ParkBus Provincial Park Service

I dont want to start a flood of commercial messages on the site but recently I became aware of a service that I had never heard of that was green and potentially a great idea for families that don't own a car but want some nature in their lives.

This clever bus service basically takes you to a few of Ontario's best provincial parks. Until they started there was no transit to any Ontario Parks and this project is a project of the Transportation Options (T.O.), a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering sustainable tourism and transportation in Ontario.

Train Wall Horror Show

From the Junction Triangle Rail Committee:

Sunday, September 16, 2012
12 Noon – 3 p.m.
Perth Square Park (350 Perth Avenue)

For anyone wondering what the future of diesel train service in the Junction Triangle will look like, you can see it on display in Perth Square Park on Sunday, September 16 from Noon til 3 p.m.

Hot Water Fraud

Just had a pushy sales rep (a young girl, green eyes brown hair about 5 feet tall) from “Ontario Consumer” at the door claiming to be acting on behalf of Direct Energy. I called Direct Energy and she is lying and it’s a scam. Don’t give her entry to your home (she will claim she needs to know the size of your hot water tank to make an appointment for an upgrade) and definitely don’t sign anything. Don't know why these people are still allowed to operate. No legitimate supplier will come to your door in this fashion and lie to you.


JT Mothers Against Diesel Potluck

Perth Square Park

Thursday, August 30, 2012

11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

More diesel trains appear to be coming to the Junction Triangle (JT) as the provincial government rushes to build a rail link to the airport in time for the Pam Am Games in 2015. Frustrated by government’s unwillingness to address the shortcomings in their plan, Mothers of the Junction Triangle are hosting a potluck and taking their concerns directly to Premier Dalton McGuinty.

If you want to see electric trains running on the Georgetown corridor, join us in the park. There will be food, fun for the kids and a special direct line to the Premier’s office where everyone is invited to tell him what you think.

Lots of great things are happening in the Junction Triangle. Schoolyard revitalization and library expansion are underway because people are coming together with a shared purpose and aiming high. We can bring change to public transit in the same way; a shared purpose with the aim of persuading the decision-maker, Dalton McGuinty that electric rail is our choice.

Nitta Gelatin factory emissions increasing?

Has anyone else noticed the last week a big spike in nasty, smelly emissions from Nitta along Wallace and environs?
This is not just a matter of bad smells but safety:
Some of the chemicals produced include hydrogen sulfide gas, which killed workers in 1975 and in 1980. Another chemical hazard is the alkaline agents used in cleaning the equipment, and these can cause severe skin burns.
Read more: Safety Issues in Rendering Facilities |

Dundas/Sterling: Meeting slides and notes posted

Dundas and Sterling - Proposed Changes (July 30 2012)Dundas and Sterling - Proposed Changes (July 30 2012)

The City's cycling department has posted the presentation slides, meeting notes, and a complete collection of comments from the July 30 2012 meeting about improvements to the Dundas St. West / Sterling Rd. / West Toronto Railpath intersection.

The city's notes are posted here (944KB PDF file).

Thanks to Councillor Bailao for sending the link to these notes.

Letter to Dalton McGuinty - Invitation to Meet Re: Diesel Train Service Expansion

August 8, 2012

Mr. Dalton McGuinty
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1

Re: Invitation to Meet Re: Diesel Train Service Expansion in West Toronto

Dear Mr. McGuinty:

Like a number of residents in the Junction Triangle in West Toronto, I am dismayed by the actions of your government related to the expansion of diesel train service and the Pearson airport rail link.

After years of delay and misinformation, the government’s own consultant stated clearly at a Metrolinx public meeting on June 27 that there are no technical issues preventing the construction of an electric rail airport link except the political will. Construction could be completed in time for the Pan Am Games (three years) and cost about $400-million.

It is regrettable that no member of your government attended this meeting to answer questions. During the past several years and repeated attempts to meet, no member of your government has ever attended a public meeting to address the concerns of Junction Triangle residents. As we experienced on June 27, a government agency and hired consultants with no decision-making authority have been put forward to deflect questions.

There are many good reasons to expand public transit, but nothing suggests rushing to install diesel technology in time for a two-week sporting event will have any benefit for the people in West Toronto forced to live with this legacy for the next generation.

Despite policy differences, you have always struck me as a pragmatic and reasonable person. Could we arrange a time to meet with you and the Transportation Minister to discuss this matter? Many thanks for your consideration.


Kevin Putnam
Junction Triangle Rail Committee

Cc. All members, Junction Triangle Rail Committee

Wallace Ave: Train crashes into firetruck; Firefighters barely escape

The Globe, December 22, 1930: Click image for full-size versionThe Globe, December 22, 1930: Click image for full-size version

On Saturday, December 20, 1930, four firefighters narrowly escaped injury or death when they jumped from their firetruck moments before it was struck by a train at the Wallace Ave. crossing. You can get the details of what happened in The Globe's article (click for a large, readable image), but here's a quick summary:

Free Outdoor Movie Series at 181 Sterling Road - Amelie

From Ward 18 City Councillor Ana Bailao's July 18 2012 newsletter:

Outdoor Movie Series at 181 Sterling Road

"Sterling Cinema Al Fresco" to bring neighbours, families and friends together for a series of outdoor community movie screenings

A screen and projector will be set up at 181 Sterling Road; directly across the street from the heritage building at 158 Sterling Road. Bring a blanket or chairs to sit on to enjoy the following films:

If you have any questions please contact our office by emailing or by calling 416-392-7012.

See you at the movies!

BBQ Raises Money for Perth / St. Luigi School Playground

From Ward 18 City Councillor Ana Bailao's July 18 2012 newsletter:

Great Success at Ward 18 Community BBQ!

More than $55,000 raised in support of "Field of Dreams"!

Each year I am happy to host the Ward 18 Community BBQ in support of a great local initiative! This year's BBQ was held in support of an energetic group of teachers, students and parents from Perth Avenue Public School and St. Luigi Catholic School who are striving to animate their shared schoolyard, and our neighbourhood, by fundraising to build a running track and soccer pitch.

Before this barbeque even began the Parent Council had done a substantial amount of work and raised a significant sum of money. In March of this year the project won $50,000 from Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment’s Team Up Foundation in a very competitive, province-wide process that included two rounds of voting and judgement by an expert panel. As Councillor, I supported this important community project by putting the word out and by committing $100,000 raised as a result of local development.

During the barbeque our community showed its spirit and generosity, further supporting this great initiative to the tune of more than $55,000! This sum is made up of the combined funds raised through a yard sale, food donations, raffle ticket sales and contributions by several individuals and organizations. Now with well over $200,000 in the bank to fund this project it is almost certain that the "Field of Dreams" will be built.

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