2010 Community Cleanup day

Railpath Litter Cleanup: September 2009Railpath Litter Cleanup: September 2009

On Saturday April 24th 2010 the annual Community Clean-up Day happens in neighbourhoods all across Toronto.

Past cleanup events in our neighbourhood made a positive impact (Campbell Park 2008, Perth-Sterling Autumn 2008, Perth-Sterling 2009, Railpath Autumn 2009).

Several local cleanups are being organized again this year. If you would like to organize or participate in a cleanup event on Saturday April 24th or any other day, please get in touch or post a comment below. You should also register your cleanup events with the City so that they can pick up the litter that you collect.

Here is a list of local cleanup events:

Perth-Dupont Community Garden: Volunteer Opportunities

The Perth-Dupont Community Garden, located in the Symington Ave. Playground (north of Dupont, between Perth Ave. and Symington Ave.), will have some big projects happening this spring, thanks to a "Carrot Cache Grant". The projects involve creating a new porch around their garden shed, as well as adding solar panels to provide electricity for other projects.

They're looking for volunteers to help build this porch, especially anyone with construction skills and experience. Contact info, plus details about this project and volunteer oportunities are posted on their website.

Metrolinx drops West Diamond appeal

The Toronto Star is reporting:

In a major victory for Toronto’s Junction community, Metrolinx has agreed to drop its appeal of a decision that limits the amount of noise it can make in the west-end neighbourhood.

The decision not to appeal ends months of tension around the nerve-jangling noise and vibration of pile-driving on the rail crossing known as the Toronto West Diamond near Dundas St. W. and Dupont.

In December, the CTA ordered GO to limit work hours and use quieter methods at the rail crossing. GO had already implemented quieter technology and shrouds over the pile drivers to try to reduce the noise.

Although this will delay the West Toronto Diamond grade separation project a little, it will provide the residents of the area around the diamond with some much-needed peace and quiet after the many months of pile-driving they have had to put up with.

Read the complete article over at The Star's website.

Clean Train Student Coalition calls for student action

The following press release was sent by the Clean Train Student Coalition.

Clean Train Student Coalition
3199 Lakeshore Blvd. W.
Toronto, Ontario
M8V 1K8

Attention: News Editor

Caterina Ventrella
Media Relations Officer

April 9, 2010


TORONTO – The Clean Train Student Coalition is seeking support from students and student groups in the Greater Toronto Area to electrify the proposed diesel train expansion in Toronto. The CTSC is asking people to sign the petition at www.cleantrain.ca/petition to protest the use of diesel-powered locomotives in the project.

Get on board with the Junction Triangle Rail Committee

A new residents’ group has formed in the neighbourhood. The Junction Triangle Rail Committee will focus on the merits of electrification - what increased diesel traffic means for our community - and the construction of the Davenport Diamond overpass/separation on the Eastern side of the neighbourhood. As a group, we are all for more trains – but we strongly feel electrification is long overdue and Metrolinx must consider the impact of their expansion plans on residents in this neighbourhood. GO Transit and the Government of Ontario have been talking about electrifying the lines since the 1960s, but each decade the plan gets dismissed for being too costly. And each decade, the costs increase. But what about the long-term costs of diesel exhaust? Surrounded by rails, the Junction Triangle stands right at the centre of this controversy and deserves a voice. If you’re interested in joining the push for electrification right here in your own neighbourhood and want Metrolinx to practise responsible construction methods that won't drive people from their homes, please contact us by emailing rail@junctiontriangle.ca or through the online contact form.

Irmina Ayuyao
Bruce Gavin Ward
Scott Dobson
Vic Gedris
Kristen den Hartog
Kevin Putnam
Jeff Winch

The Junction Triangle Rail Committee is on the web at: www.junctiontriangle.ca/rail

Then and Now: Wallace Ave.

Here is the latest in the series of "Then and Now" photos. Do you have any old photos of this neighbourhood? Please feel free to get in touch if you're willing to share them!

These photos compare the view looking westbound on Wallace Ave., over the CN/GO tracks between Campbell Ave. and Ward St. The first photo is from May 25 1923, and the second photo was taken on March 28 2009. The building on the north side of the street hasn't changed too much, but the south side was re-born as D&M Building Supplies at some point, but even that is now vacant and waiting to be developed. Even more recently (last week!), that building was demolished to make way for the "Junction Triangle Lofts".

It's also interesting to see the old railway watchtower on the south side of the street, and the "new" townhomes on Rankin Cres. The fire hydrant is still there too, but it has changed in style, and probably colour.

Wallace Ave., May 25 1923: City of Toronto Archives. Fonds 1231, Item 1301Wallace Ave., May 25 1923: City of Toronto Archives. Fonds 1231, Item 1301

Lansdowne Ave. Bike Lanes Consultation

The following notice comes from the City of Toronto, regarding the installation of bicycle lanes on Lansdowne Ave. between Bloor St. and Davenport Rd.

Free backyard trees from Green Here

The following announcement is from Greenhere:

Free Trees for Your Backyard!

GreenHere is excited to announce its second Free Backyard Tree project to residents of Davenport west! Building on the success of the 2008 project, GreenHere is offering a broad variety of shade and fruit trees to residents in the project area.

You may be eligible for a free tree if:

  • You have a backyard with a plantable (unpaved) spot at least 4x4m
  • Your backyard is between Bloor St. W. and St. Clair Ave. W., and from the CPR/CNR tracks over to Christie St.
  • You are willing to commit to watering and mulching the young tree

GreenHere will do a site assessment, plant and mulch the tree, perform a tree care demonstration and provide a resource kit, all free of charge.

In return, we ask that you commit to basic watering and care of the young tree to ensure it grows to provide clean air, shade, better soil and to allow GreenHere to monitor the growth of the tree for long-term project tracking.

By getting a free tree planted, you are helping to provide your community with clean air, shade and improved soil.

Email: waseem@greenhere.ca or call 416.901.2006

Hurry! The deadline for application is April 15th. Plantings will take place in the spring and fall of 2010.

The Free Backyard Tree Planting Project is made possible with funding from Livegreen Toronto and with support from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Community GO Green Fund.

Greenhere has done a fantastic job of getting more trees growing in our neighbourhood. If you're thinking of getting a new tree in your backyard, why not contact them to arrange for a free tree that comes with free setup and technical support! Can't go wrong with that. Be sure to contact them soon if you would like a tree planted in the Spring season.

Fuzzy Boundaries results announced

The Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming process is now complete. The winner was announced this morning on CBC Radio's Metro Morning show, and the following media advisory was sent out:

Media Advisory

West Toronto Neighbourhood Votes to Keep Junction Triangle Name

Residents Embrace Past Moniker After Year-long Process

Who: Residents of the West Toronto neighbourhood north of Roncesvalles and east of The Junction and Fuzzy Boundaries, a group of residents spearheading a naming project for the area.

What: Residents have voted to keep the neighbourhood name Junction Triangle in the second and final round of voting for an area name. Junction Triangle won a plurality of the 674 votes cast, almost double the closest contenders Perth Park and Black Oak Triangle. The name Junction Triangle was first used in the 1970s by residents fighting pollution caused by local industries, but it had largely fallen out of use. During the two-week voting period, 83 percent of voters agreed to support the winning name no matter the outcome.

Then and Now: Dundas and Sterling

Are you interested in old photos of our neighbourhood, and watching how this area has changed over time? Well, then keep an eye on this website, as I will be posting a collection of "Then and Now" photos. Most of the historical photos will be from the City of Toronto Archives, and current photos taken by current local photographers. Many of these were previously on display at the Perth-Dupont branch of the Toronto Public Library as part of the Fuzzy Boundaries project.

Do you have any old photos of this neighbourhood? Please feel free to get in touch if you're willing to share them!

This comparison is from the southern tip of our neighbourhood at the intersection of Dundas St. and Sterling Rd. The old photo is from 1923, and the modern one was taken in 2009. The water tower is gone, streetcars are now in mixed traffic rather than in their own right-of-way on the north side of the street, and there are more trees. The Tower Automotive building still stands tall, although it is vacant inside. In the grand scheme of things, the view at this point hasn't changed too much!

March 21 1923: City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 1231, Item 1628March 21 1923: City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 1231, Item 1628

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