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  • Caledonia Towns on The Park   4 years 31 weeks ago

    Someone, the builder or the city seems to have screwed up BIG TIME !!

    see article from Toronto Star:

  • Noise Wall Design Meetings   4 years 31 weeks ago

    Special thanks to Davenport MP Andrew Cash and MPP Jonah Schein for their continuing support.

  • Perth/St.Luigi Playground   4 years 32 weeks ago


    yes, originally we did have a six month time frame for that grant but we were given an extension by MLSE last year because some of the hold ups were simply beyond our control. as far as I know at this moment, we are not in danger of losing that money. the principal has promised further updates to the project in the next two weeks and I will be sure to post information here as it is received. thanks again to everyone who did vote for this project!! to date, we have raised/received over $200,000 but we need about $100,000 more to be able to finish the entire scope of the project. so....who's got $100,000?? :>)


  • Events at Metropolis on Edwin   4 years 32 weeks ago

    Just to let everyone know - there is a meeting scheduled with Ana Bailao to discuss the Metropolis issues. The meeting is going to be at the Perth/Dupont library at 1:00pm on Sept. 14. She has been in contact with them to discuss all the ongoing issues and she will be updating local residents at this meeting.

  • Perth/St.Luigi Playground   4 years 32 weeks ago

    I understand that the $50k in grant money needed to be used within 6 months - is this true, and if so, are we in danger of losing access to this money for the school yard redevelopment, should the project and contractors be secured? I, and a bunch of friends, voted every day for this - it would be a real shame to see this money evaporate! If you know any different, please let us know here...

  • Events at Metropolis on Edwin   4 years 32 weeks ago

    I live on Edwin and I can tell you the noise, and herds of underage drunk kids flocking down my street in the middle of the night isn't something pleasant. The noise has been curbed somewhat as the police have been chronically called by the residents on the events. There seems to be a lack of respect for the people that live here. Rumor has it they will convert the space to a brunch type restaurant, I honestly hope they do, our community needs more classy places to gather rather then promoting drunkfests in the middle of the night.

  • Caledonia Towns on The Park   4 years 32 weeks ago

    Minto seems to be a great green company and last time i checked they have one unit left or sold out by now. As a long time resident of the neighborhood, this great project brought some life in the aera. Full of young professionals and young families.

    Also interesting to note, the Dairy Freeze at the corner is closing down by mid 2014 (together with the hair salon and the banana delivery cie) for new mid-rise residential/commercial developments.

    On the Toronto city website you can read that the city has big projects in mind to re-vamp the north and south west corners of Caledonia and st. Clair.

    This change in the neighborhood has been a long time coming and sounds very promising!!

  • Redevelopment of the Wallace-Perth Church property (Union Lofts)   4 years 33 weeks ago

    Though no further trees have been taken down, today they're digging up the concrete around the ash tree on Perth (and perhaps later near other trees on the property) using an excavator. I wonder whether this might seriously damage root systems. Is something to be concerned about? If so, what to do--call the city's tree inspection team (seriously--you can do this via 311)?

  • Historical Maps and Symington used to be Cooper?   4 years 33 weeks ago

    This map from the website mentioned above is really a treat. All sorts of things of note light Harold and Maude Avenues and how about Herbert and Norma Avenues? The original Elsie Ave./Lane and more. Too bad we dont have a photographic version.

  • Robbery (purse snatching) on Bloor at Railpath   4 years 33 weeks ago

    Improved lighting is probably a good start. There are problems with sight lines too, of course, especially with the staircases. And now even worse with the sidewalk narrowed at the GO/UPE station construction.

    I think the pedestrian environment will improve around the station, once it's finished in a couple of years, as it will be more opened up and brighter at sidewalk level.

  • Robbery (purse snatching) on Bloor at Railpath   4 years 33 weeks ago

    A repost from Aug 8 as it relates:

    When the area traffic group started meeting one issue that came up a lot was the unfriendly and some times poorly lit underpasses in the area. Some feedback came the other day....

    "A quick note to inform you that further to requests made by the JTTMC, and a lot of pushing by Councillor Bailão, Toronto Hydro will be rehabilitating the lighting at the following Junction Triangle underpasses: Dupont/Osler and Bloor/Perth"

    Hopefully this will make these routes safer and more inviting at night with improved lighting.

  • Redevelopment of the Wallace-Perth Church property (Union Lofts)   4 years 33 weeks ago

    Actually there seems to be some confusion about these permits that has lead to Forestry and the Planning Department looking into this. What the issue is is unclear but all the trees we were told were coming down have not and I guess we await to see what happens next.

  • Perth/St.Luigi Playground   4 years 33 weeks ago

    hi there,

    unfortunately, there has been a hitch in the tendering process...from what I understand quotes were coming in much higher than originally discussed and anticipated. we were advised to wait until fall and re submit. this project WILL happen!

    and on that note, mark your calendars for the fall fair on September 26. all proceeds will go right into the schoolyard enhancement fund. we are also looking for donations of goods/services/money (to cover expenses). if you are interested in donating, please contact me at

    Sharon colwell

  • Noise Wall Committee Websites   4 years 34 weeks ago

    The Junction Triangle Rail committee working with the Wabash Building Society has commissioned their own design study for this corridor using the firm Brown and Storey who were the designers of Railpath. Their vision is greener, and a stark contrast to what the Metrolinx designers have come up with and a worthy thoughtful addition to the process. Their concept really animates the communities along the corridor rather than separating communities.

    Here is is....

  • Wallace & Symington sinkhole?   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Part of that sinkhole starts directly in front of my house and I am worried about it. Anything we can do so speed up any sort of maintenance? I'm not especially keen on the possibility of any part of my property disappearing into a giant hole in the road...

  • Wallace & Symington sinkhole?   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Hi Junction Triangle Community:

    My office contacted Transportation Services Staff and requested an investigation and necessary action. We received a reply from the Field Investigator, saying:

    "I've investigated this location and found a road cave-in approximately one and a half feet deep between two Maintenance hole at Wallace and Symington.St. I notified 311 and requested Water Section personnel to attend the site and investigate for a possible collapsed sewer with results going back to 311. Left area safe."

    As further updates come through, I pass them along.


    Ana Bailão
    Toronto City Councillor
    Ward 18, Davenport

  • 26 Ernest Ave (Former Solways scrap / metal sales site): Townhouses   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Can you recommend a good alternative to Solways? What I liked was being able to purchase small amounts of metal for one-off designs and prototypes. I also liked being able to walk amongst the stock. Thanks!

  • Bloor GO Station Construction – July 12 to 14 and July 19 to 21   4 years 34 weeks ago

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  • Wallace & Symington sinkhole?   4 years 34 weeks ago

    FYI.... Ana Baliao responded via Twitter:

    Ana Bailao @Ward18AnaBailao
    @jtriangle Thank you for calling this issue to my attention. Luis in my office is working with staff to see that it is addressed.

  • Wallace & Symington sinkhole?   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Haven't noticed this one myself yet, but I expect the City's aware if they stuck a cone there. They were pretty quick to close off and fix that last sinkhole on Symington south of Wallace (last year, I believe).

    If you think it's degrading quickly, maybe give Councillor Bailao's office a call.

  • Railpath Community Run   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Hi everyone,

    The Railpath Run needs some volunteers in advance of the event to deliver flyers to some local businesses and homes. If you're available to do this, please send a note to


  • Redevelopment of the Wallace-Perth Church property (Union Lofts)   4 years 34 weeks ago

    Patrick and I did hear back that they did have permits. 2 of the trees are basically dead. The developer will have to put in 3 trees for everyone taken out. Its good for people to be aware of tree removal as we have had some non-permitted removal and when they are gone.....

  • Redevelopment of the Wallace-Perth Church property (Union Lofts)   4 years 35 weeks ago

    A company called Central Tree Care is at Union Lofts this morning taking down trees on the property, and I'd like to make sure they have the proper permits to do so. I got the company's contact info from one of their (friendly) staff on site:

    Mike: 416-436-5118 /
    Andrew: 416-896-5293 /

    The person I spoke to suggested I call Andrew. Andrew was also friendly, and told me the plan is to take down all but the large maple on the south (Wallace) side of the property. He offered to put me in touch with his contact at the developer, but I haven't heard back from him yet. One of the other staff on site said they will be putting in three trees for each one they take down, according to city(?) policy.

    Anyone have thoughts as to what else to do (if anything) to make sure no more trees than necessary are taken down?

  • Improved Lighting   4 years 35 weeks ago

    This is a great initiative.
    Talking about safety in the neighborhood, I live close to This Month Only Bar and Eduardos BBQ
    I have noticed that characters that hung around there are getting "sketchier".
    Has anybody else noticed the change?
    I sometimes don't feel comfortable walking on north side of Dupont at Perth.

  • 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk   4 years 35 weeks ago

    Anyone have any updates on this development?