking it until we get registered. What else can we do? Except bite the pillow and hope its over soon.......... :'(

thank you for posting, very

thank you for posting, very well said... hopefully your words do not fall on deaf ears.... I guess time will tell...

thanks again..